Is it safe to store credit card information in Google forms?

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Is it okay to store credit card data in a Google form? I’ve got a website that gives the option of paying at the store/over the phone or by submitting my credit card info in their form, which is a Google form. I’m a bit confused because the URL is https:// (SSL), which to me indicates it’s a secure transaction, right? However, I’m thinking my data simply gets stored in the form and then passed to someone else to look at, which doesn’t seem very secure (especially if they don’t secure the form). I’m thinking I’ll probably just call the store, but if their security practices are this lax I can’t imagine what they’ll do with the info I give them over the phone, ha.

-Josh W


Google forms are not meant for storing sensitive data. In fact, it’s against the Google TOS (see the section under the “Personal and confidential information” heading). You may want to call the merchant and notify them of the fact that asking for credit card information through Google forms is not a good security practice and see if they take action. If not you can report them to Google and have the form taken down. Thanks for bringing this to our reader’s attention, I’m sure it will prove useful and hopefully help someone else out that’s in a similar predicament!

-Alex, Safe Smart Living

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