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Best Canvas Prints: Easy Canvas Prints vs Canvas on Demand vs CanvasPop & More!

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You went on vacation and took some amazing scenic photos. Or maybe you had a friend take a picture of you and your family that turned out great. You want to display it but you’re not sure of the best way. What if you transfer a photo to canvas to hang on your wall? This is a great way to display your photos and also add a bit more art to your home or office. Stop scrolling through your photos on your phone and have them printed on canvas! Share what you love, whether it’s family or a fun vacation, so everyone in your home can enjoy it too.

Where Do You Get the Best Canvas Prints?

Glad you asked! Below we’ve reviewed the companies that offer the best canvas photo prints for your dollar. Some of these companies even offer panel splits, which takes one photo and divide it amongst multiple canvases. These can really add a different look to your photo and turn out really cool! The hardest part (once you’ve decided which company to go with) is deciding the size and number of canvases you want. You can create walls of art filled with custom canvas prints that you’ve created by reading our best quality canvas prints reviews.

Canvas Pop Review


Visit Website

Canvas Pop has tons of different ways to customize your work of art and, from what we could find, there are not really any negatives associated with this company (leave your reviews below). You can add text or change the effect, maybe you are interested in making the image look like a comic book. (These effects are kind of like using filters on Instagram.) CanvasPop has competitive pricing and many different sizes to choose from. For all of these reasons, we have chosen it as the best online canvas printing company.



  • FAQs, email, live chat and phone support
  • Free digital proofs
  • 100% love (satisfaction) guarantee
  • Triptych canvas (3 panel splits)
  • Collage and mosaic
  • Add text
  • Print photos from Facebook or Instagram
  • Effects (black & white, vintage, pop art, etc.)
  • Accepts JPG, TIF and PNG
  • None found


  • See table
  • $14 flat rate shipping

Canvas On Demand Review


Visit Website

Canvas On Demand offers five different canvas options: traditional thin wrap canvas, traditional thick wrap canvas, premium thick wrap canvas, framed and floating frame. Pricing varies based on which one of these you choose. Traditional thin wrap canvases are the least expensive. They offer image retouching as well so if you need some editing done to the photo you can have that done for an additional cost. Learn more about Canvas On Demand by checking out our interview with their Executive Vice President, Gavin Jocius.



  • 365 day money back
  • Free image enhancements
  • Free gallery wrapping
  • Premium canvas wraps have 2 year warranties
  • Traditional gallery wraps have 1 year warranties
  • Email, FAQs, phone support
  • Black & white, sepia and color options
  • 3 or 4 panel splits
  • Upload photos from Instagram
  • Cannot use photos from Facebook
  • Only accepts TIF and JPG


  • See table
  • $14.95 standard shipping any size
  • $39.95 rush shipping any size

Canvas4Life Review


Visit Website

If you are looking for cheap canvas prints, Canvas4Life has some of the lowest prices when it comes to creating your own prints. They only accept JPG and TIF file formats, which isn’t always ideal but it’s better than some who only accept JPG. They don’t allow any filters on their photos, so if you prefer that feature, you’ll have to do that before you upload the image.



  • Free basic shipping
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • FAQs, phone, email and live chat support
  • Upload from Facebook
  • 2 and 3 panel splits
  • Only accept JPG and TIF
  • Cannot upload from Instagram (although it is in the works)
  • No effects (black & white, sepia, etc.)


  • See table
  • $14.95 for express shipping

Custom Canvas Prints Pricing Comparison

 1st Place: Canvas Pop2nd Place: Canvas on Demand3rd Place: Canvas4LifeEasy Canvas PrintsPicture It On CanvasShutterflySnapfish
Depth0.75"0.75"0.75"0.75"0.75"1 3/8"1.5"
8 x 10 Price$49$59$37.99$39.12$51 $69.99$44.99
11 x 14 Price$73$68$44.99$54.27$70N/A$59.99
16 x 20$80$89$84.99$68.23$89$99.99$89.99
20 x 20 Price$89$99$92.99$99.34$110N/AN/A
20 x 24 Price$101$109$105.99$109.77$110N/A$199.99
24 x 36 Price$154$157$150.99$118.12N/A$174.98N/A
48 x 12 Price$156$121N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Note about pricing: MSRP is listed for all companies. However, many have special offers and deep discounts regularly so don’t be (pleasantly) surprised if you click through and find a better deal!

