DISH Network’s Hopper: How Does It Stack Up To The Competition?

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Red TV Cable: DISH Network’s Hopper

Tired of choosing between two shows to record because they’re on at the same time? The Hopper 3® eliminates that problem since you can record up to 16 programs at one time. It has a large storage capacity of up to 500 hours of HD content, so you can store your shows and watch them at your own pace.

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What Is DISH Network Hopper 3®?

The Hopper 3® is only available through DISH. Your home only needs one of these, the rest of the rooms in your home can have a Joey installed. (A Joey is an add-on receiver that lets you connect all your TV’s to your Hopper 3®.) You can schedule shows and movies to record on your Hopper 3® and watch them on any television in your home that has a Joey.



  • Record 16 shows at once
  • Can record up to 500 hours of HD content
  • Watch up to 4 shows on one screen
  • Transfer your recordings to watch on a smartphone
  • Voice remote and remote finder
  • PrimeTime Anytime lets you watch primetime shows without commercials
  • 4K Capable
  • Must pay an extra monthly fee for protection plan


  • Hopper 3® DVR Fee: $15/month
  • Joey, Wireless Joey or 4K Joey: $7/month
  • Super Joey: $10/month

Attention Sports Fans

A common reason many people haven’t “unplugged” from satellite TV is because of the sports options. If you’re a sports fan and you have DISH, you’ll want to know about this feature so you can take full advantage of the remote.

Compare It Against DIRECTV Genie

DIRECTV is the other big name satellite TV provider. Make sure you explore all your options, which is why we have a DIRECTV Genie Review for you to read as well.

Is the Hopper 3® missing any features you want?

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a gadgetry geek
Great article! Of all the stuff to come out of CES this year, the main thing I’m really looking forward to is the Hopper. My coworkers and I at DISH were given the opportunity to check the Hopper out before it was unveiled at CES, and I’m really looking for this being released to the public so I can get one in my house for good. With over 250 hours of HD recording space, and PrimeTime Anytime; the ability to record a three hour block of shows on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS, the Hopper is going to help DISH, once more, change the way we watch TV.

a web rocker
This article caught me off guard. I guess that because I have mostly just had cable instead of satellite, I never thought that the two things were separate companies. Thank you for clarifying the difference and helping me to weigh the pros and cons of both services. I guess they both have their pluses and minuses. It is also interesting to remember that most people only considered Dish or DirectTV when they were in areas that their regular cable company did not service. I remember that time. Nowadays, most people are just sick of spending tons of money on cable. I mean it really adds up. It is as if you start only paying like $100 – $120 a month, then you might try some introductory packages or something. Then you can always cancel those if they get to be too high. However, one thing that I noticed is that many cable companies create fees and charges that are not a part of your bill in the beginning. The fluctuations can be over $20 within a year’s time. This is a lot of money to have to pay additionally for no reason every year. Dish and Direct are both low cost wherever I go. My only fear is that the service will cut out when the weather goes slightly bad. I know that Cricket Satellite service did this, but when I had it, Cricket was still a very, very new company. Chances are the service has gotten better from them.

Why don’t CBS, FOX, and NBC execs want consumers to enjoy commercial-free TV? It’s what we want! I’m a customer and employee of DISH, and I think AutoHop is great because you can easily watch commercial-free TV.

A well known consumer advocacy group, Public Knowledge, agrees that people should have the right to control how they watch TV. They’re taking a stand for consumers by creating a petition that tells CBS, FOX, and NBC media to keep their hands out of your living room and DVR. Sign their petition to keep control of how you watch TV

William Davis
Good articles with good information. Our addiction with vast information and entertainment, makes us able to see the program as per our favorite primetime shows on NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS. We can enjoy it through recording programs also. The DISH Network has provided us more reliable and more beneficial service. Many thanks for the information.