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I’m looking for a Blurb discount

Visit Blurb’s Website | Read our Blurb Review I’m thinking of making a magazine on Blurb to display my work. I thought it’d be a cool, unique way to show potential employers my portfolio. Does anyone have a Blurb promo code I could use so I don’t have to pay full price? Comments: 5 Comments

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Shutterfly Coupons to Share

Visit Shutterfly Website | Read our Shutterfly Review I order frequently from Shutterfly because they offer similar products for much less in comparison to their competitors. They do a good job posting Shutterfly coupons on their website but I was wondering if your website had any Shutterfly promo codes that I could use. Comments: 5 Comments

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Help me save money on The Home Service Club

Visit The Home Service Club’s Website | Read our review of The Home Service Club I spoke to some neighbors who have The Home Service Club and have decided to choose them as my home warranty company. Do you have a coupon I could use for a discount on The Home Service Club? Comments: Leave a …

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What’s the best calendar app for iPhone?

So I have to say the default iPhone calendar just blows. It works fine, but as far as viewability, I can’t get a view where it lets me see a list of daily events for each day (I guess the closest thing is the view where you scroll through the week, but that blows also). …

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How can I tell whether my iPhone is unlocked?

I’m trying to transfer my phone service from AT&T to Ting, but first I want to make sure that my iPhone is unlocked. I called AT&T and paid my termination fee, and they said the ball is now out of their court (and in Apple’s). I’ve heard before that the Apple iPhone unlock process can take …

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Can I store rewards cards in Lastpass?

Is it possible to save rewards/loyalty cards within Lastpass? I ask because I had been saving them in my Apple iPhone wallet, but when I reset my iPhone that got emptied and I lost them all. When I use LastPass it backs up to the cloud so nothing gets lost when I reset or lose my phone. …

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