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Google Play Takes On iTunes

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Google Play on iphone with headphonesWhen it comes to downloading apps, music and movies, one name comes to mind for the majority of people: iTunes. The iTunes name has gone without much competition, but Google Play intends to take on iTunes with their online store re-launch.

The Beginnings of iTunes Competition

Android users were given the option to use the Android Market online store when the service launched as their solution to iTunes. The problem with the Android Market was that it simply didn’t measure up. Users found the interface difficult to navigate and overall the system was disorganized. Aside from the overall difference in interface appearance, users of the original Android Market were most dissatisfied with the fact that they were sent to different sites to purchase different media. Google has undertaken the re-launch of the iTunes competitor in an attempt to create their own giant source of app and media income.

What is Google Play?

Although branded “Google Play,” the service is actually the Android Market marketplace revamped Google style. For those who already utilize Android based devices, the Google Play icon will soon replace the Android Market icon and provide a one stop location for users to purchase music, apps, eBooks and movies. One of the biggest advances with the newly re-launched service is that it does not redirect users to various websites based upon the type of media they are downloading; it offers everything in one place. Users are also impressed with the clean and simple to use interface of the new Google Play. Could they expect anything less when the product is competing with the likes of iTunes? Simply put, the revamp of Google Play is an attempt to compete with, or at least become a peer to iTunes and in doing so it must somewhat resemble the positive features of its competition. The question is whether Google Play will be able to compete with iTunes. This topic will be addressed shortly, but first let us take a look at some of the reasons as to why Google Play is being launched.

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Google Play as a Means to Tie Google to Android

Google Play was not only revamped as a means for Android and Google to compete with the major Apple media provider. Google Play is also a means for Google to tie themselves to the Android brand. Over time, the Android name itself has become lost, few people make the connection between Google and Android and Google thinks it’s about time for that to change. Google Play is Google’s way of making sure that no one forgets that Android is their brainchild just as the iPhone is Apple’s.

Google Play Expands the Google Marketplace

Google Play being revamped is also a means for Google to expand their reach to more than just the android market. Utilizing their reach through your web browser, Google is able to encourage regular users to log in to Google Play to download movies and songs directly to their PC rather than logging in to an additional application like iTunes. It is possible that this maneuver is going to be one of the biggest pushes that help to put Google Play in a peer group with iTunes, but the final scores won’t be in for a while. Many who are looking to project the future of Google Play believe that not only will implementing Google Play in to the Google based browser draw in a new crowd, but it will also win over PC users through social interaction.

Google Play and Social Interaction

As Google Play begins to lure in increasing numbers of users by exposing their re-launch through browser advertising on the Google toolbar, there is also a possibility that they will expand through social interaction. As users download games or interact on social networking sites utilizing Google profiles to do so, Google has the option to tie in Google Play, thereby gaining even more exposure.

Google Play Has Potential

Where iPhone users flock directly to iTunes for their app and other media download needs, Android users have never had such a centrally located service. So there is most definitely a niche for Google Play to fill. The number of downloaded apps from Google Play is still nowhere near the twenty-five billion apps that have been reportedly downloaded from iTunes. Still, those types of numbers take time and Google hopes that in time they will be able to count themselves among the giants along with Apple.

Could Google Play Be a Peer to iTunes?

It is doubtful that Google Play will be able to grow as large as iTunes, but who is to say that the two have to compete? There will always be the sector of the population who claim to be iPhone lovers and there will always be those who claim to be Android lovers. With that said, it is quite possible that Google Play and iTunes could someday become peers, but the increase in Google Play users is certainly not expected to happen overnight.

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8 Comments on "Google Play Takes On iTunes"

You have no idea how happy I am that Google play is the way it is. I used itunes for a long time, but I was waiting for Google to come up with something like this. I am actually a bit shocked that it took them this long to do it though.

I love technology. I am so glad to see the days of compact discs leaving. They were so easy to scratch up or destroy in some other way. I much prefer the MP3, where I can keep all of my music in one place and unless the MP3 breaks, I do not have to worry about something happening that will mean I have to replace a disc or go without my favorite tunes.

I use Google for just about everything. I am all about making things as simple as I can so that I do not have to put a lot of effort into a task that should just be quick and easy. The fewer sites I have to flip between to get what I need done, the happier I am. For me, making the transition to Google play just makes sense. Since I use Google for everything else, it may as well be my resource for my music too.

My son uses iTunes a lot. I do not use it very much because I do not really have the time to spend downloading music. However, he does use my computer to download his music. That also means he has to download iTunes. I do not have a problem with iTunes persay, but the less I have to download from random places, the happier I am.

When it comes to Google, I do trust them enough to download things from them. And the idea that it can be done all in one place along with doing more than just downloading music..well it just does not get any better as far as I am concerned. Even if my son were on his own computer instead of mine, I am still the one who has to take care of things when the computer gets cluttered or something goes wrong.

