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Can you help us save on Total Protect?

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We are getting ready to buy our first home (we sign the papers next week). I’m a little bummed because we forgot to ask about the sellers including a home warranty, but I’m also kind of glad because we get to pick our own. Anyways, we’ve settled on Total Protect but does anyone have a coupon for Total Protect? We’d like to save any money we can. Thanks ahead of time!

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2 Comments on "Can you help us save on Total Protect?"


I have a Sears plan for total home services and I see the name in my state as cross country. They are the worst possible. I called in weekly about my dishwasher, asked for someone to find out about it, said someone would call me back, never got a call.. I changed my visa number and they called the day it was due asking for amt. The company never responded to any request. Finally they said I was approved, for what I didn’t know. Made an appt., sent repairman here without parts to fix it. A then the amount to fix it was $350, my refund was 106, 206, and then another amount. I gave up and bought a new dishwasher myself.

This took over a month while the dishwasher sat there with the water getting really nasty. When I talked to someone I said no one responds, I’m sorry, no calls back.

How this gets an adequate rating is beyond me.

Jeff Butler
Jeff Butler

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