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I was spending Thanksgiving with my aunts in Northern California and we started talking about cell phone bills for some reason. They immediately chimed up and mentioned Ting, which I had never heard of before. Ting is a reseller t-Mobile and Sprint. Long story short, I went through a horrendous customer support experience with AT&T to get my iPhone unlocked and and am now ready to give Ting a shot. They sent me another SIM card (for free 🙂 because the first one got messed up (they erroneously said my iPhone was unlocked when in fact it was still under contract for almost a year). I gave Ting the feedback and it looks like they’re already fixed this issue (the website now says “compatible” instead of “unlocked.” Make sure you check with your cell provider to see if you’re still under contract before switching!!

Before I activate, however, I’d like to maximize my discount. Does anyone know of a good Ting promotional code or coupon I can use?

-Joan S


You can get $25 off a new device (smartphone you buy at Ting) or a $25 off service credit (discount on your next bill; – you get to choose which discount option you want) by using this link. Note – don’t use this to buy a SIM card, as your discount will be capped at $9.

-Alex, Safe Smart Living

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Alex Schenker (Admin)
Ting 2018 Promotions By using this link and signing up for Ting, you qualify for one of the following promotions (take your pick!) plus if you refer a friend you’ll also receive a $50 bonus for the first account you refer, and $25 for each subsequent account.

  • $25 service credit
  • $25 off a new device
  • $25 off your first monthly bill
  • $50 account bonus for referring a friend (your code will appear in your dashboard once you’re signed up)
Sam W
Worked for me, thanks for the Ting discount! Is this a limited time offer or will I be able to buy a phone later this year (I’d like to wait for Black Friday sales) and still get the deal?
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Sam,

I don’t work for Ting so I can’t say definitely, but as long as we’ve been with them, and as far as I know, the $25 discounts are not going to go away anytime soon. Typically growing companies will continue their referral programs until they expand and mature in the markets they’re targeting.

Jessica S
Does the Ting discount code work for equipment or service (or both)? I noticed the sim card is only $9, so I don’t want to waste a $25 credit on the card when I could discount a more expensive phone. Also, does the promo ever go higher than a $25 credit (seasonally for example)? If that’s the case I’m okay waiting.
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Jessica, the $25 promo credit can be applied as either a service credit or on equipment. I believe for new users it’s typically a discount on a phone, while for existing users a service credit. Click here to take advantage of the latest promotion.
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Thanks for sharing your Ting experience with us! You can get $25 off a device (smartphone you buy at Ting) or a $25 off service credit (discount on your next bill; – you get to choose which discount option you want) by using this link. Note – don’t use this to buy a SIM card, as your discount will be capped at $9.
Stewie G
Thanks Alex! Where do you recommend I buy the Ting SIM card then? And should I get GSM or CDMA?
Alex Schenker (Admin)
Hi Stewie, make sure you’ve applied the credit separately using the link above for maximum savings. Then, you can get the Ting card via Ting.com or on Amazon (for the GSM card). The GSM network is T-Mobile, CDMA is Sprint, I would get whichever has better coverage in your area (this will most often be T-Mobile, but not always). Nationally T-Mobile has superior coverage to Sprint, so keep in mind your travel schedule as well.