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With all the privacy concerns around connected devices, and some of the safety implications surrounding the newest smart home gadgets (think hackers peeping into your laptop’s webcam), we feel it’s important to show you and your family how to enjoy your devices in a safe and smart way.

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Your Safe And Smart Guide To Home Entertainment

Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

Smartphone iconIs your cell phone bill slowly getting out of hand? Or maybe you were grandfathered into an “unlimited” plan, and now you’re paying exorbitant fees. Luckily for you, the cell phone market is more competitive than ever, and there are dozens of companies which now offer low-cost plans for a fraction of the cost (without compromising coverage). Learn how you can cut your plan by hundreds of dollars a year, find the best hotspot device and more in our mobile area.

Ready To Cut The Cord?

satellite TV iconA growing number of homes are getting rid of cable and opting for streaming media. But with all the options out there, which combination is most cost-effective and gets you the programming you want? Join us as we deep dive into the world of streaming video and our “plan B,” satellite TV (yes, believe it or not, satellite has features, especially when it comes to recording and playback, that the streaming world hasn’t caught up to yet). And in some instances, buying half a dozen individual streaming services will end up costing you more than simply getting a bundled satellite subscription with promotions.

Whatever you choose, we bring you the latest gadgets to smartly display your content in the highest quality (and at the best price) possible. Check out our video streaming and satellite TV areas for the scoop. If you do end up going with video streaming, you’ll want to make sure your internet is up to par with the required streaming speeds. Find the Best Satellite Internet Provider in your area.

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