How to Protect Your Apartment from Burglary

I’m looking for safety and security tips specifically about the vulnerabilities of apartments. My daughter is moving into her own place for the first time in a big city and I’m worried about her and hoping someone has some advice they can share to help put my mind at ease.
-Worried Mom

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Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
Some of the most significant vulnerabilities of an apartment are the lack of ability to install a full security system. You can most likely install peel and stick sensors on the interior of your apartment. However, installing cameras on the outside of your door may not be okay with the landlord. Some apartments have cameras around the property, but for those that don’t, you risk being unmonitored.

Another vulnerability is the poor construction and low-quality of materials used to make apartment complexes. For instance, the door may not have a deadbolt, which makes it easier to kick in.

Possibly one of the scariest concepts is the idea that someone within your apartment complex could break into your apartment. They already know the layout, and they can practice breaking into their apartment to help reduce their time spent stealing from you. They’re also used to being in the building, so it’s easy for them to get an idea of your schedule and know when you are home and when you’re away.

The best thing you can do for security in your apartment is purchase a security system. DIY models are relatively inexpensive, and your landlord should have no issues with it since most of them are plug-and-play. We recommend having a security camera pointed at each door entry and motion sensors near main window areas. Then, place door/window contacts on every window in your apartment. Having a security system will give you peace of mind, and worst case scenario, you’ll potentially have video evidence of any intruders in your home.