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What can a smart hub do that Alexa can’t?

I got an Amazon Echo for Christmas and it seems like I can train her to do just about anything I used to use my Wink hub for (turn on/off lights, turn up the heat, play music, etc.), right? Am I missing something or is this true? What do I need a hub for that …

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How do I know if my identity has been stolen?

I see that you have tons of articles on identity theft prevention. My question is, how would I even recognize if my identity were stolen? In other words, what are some things I can do to check to see if my identity has already been compromised? I know a bunch of my friends and relatives …

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Experian IdentityWorks Reviews

There’s so many ID theft protection services on the market but no one seems to be talking about Experian’s IdentityWorks. I also didn’t find it on your site which appears to fairly comprehensively review a lot of the top providers. Do you guys have any plans of taking a look at IdentityWorks in the near …

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Report ID Theft to the FTC?

I keep hearing more and more about identity theft breaches (I finally did sign up for one of your recommended ID theft monitoring services btw). But I don’t understand why the FTC isn’t doing more? Doesn’t the protection of consumer identities fall under the umbrella of the Federal Trade Commission? I would love to know …

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Workout clothes from Fabletics are motivation

Visit Fabletics Website | Read Fabletics Review My sister just had a baby and is wanting to lose the weight she gained. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, but having new, cute workout clothes helps me get in the mood to workout. I thought I’d get her some clothes from Fabletics but I’m looking …

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How to Protect Your Apartment from Burglary

I’m looking for safety and security tips specifically about the vulnerabilities of apartments. My daughter is moving into her own place for the first time in a big city and I’m worried about her and hoping someone has some advice they can share to help put my mind at ease. -Worried Mom Comments: 1 Comment

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Can you help us save on Total Protect?

Visit Total Protect’s Website | Read our TotalProtect Review We are getting ready to buy our first home (we sign the papers next week). I’m a little bummed because we forgot to ask about the sellers including a home warranty, but I’m also kind of glad because we get to pick our own. Anyways, we’ve settled on …

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