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Nest app on phoneNest has become a household name in the smart/DIY/home automation and home security world. Its portfolio of products has expanded from a smart thermostat control to cameras (indoor and outdoor), home security and more. But do they have a product to fit your needs?

Nest Security Cameras For My Home

There is an indoor and outdoor Nest Cam option for you to monitor your home. Both cameras have a wide field of view at 130º, so they can capture a large area easily. They also have an 8x zoom and record in 1080p HD. The outdoor camera has an operating temperature of –4° to 104°F, so it can withstand some winters and summers.

Security Camera icon and lockThe cameras sync up with other Nest devices like the smart thermostat and smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. You can learn more about them in their respective individual reviews (indoor Nest Cam Review and Nest Cam Outdoor Review) and find out if customers are pleased with their purchases.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Protection

Nest Protect is Nest’s smart smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm. It is WiFi enabled, so it sends you notifications when it triggers danger. The smoke detector has both photoelectric and ionization sensors to detect fast-burning and smoldering fires.

Smoke and scull iconNest Protect is more expensive than the average smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm, but it comes with some features that don’t exist in the typical alarm. For example, if a fire erupted in your home and you were away, you wouldn’t know anything happened until you arrived home or someone contacted you. With Nest Protect, you can receive notifications of a fire or carbon monoxide dangers sooner and save your home and family from severe damage. You can read our Nest Protect Review to get all the details on this device.

What’s your favorite Nest product?

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