Frontpoint vs Protect America: Lower Monthly Bill Or No Contract, Which Will You Choose?

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Frontpoint vs Protect America equipmentFrontpoint and Protect America are two of the best home security systems, but they serve two different audiences. Frontpoint has no long-term contracts and excellent customer service, but Protect America has landline and broadband monitoring options. Which setup is best for your home?

Customer Service & Reputation

Our experts evaluate each company’s customer service via anonymous phone calls, installation and tech support testing, and more. Another great place to start when researching a company’s reputation are their Better Business Bureau pages, which can sometimes be difficult to locate. Frontpoint’s BBB rating is an A+, while Protect America has an A rating from the BBB.

Next we look at common complaints that arise for each company’s products and services.

Frontpoint Complaints

Please note that these were complaints made about Frontpoint when a long-term contract was required. Frontpoint no longer requires a contract so these complaints may no longer be applicable.

  • Having to pay the full contract amount (or a percentage) if you cancel during the contract terms
  • Difficulty canceling in general
  • A one-month cancellation notice without notification

The majority of these complaints concern terms that are often included in the contract Frontpoint requires upon sign-up. Please know that when you sign a contract, canceling your service can be more difficult because there are terms you must follow.

We urge you always to read any agreement you sign thoroughly, so you know what you are getting into.

Protect America Complaints

  • Being charged for service even after you have canceled
  • Equipment not being user-friendly or not working
  • Long phone wait times for customer service

In the end, Frontpoint wins this category because its customer service complaints are ultimately about the contract terms, and those contracts no longer exist. Protect America customer complaints appear to be more about the equipment itself and poor customer service.Frontpoint logo

Customer Service & Reputation Winner: Frontpoint


Below is a table of the types of security equipment offered by each company.

 FrontpointProtect America
Additional KeypadCheckmarkCheckmark
Keychain RemoteCheckmarkCheckmark
Door/Window SensorCheckmarkCheckmark
Motion SensorCheckmarkCheckmark
Indoor CameraCheckmarkCheckmark
Outdoor CameraCheckmarkCheckmark
Doorbell CameraCheckmarkCheckmark
Glass Break SensorCheckmarkCheckmark
Panic ButtonCheckmarkCheckmark
Smoke DetectorCheckmarkCheckmark
CO DetectorCheckmarkCheckmark
Freeze SensorCheckmark
Water SensorCheckmarkCheckmark
Smart SwitchCheckmarkCheckmark
Smart Door LockCheckmarkCheckmark
Smart Light BulbCheckmarkCheckmark
Garage Door ControllerCheckmarkCheckmark
Garage Door SensorCheckmark
Smart ThermostatCOMING SOONCheckmark

Both companies offer an extensive line of equipment. Protect America is missing a garage door sensor, and Frontpoint is missing a freeze sensor.

Who Has The Better Cameras?

Frontpoint offers 2 indoor cameras, 1 outdoor camera and 1 doorbell camera. Meanwhile Protect America has 1 indoor camera, 1 outdoor camera and 1 doorbell camera, so if you’re looking for more indoor camera options, Frontpoint takes the cake.

Both Frontpoint and Protect America use SkyBell’s doorbell camera, so there is no difference there. However, Protect America uses an older SkyBell model and it is only available on select systems.

Frontpoint’s indoor cameras have many more features including an echo-cancelling microphone, digital pan and tilt, 180º view, enhanced zoom and two-way audio. Protect America’s indoor camera has a 60º view and two-way audio, but besides that, the features are pretty bare. Protect America has a pan/tilt camera in the works, but there is no ETA on when the camera will be available for systems.

The outdoor cameras have very different looks. Frontpoint’s is wireless and more modern looking, and it has a 117º view with 1080p video. Protect America’s is a bullet-style wired camera with 720p video and built-in LEDs that can light up to 65 feet ahead.

If cameras are important to you, Frontpoint offers more options with better features.

