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I’m looking for a Blurb discount

Visit Blurb’s Website | Read our Blurb Review I’m thinking of making a magazine on Blurb to display my work. I thought it’d be a cool, unique way to show potential employers my portfolio. Does anyone have a Blurb promo code I could use so I don’t have to pay full price? Comments: 5 Comments

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Shutterfly Coupons to Share

Visit Shutterfly Website | Read our Shutterfly Review I order frequently from Shutterfly because they offer similar products for much less in comparison to their competitors. They do a good job posting Shutterfly coupons on their website but I was wondering if your website had any Shutterfly promo codes that I could use. Comments: 5 Comments

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Help me save money on The Home Service Club

Visit The Home Service Club’s Website | Read our review of The Home Service Club I spoke to some neighbors who have The Home Service Club and have decided to choose them as my home warranty company. Do you have a coupon I could use for a discount on The Home Service Club? Comments: Leave a …

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What’s the best calendar app for iPhone?

So I have to say the default iPhone calendar just blows. It works fine, but as far as viewability, I can’t get a view where it lets me see a list of daily events for each day (I guess the closest thing is the view where you scroll through the week, but that blows also). …

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How can I tell whether my iPhone is unlocked?

I’m trying to transfer my phone service from AT&T to Ting, but first I want to make sure that my iPhone is unlocked. I called AT&T and paid my termination fee, and they said the ball is now out of their court (and in Apple’s). I’ve heard before that the Apple iPhone unlock process can take …

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Can I store rewards cards in Lastpass?

Is it possible to save rewards/loyalty cards within Lastpass? I ask because I had been saving them in my Apple iPhone wallet, but when I reset my iPhone that got emptied and I lost them all. When I use LastPass it backs up to the cloud so nothing gets lost when I reset or lose my phone. …

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Save money with this Identity Guard promo code

Visit Identity Guard’s Website | Read our Identity Guard Review Identity Guard offers four different packages, one of which is for kids. Everything from your bank accounts to your social security number is monitored through Identity Guard. Our Identity Guard promo code can save you money. Enrolling with Identity Guard through our link saves you 10% off …

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