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Family holding piggy bankFailing to plan is planning to fail. You don’t want this to happen when it comes to money that you work so hard to earn. Having a financial plan in place and nest egg to fall back on is critical when it comes to your personal wealth and well-being. This is why we’ve written about everything from personal finance software to mortgage lenders to retirement planning. Don’t leave cash on the table or let your money go to waste!

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Know Where Every Dollar Goes Thanks To Personal Finance Software

Computer and chartAt the end of the month are you asking yourself where your paycheck went? Stop wondering and start telling it where to go. Using personal finance software can be your savior when it comes to following your paper trail and getting your finances in order.

Personal finance software can track everything from your bank accounts to your investments and loans. Get a summary of spending habits broken down by category, as well as help with budgeting and planning. You can even get reminders to pay your bills on time, or have them automatically drafted from your bank accounts. These services are a small upfront investment but can pay for themselves in how much of your time and money they save.

Personal Capital is our top pick (which we compare to another popular service in Personal Capital vs Mint). You can read about them all and compare them to each other in our comprehensive best personal finance software article.

Strapped For Cash? Get Additional Funds With These Lending Options

Credit cardIs the low balance in your bank account drilling holes in your plans? Credit cards are one way to build your credit and get perks, but they can be dangerous too. You might get carried away spending more than you should, and racking up some serious debt and interest charges in the process. Find out which credit card might be a good fit for you in our review of the best credit cards. We compare rewards, interest rates, annual fees, and more.

Depending on how much money you need and what the money is for, peer to peer lending sites (or P2P) could be a better route than a traditional lender. Instead of borrowing money from a bank or traditional financial institution, you get funds from everyday people (think crowdsourcing for lenders). P2P sites are also more likely to lend to those who might not otherwise qualify due to credit scores, and they have a quick approval process compared to banks. Learn more in our peer to peer lending sites review.

Invest In A Home With An Online Mortgage

House with moneyBuying a home is not only an exciting way to have a permanent place to call your own it’s also a worthwhile investment. Mortgage debt is a positive thing for your credit score, and if you get locked in at a low interest rate, more than likely your home’s value will appreciate at a higher percentage giving you a profit when you’re ready to sell. So, instead of paying rent to someone else, get your own home and start building both equity and your financial freedom.

Thanks to technology, you can get pre-qualified using online mortgage lenders. Read our review of the best online mortgage lenders, so you end up with a legitimate company. Our favorite is Rocket Mortgage but another popular service is Lending Tree.

Plan For The Future – Reach Your Retirement Goals

Piggybank iconHaving long-term financial goals is essential. Most important is saving for retirementDon’t rely on your 401k to survive. You also need to contribute to other savings accounts. We dive into the various types of employer-sponsored retirement accounts, IRAs and more in our best retirement plans article.

What Are Robo Advisors?

A new option for investing is a robo advisor, which serves as a sophisticated robotic online financial advisor. Instead of humans managing the ups and downs of the market, these investing tools are algorithm-driven make calculations and decisions much faster than the human mind is capable of. It’s a relatively new industry, but we’re on top of it – check out our comparison of the best robo advisors.

Being Charitable Can Benefit Your Bank Account As Well

Person giving money with heartDonating to charity can be rewarding personally, but did you know it can also benefit you financially? We show you how to make sure your hard earned donations are going to legitimate charities and not into CEO bank accounts in our which charities are the best and worst to donate to article). Not only are you making a positive impact on others, in most cases, you can deduct charitable contributions from your taxes. Find out how to write your donations off on your taxes.

Do You Have A Will?

As you build your wealth and grow your income, it’s crucial that you have a will. A will can guarantee your wishes will be carried out should something happen to you. And if you have children, it can help secure their future. Discover how to set one up and what should be included in our how to create a will article.

For the legal geeks among us, we occasionally write in-depth pieces that cross over from the finance world. For example, in our what is a structured settlement? article we show you a smarter way to receive a court award for damages other than a lump-sum payment.

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