Both companies have their equipment manufactured by big-name companies. Frontpoint’s is manufactured by companies like GE and Interlogix, while companies like Simon and Interlogix manufacture Protect America’s. We like that both companies use well-known companies for equipment so they can focus on other parts of the business.

Protect America has a lifetime warranty, while Frontpoint’s is 3 years. Both are longer than the 1-year warranty that many competitors offer.

In the end, we think Frontpoint wins this category because it has fewer complaints about its equipment being less user-friendly and not working.Frontpoint logo

Equipment Winner: Frontpoint


If home automation is important for your system, you may prefer Frontpoint over Protect America, given its Google Assistant compatibility. However, if you’re more of an Amazon Alexa fan, you may not care about that feature. Otherwise, the two companies have similar compatibilities.


Both companies are compatible with:

Battery Backup

If you lose power during a storm or from a burglar cutting wires, a battery backup will keep both systems running. Frontpoint has 24-hour battery backup, and Protect America has 18 to 24-hour battery backup. Twenty-four hours is the standard so we’re a little disappointed Protect America’s could only be 18 hours in some instances.

Cellular Monitoring

All of Frontpoint’s plans have cellular monitoring, which is the most secure form because there’s no concern of a burglar cutting your landline (phone) or broadband (internet) connection.

Meanwhile, Protect America lets you choose between landline, broadband and cellular monitoring. This may be a better option for you if you live in a remote location with poor cell service.

App Performance & Rating

Below are the ratings and number of reviews that were on Google Play Store and Apple App Store at the time of writing.

Frontpoint App Complaints

  • Unable to change the volume or time of display
  • Delays in the Android version

Protect America App Complaints

  • Says the system is offline
  • Crashes

Smash Proof

Frontpoint has a smash-proof system, so if an intruder tries to destroy your system, the police are still alerted. Protect America does not have this feature.

In the end, we recommend Frontpoint because of its Google Assistant integration, better app performance ratings and its smash-proof technology in the control panel.Frontpoint logo

Technology Winner: Frontpoint


To see how these two would compare in a real-world situation, let’s go over an example of a common configuration in a household with the equipment below:

  • 3 door/window sensors
  • 1 control panel/keypad
  • 1 motion sensors

For comparison’s sake, here’s how much it will cost you for 3 years of service. Frontpoint doesn’t require a commitment and Protect America locks you into a contract for 3 years.

 FrontpointProtect America
Professional Monitoring$44.99/month
Total Spent After 3 Years$1,895.59$1,511.64

Frontpoint has a higher upfront cost for its equipment, and Protect America’s monitoring is $41.99/month, which is $4 less than Frontpoint’s. However, Frontpoint doesn’t lock you into a long-term commitment. Protect America also has more monitoring stations (6 vs Frontpoint’s 2), but we like that they both have more than one, a redundancy that’s essential in case one station experiences downtime.

Frontpoint & Protect America logosWe think your money is well spent with either company, but there are key differences in what you get from each company. If a long-term contract is off-putting to you, then we recommend Frontpoint. However, if you want less expensive monthly monitoring, then we’d suggest Protect America.

Value Winner: Frontpoint & Protect America (Tie)

Ease Of Use

 FrontpointProtect America
Wireless EquipmentCheckmarkCheckmark
Easy To RelocateCheckmarkCheckmark

Frontpoint & Protect America logosOnce the systems are set up, both are easy to use. And the apps are relatively simple to use.

Ease Of Use Winner: Frontpoint & Protect America (Tie)

The Final Verdict

If you want a security system that’s easy to install yourself, has excellent customer service, has great professional monitoring and no long-term contracts, Frontpoint is an excellent option. However, if you need a landline or broadband security system, Protect America is an exceptional system as well.Frontpoint logo

Overall Winner: Frontpoint 

If you’d like to learn more about these companies, read our individual reviews on Frontpoint and Protect America, which include pros, cons, key features and customer testimonials.

Which company are you leaning toward?

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