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Rachio 1st vs 2nd Generation?

What are the major differences between Rachio Gen 2 vs Gen 1? I like that I can pickup the first generation for around $50 less than generation 2, but I don’t want to miss out on any cool features. Comments: 1 Comment

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PureVPN vs IPVanish: Who’s Better?

I’ve narrowed down my VPN search to two candidates: IPVanish and PureVPN. There seem to be an equal amount of good reviews for both, but I’ll tell you my specific needs and maybe you can help me choose one? I’m on a Mac, need to connect 4 devices, and need something that’s fast (that seems …

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What cell towers does Ting use?

I’m wondering which cell towers Ting has access to? I’m asking because I’m primarily concerned about data roaming charges and how much my bill might go up if I fall outside one of their towers’ ranges. Thanks! Comments: 1 Comment

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