I have had to deal with Google before when I had issues, so I know they are on top of resolving issues. I would so much rather deal with them than to deal with iTunes. I would just rather do everything in one place if I can and if I can’t, I would at least like to limit the amount of places I go.

I really do like iTunes. It’s fairly easy to use and really isn’t that expensive. Actually, I just really dig the whole MP3 thing altogether. I remember the days when I would have to buy a CD just to get one song I liked off of it. I may or may not have liked the rest of the CD, but I had to buy it if I wanted what I knew I liked. The MP3 concept put an end to that. Now I just buy what I want and while at times I cringe to pay a dollar or o for a song, it really actually saves me money because in reality I was paying more than that for a song before.

But the Google iTunes thing means I will be using Google more. I already do a lot with Google and if there is one thing I don’t like to do it’s to keep signing in and out of here and there. I would rather just do everything in one place if I can. And I’m pretty sure that is exactly what Google is aiming for. It’s like the Superstore of the Internet only you don’t have to deal with funky dressed people and poor customer service in order to get out of the store.

I was reading this thing and just enjoying reading about Google’s latest stuff. (Google is an endless source of entertainment for me.) when it hit me; this could be bad. My son has an Android. He also has very little patience. That means if he went to the marketplace and got frustrated even trying to navigate it, he would just leave. You do realize that him leaving there means I just lucked out, right? But if Google actually made it fun and easy to use, there could be a problem.

And before you say it, no I don’t just buy my son whatever he wants. So it’s not an issue of buying from the Google marketplace. It’s a matter of having to be told the play by play details of what is being offered there. I don’t think he has been there in a while and that is just fine by me. If I get really lucky he will never even know they changed anything. And yes, I will keep him in the dark if it means I get to preserve some of my sanity.

For years, it seems as if iTunes (Apple) has been virtually alone in the music download market. They have almost a virtual monopoly and it feels like anytime you want a particular song or video you almost have to go through Apple to find it. This may not true for much longer.

With the launch of Google Play, the largest search engine in the world is poised to challenge the dominance of i-tunes. How successful they will be remains to be seen. The author of this piece points out that Google tried something like this once before with their Android market. The problem was that it was a bit confusing and just never really seemed to work properly. It might have simply been a case of Google wanting to rush it to the public so fast in order to try and take away some market share from Apple.

It looks as if this new service has had the bugs worked out of it already. Now, Android users will finally be able to have a central point in which they can find and download their own services.

Apple has long been the recognized leader when it comes to offering apps, music and movies. Their i-tunes store has been considered one of the marvels of modern technology and electronic commerce. To me, it has been very surprising that for so many years they have not really had any serious kind of competition.

Then, the Android phone was developed by Google. They did include an online market which was intended to compete with i-tunes. Unfortunately, this initial attempt failed since it was not well received by users. People were put off by its difficult to navigate interface and confused when it sent them to a number of additional sites to actually purchase their media.

Google has revamped everything and now offers Google Play as the first true i-tunes competitor. Unlike iTunes, user will be able to easily download to their phones and computers.

This new version does seem to have the potential to become at least a bit of a threat to i-tunes. While it may not be able to unseat Apple as the market leader, it is nice to know that there is now a new kid in town.

It is hard to imagine anybody being able to challenge Apple and their iTunes store in the multimedia market and the niche they currently fill, but if anyone could do it, it would have to be Google.

Google has long been the first stop on my internet dial, so to speak. Their search engine is the standard now by which all others are measured. From there, Gmail became my email provider and by signing up for Gmail, I started my Google account lifeline. I started exploring more functions that Google offered to account holders and I now use it to keep my calendar, record my financial transactions on a spread sheet, and to create shared documents with my work group. When I finally purchased my first Android smart phone device, powered by Google software, the assimilation was complete. I now cannot even think about using a different interface, everything I do works so well together and I am accustomed to that kind of functionality.

So for users like myself, I can definitely see a defection from iTunes to Google Play because I want it to work and it ought to work better with my existing infrastructure.

I think it is admirable, if not ill-advised, that Google is attempting to challenge iTunes in the digital media marketplace.

We all know how big Google is and the considerable clout they possess in the tech market. Similarly Apple, and more specifically iTunes, has garnered almost unprecedented brand recognition within their realm. Mp3 players, regardless of their make and model, are sometimes called iPods by consumers who assume the name is in fact the service.

With iTunes, Apple has made billions of dollars by selling the songs via their online marketplace and aside from more varied retailers like Amazon; they have operated largely unopposed in the music download business. Google Play coming into the game means that Google sees some opportunity to seize a competitive advantage and take a significant amount of that market share away from their competition.

This is where I get confused. Apple has got the most widely used media software and hardware in the digital media marketplace. How you can enhance this service and pull users away from such a solidly founded venture is something I really cannot envision.

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