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Ting promo code?

I was spending Thanksgiving with my aunts in Northern California and we started talking about cell phone bills for some reason. They immediately chimed up and mentioned Ting, which I had never heard of before. Ting is a reseller t-Mobile and Sprint. Long story short, I went through a horrendous customer support experience with AT&T to get my iPhone unlocked and and am now ready to give Ting a shot. They sent me another SIM card (for free 🙂 because the first one got messed up (they erroneously said my iPhone was unlocked when in fact it was still under contract for almost a year). I gave Ting the feedback and it looks like they’re already fixed this issue (the website now says “compatible” instead of “unlocked.” Make sure you check with your cell provider to see if you’re still under contract before switching!!

Before I activate, however, I’d like to maximize my discount. Does anyone know of a good Ting promotional code or coupon I can use?

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Alex Schenker
Alex Schenker

Thanks for sharing your Ting experience with us! You can get $25 off a device (smartphone you buy at Ting) or a $25 off service credit (discount on your next bill; – you get to choose which discount option you want) by using this link. Note – don’t use this to buy a SIM card, as your discount will be capped at $9.

Stewie G
Stewie G

Thanks Alex! Where do you recommend I buy the Ting SIM card then? And should I get GSM or CDMA?