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Any LifeLock discounts out there?

Read our LifeLock Review At this time we are not aware of any LifeLock discounts, but there are plenty of other ID theft companies that are currently running promotions. Check them out on our ID theft review page.

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Can I store rewards cards in Lastpass?

Is it possible to save rewards/loyalty cards within Lastpass? I ask because I had been saving them in my Apple iPhone wallet, but when I reset my iPhone that got emptied and I lost them all. When I use LastPass it backs up to the cloud so nothing gets lost when I …

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Ting promo code?

I was spending Thanksgiving with my aunts in Northern California and we started talking about cell phone bills for some reason. They immediately chimed up and mentioned Ting, which I had never heard of before. Ting is a reseller t-Mobile and Sprint. Long story short, I went through a horrendous customer …

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Save money with this Identity Guard promo code

Visit Identity Guard’s Website | Read our Identity Guard Review Identity Guard offers four different packages, one of which is for kids. Everything from your bank accounts to your social security number is monitored through Identity Guard. Our Identity Guard promo code can save you money. Enrolling with Identity Guard through our …

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We have an IdentityForce coupon to share with you!

Visit IdentityForce’s Website | Read our IdentityForce Review IdentityForce offers two plans, UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit, with the option of adding on their supplemental Child Watch plan to either subscription. The standard cost of the UltraSecure IdentityForce plan is $17.95/month or $179.50/year, but our readers are eligible for the discounted rate …

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Home Technology Integration Review

I have Home Technology Integration, an Edinburgh based company which was partially installed in the flat I bought. I paid a couple of hundred quid to get my sky installed via them, but the component has broken after only 2 years. They are saying that the warranty is only 1 …

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Any Hughes Net Discount Codes?

We recently purchased a house in the mountains and lo and behold to our surprise, despite being off a main road, there’s no broadband internet available! After researching our options, we decided on satellite internet from Hughes net. I thought I’d check with the community here and see if anyone …

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Peer to Peer Loans for Bad Credit?

I don’t have the world’s best credit and I feel like the only option for me is one of those sleazy payday loan places. I need access to some cash and I really don’t want to go that route. Do any of the peer to peer lending companies specialize in …

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