To read reviews on other companies with canvas photo prints continue reading or select one of the companies below.

Easy Canvas Prints | Picture It On Canvas | Shutterfly | Snapfish

How To Create a Gallery Wall

Display your new canvas picture prints in an aesthetically pleasing way by creating a gallery wall in your home or office. Here are some tips on how to add this awesomely stylish decor touch yourself!

Canvas Art Prints Are on the Rise

Canvas photo prints are very trendy right now but photos are not the only way to get in on this high design product. You can also use them to display inspiring quotes, your wedding date/details and even stock photography you love.

Easy Canvas Prints Review

Easy Canvas Prints logoVisit Website

Easy Canvas Prints allows you to upload photos from your computer, and even Instagram or Facebook. If the photo is larger than 20MB you’ll have to convert it to RGB in 8-bit mode and then save it as a JPG at the highest quality level. If this doesn’t work, you can contact them by phone for assistance. Canvas Prints doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, so we hope you end up happy with your canvas because what’s done is done.



  • Black & white, sepia and retouching
  • Offer photo retouching
  • Print Instagram and Facebook photos
  • FAQs, email and phone support
  • Accepts PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF
  • No panel splits
  • No money back guarantee
  • Poor quality in both canvas material and printing


  • See table
  • 1.5″ Gallery Wrap: $14.08
  • Framed: Starting at $40.23
  • Shipping varies based on location

Picture it on Canvas Review

Picture it on Canvas logoVisit Website

Picture It On Canvas has a great preview feature compared to other sites we reviewed. You can actually see what your print will look like in a more 3-dimensional, canvas style preview. However, the preview will not update to show you any embellishments or color changes you make to the photo. For example, adding text or making the image black & white will not show up in preview mode. You’ll have to pay an additional $15 for an electronic proof to see those types of changes.



  • FAQs, email and phone support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Upload from Instagram
  • Great preview feature while creating your canvas
  • Add text
  • Effects (black & white, sepia, etc.)
  • No panel splits
  • Strict upload requirements: JPG under 15MB
  • Electronic proofs are $15
  • Cannot upload from Facebook
  • Expensive


  • See table
  • Shipping price varies based on size of canvas and delivery location

Shutterfly Review

Shutterfly logoVisit Website

Shutterfly offers tons of pre-designed canvases, but when it comes to creating your own, it’s not very customizable. The sizes of canvases available are limited and they only accept the JPG file format. Shutterfly does have the best preview option of all the companies we’ve reviewed though as you can see the changes you are making to your canvas instantly but, remember, their customization features are very limited.



  • 2-9 panel splits
  • Add text
  • Best preview option
  • Upload from Facebook or Instagram
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Email, live chat, phone and forums support
  • No effects (black & white, sepia, etc.)
  • Only accepts JPG
  • Few sizes available


  • See table
  • Shipping varies based on size of canvas and delivery location

Read our in-depth Shutterfly Review

Snapfish Review

Snapfish logoVisit Website

Snapfish doesn’t allow the customization options that most other online canvas print sites offer. They have limited canvas sizes available and only allow JPG files to be uploaded. Pricing is reasonable with Snapfish, so if they have the size you are looking for, you should consider going with them.



  • Upload from Facebook and Instagram
  • Live chat, FAQs and email support
  • 100% Snapfish Guarantee
  • Add text
  • Low prices
  • No panoramas
  • No panel splits
  • No effects (black & white, sepia, etc.)
  • JPG files only


  • See table
  • Shipping price varies

Don’t Stop at Canvases

If you’re like me, you have more photos that are dear to you than you have wall space. I’ve made photo album books of trips, special events and years. Check out some of the best photo books that you can make online and have delivered to your home.

What special photos do you want to get printed on canvas?

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Kent Looft
After seeing discount offers recently, I noticed upon review that a number of print sites here use the practice for charging SEPARATE shipping costs to customers with multiple print orders. Rather than a bundle price…At a typical 14.95 each that’s 60 bucks on top of a four-print order cost! Will you please update this site with your findings, please. Thanks
Diana P
I used Canvas on Demand recently and was very impressed with their customer service and quick turn around. Pretty good value for the large format sized prints too.

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