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Save money with this Identity Guard® promo code

Visit Identity® Guard’s Website | Read our Identity Guard® Review Identity Guard® offers four different packages, one of which is for kids. Everything from your bank accounts to your social security number is monitored through Identity Guard®. Our Identity Guard® promo code can save you money. Enrolling with Identity Guard® through our link saves you 20% off …

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Does Costco Offer A Discount On Identity Guard®?

Does Costco have a relationship with Identity Guard<sup>&reg;</sup>? I thought they did at one point but now I think they’ve split up? Answer Costco previously had a deal with Identity Guard<sup>&reg;</sup> but as of October 2017 they since are offering a discount through their CSID coverage partner. They offer two membership types starting at $8.99 …

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How Much Does Lifelock Cost?

Visit LifeLock’s Website | Read our LifeLock Review I’m thinking about getting Lifelock to protect my identity but I cannot seem to find the prices anywhere. Do they have different packages that have different costs? Any help? Comments: 1 Comment

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What is Lifelock and How Can It Protect Me?

Visit LifeLock’s Website | Read our LifeLock Review Hello, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately online and offline about LifeLock. I understand it’s somehow related to identity theft, the prevention of that is, but I don’t see how that could work. If someone gains access to my bank account or my credit card I …

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Lifelock discounts and promotions

Visit LifeLock’s Website | Read our LifeLock Review Anyone have a Lifelock discount they’d care to share? When I search the interwebs for Lifelock promotions all I find are crap codes that don’t work. Thanks! – Josh S Comments: 1 Comment

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Crestron, Control4 and Savant vs DIY Smart Security?

So Crestron, Control4 and Savant differs from say smart things because of how it integrates with other devices? Please give more clarity on this as I definitely don’t like that I need professional help to make changes to the system. Answer Whole home automation systems such as those offered by the companies you mention are …

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Is it safe to store credit card info on paper?

I know it sounds old fashion but is it okay to store credit card info on paper? My mom is always writing down her credit card information on scratch paper. I try to tell her it’s not safe but she won’t listen and I’m trying to convince her that it’s not safe. No, storing credit …

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What’s the definition and meaning for identity theft in today’s world?

The term identity theft gets thrown around so liberally, and it’s frustrating to me, because a person’s “identity” comprises so many variables that people don’t immediately realize. The dictionary defines identity theft as “the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for financial gain,” but I’m guessing that’s an outdated definition. …

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Ting promo code?

I was spending Thanksgiving with my aunts in Northern California and we started talking about cell phone bills for some reason. They immediately chimed up and mentioned Ting, which I had never heard of before. Ting is a reseller t-Mobile and Sprint. Long story short, I went through a horrendous customer support experience with AT&T to …

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