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In a digital age, all electronically stored personal information invites hackers. From medical records and bank accounts to credit card statements and tax refunds, your records are no longer as private as they once were. And you are likely adding to your lack of privacy with each post you make on Social Media. Google, Facebook, Amazon, FitBit. They are all capturing your every move as a trade-off for the convenience and/or service they offer to enhance your life. Let’s take a step back to discover how you can better protect your privacy and personal data.

A Clean Mac Is a Happy Mac: CleanMyMac Review

Mac on desk

Is your MacBook (or PC) low on space? Or perhaps it’s running a bit slower than usual. In my case I was frequently receiving “Storage Full” errors despite my best efforts to clear my hard drive and trash can. As it turns out files were hiding in various places and eating up all my disk space. Read on to learn how I cleaned my Mac and how you too can have a clean Mac too...

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Best VPN Service: Torguard vs PIA vs ExpressVPN vs IPVanish vs PureVPN vs NordVPN vs CyberGhost vs VyprVPN & More!

Keyboard: Best VPN Service

Who's really watching you when you're online? These days, it's virtually impossible to know. Advertisers, marketers, cyber stalkers, potential employers, even your own neighbors could be tracking your online behavior. And until our lawmakers pass more specific cybersecurity legislation, we're all at risk. What can you do to protect your privacy and identity? Consider installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on your computer and mobile devices, especially when you are traveling. For a low monthly fee and easy installation you can protect yourself from Big Brother...

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Did Someone Steal Your Identity? How to Report Identity Theft

Person reporting ID theft on cell phone: How to Report Identity Theft

Getting bills for credit cards you never signed up for? Were you denied a loan you were sure you could get? Uh oh, looks like you may be the latest victim of identity theft! What do you do now? Try not to panic (easier said than done, we know). But your best course of action is to be armed with all the information you need about how to report identity theft and the steps you can take to lessen the blow. And take action immediately! Keep reading for our step-by-step guide if you find yourself a victim of ID theft...

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The Latest Data Breach News

Person's hand with credit card: The Latest Data Breach News

Unfortunately the news is consistently full of headlines about security and data breaches. Major retailers, credit card companies and other organizations have all fallen victim to hackers, putting millions of consumers at risk. Trying to keep up with all the latest hacks and who's affected can be overwhelming. So we've put together this comprehensive guide to help you stay on top of what's happening in the world of data breaches...

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Identity Guard Review: Protection & Insurance in One

Woman cutting credit card in half: Identity Guard Review: Protection & Insurance in One

You're buying a new TV for your house, but when you go to swipe your card the cashier tells you your card has been declined. WHAT?! You check your recent transactions and see that someone's been using your card for the past month! Your identity has been stolen and you feel like your world has been flipped upside down. This is where having Identity Guard will come in handy. Not only does IdentityGuard alert you when there is fishy stuff going on, but it also helps you recover from identity theft. Find out what else ID Guard can do for you in our Identity Guard review...

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Cyber Security Decoded: Shocking Stats & How Not To Become One!

Fingerprint with numbers: Cyber Security Decoded: Definition & Shocking Stats

If you think back to 5 years ago, cyber security wasn't a term used often. You didn't really hear about consumers, businesses and the government having their information stolen. It simply wasn't common. Unfortunately, the times have changed and our digital lives are at risk for being attacked. We need a plan of action for protecting ourselves online. A plan that allows us to still be active on the Internet without fearing our identities being stolen or our money being taken from us...

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LifeLock Reviews: Protect Your Identity Today

Uh oh, you’ve heard about the data hacks and credit card breaches – identity theft is serious business and a security threat for each and every one of us. But now it’s time for you to learn more. Our LifeLock review includes the pros, cons, key features, pricing, customer testimonials and more to help you decide if the cost of LifeLock is worth it...

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Best Identity Protection: CSID vs Lifelock vs Identity Guard and More

Lock on server: Best Identity Protection Review

Someone hacks into the doctor's office you are a patient at. They steal your name along with your social security number. Next thing you know, phone calls and mail from people you don't know are saying you owe them thousands of dollars. You try to explain yourself and say that you didn't make these charges and buy these things but all paperwork shows that you did...

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How to Know if Someone Stole Your Identity

How to Know if Someone Stole Your Identity

You've saved up for years to buy your first home, and you've found the perfect place. You couldn't be more excited -- until the floor drops out from under you. Your loan application is denied. But why? You've paid all your bills on time and established a good credit history. Come to find out, your credit report is far from stellar -- and not from your own doing. This is what identity theft can look like, and it can blindside anyone at any time. The good news is that there are warning signs you may not be aware of to know if someone has stolen your identity. And, even better, there are steps you can take to protect yourself...

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How Does Identity Theft Happen?

Data on screen: How Does Identity Theft Happen?

The news of increasing hacking attacks on merchants, health insurance sites and other businesses has most of us worried more than ever about having our identity and financial information stolen. Online identity theft is an overwhelming problem, for sure. But it's important to remember there are many ways thieves steal your identity, and the more you know, the better you can protect yourself. Identity theft can drastically rock your world, and it can take months or even years to reverse the damage done to your good name. Here, we'll explore the most common ways identity theft happens and give you recommendations on how to protect yourself...

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