What is Lifelock and How Can It Protect Me?

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Hello, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately online and offline about LifeLock. I understand it’s somehow related to identity theft, the prevention of that is, but I don’t see how that could work. If someone gains access to my bank account or my credit card I don’t see how an online service can prevent that from happening?



Hi Jose, LifeLock is one of many companies offering identity theft protection services. The main purpose is giving you more control and awareness of the components of your personal profile that may be subject to identity theft (social security number, financial accounts, etc.) and notifying you when events occur that may impact your profile – such as a credit check, request for a loan in your name, etc. The idea is to alert you as quickly as possible so you can minimize the damage. They also provide tools to help you stay proactive, one step ahead of the culprits. You can learn more about LifeLock by reading our review of LifeLock. You’ll find pros, cons, user testimonials, pricing and more!

-Kimberly, Safe Smart Living

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