Vivint Smart Home App Review: Is It Reliable?

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Man holding iPhone with Vivint App on screen (caption: Vivint Smart Home App Review)The Vivint Smart Home app lets you connect all of your Vivint smart home and security devices directly to your smartphone or tablet so you can remotely monitor and manage your entire system.

Vivint’s latest app works with the SkyControl Panel as well as their newest panel model, the Smart Hub Panel. The original app, Vivint Classic, is still available for users who have the Go!Control Panel.

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Vivint Smart Home App screenshots

The Vivint Smart Home App has several features that allow you to get the most out of Vivint technology.

  • View video: View live and recorded video at your convenience. You will need additional equipment to store recorded video.
  • Customize routines: Create routines by linking devices. You can set timers for lights and locks and sync your security alarm to turn lights on/off and lock doors.
  • Two-way audio: You can use the two-way audio feature of your cameras directly through the app.
  • Multiple users: Create up to 6 user accounts and set them up with specific limits and permissions unique to each person’s user needs.
  • Alerts: Security alerts go to your app. You can also set up customized alerts for other devices such as smoke detectors and locks.
  • System control: You can connect and access all of your security and smart home devices through the app.

What’s The Vivint Smart Drive?

There’s been a lot of confusion about the Vivint Smart Drive. Originally called the Space Monkey, this Vivint DVR was rebranded in 2018 as the Smart Drive. It also originally had it’s own app, the smart drive app, which is no longer available. Currently, the Smart Drive, which is an additional piece of equipment for an added fee, is used to record all of your cameras’ video. You can use the Playback feature on the Smart Home app to retrieve all the videos that the Smart Drive records.

Below are functions you can control within the Vivint home security app. Please know that to use some of the features you must have certain equipment. For example, you cannot lock/unlock doors unless you have smart locks in place that are compatible with your security system.


  • Arm/disarm entire system or individual sensors
  • Geo-services, which automatically adjusts your security and automation equipment after you’ve left a set radius of your home or “geo-fence”
  • View detailed event history and alerts
  • Updated weather forecast

Smart/Remote Controls

  • Lock/unlock doors (including opening/closing garage door)
  • Control thermostat
  • Control and schedule lights


  • Remote control cameras, including pan/tilt/zoom (if supported by camera)
  • View live stream
  • View recorded video
  • View doorbell camera



  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Dependable
  • More advanced than competitors’ apps
  • Not compatible with Vivint Go!Control Panel
  • Additional equipment needed for some features
  • May use location when app isn’t open and can drain battery

What Do People Think Of The Vivint Smart Home App?

Vivint Smart Home app users seem generally pleased with the app. The app averages 4.45/5.00 stars with more than 85,000 reviews and 1 million downloads.

Positive Reviews

I love this app. It is always working work no lag time or glitches. The options that are available are very helpful and there are dozens to choose from. I can leave the house for the night or weekend and know exactly when my mom comes and goes, out of which door and that she’s home safe when she sets the alarm. I think the best option on the app is the setting to arm and disarm the system automatically on specific days and specific times. We don’t ever have to worry about the alarm being set when we’re home at night if we forget to set it manually. And there’s no more panicking when we’re not fully awake yet in the morning if we open a door and forget to disarm the system first, because it’s already disarmed when we are ready to leave the house for the day! Thank you so very much VIVINT, your security system and app gives us one less thing to have to worry about! – PennyLaneCook, App Store 01/26/2020

Fabulous so convenient and easy I love how quick i get notifications when someone’s at the front door and the picture pops up on my phone in love door absolutely wonderful experience! – Master Will, Google Play 3/28/2020

Negative Reviews

I’ve intentionally held back from leaving a review for months just so I could fully evaluate this app. I got their service in January. So, now let me share my experience. The app and cameras go offline every 1-2 hours per day. I’m very tech savvy, but my experience thus far takes the cake. I’m not impressed and I spend more time I. The phone troubleshooting the issue. Only to discover that I end up with a solution vs the reps. You guys have to hire a more competent staff and fix this app!!! Goodness, it’s so unstable. I can’t even look at the live view after updating to the percentage buffer when the video is loading via my doorbell. I met with constant error messages. Do more testing or get better beta testers to ensure the app will work before releasing it. This is ridiculous. I’m beyond annoyed at this point!!! – Sey Wha?!, App Store 11/02/2019

This app is trash. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. When my doorbell detects a visitor, it takes at least 20 seconds for the camera to load. By this time the visitor is gone. This happens on all of the cameras, by the way. The thermostat option sucks as well, not changing when we want it to. When we change it from the wall thermostat, it still shows the previous temp or mode on the app. – K Cross, Google Play 3/26/2020

Compatible Devices

  • iPhone
  • iTouch
  • iPad
  • iWatchOS 4.0 or later
  • Android phones and tablets

See The App In Action

This quick video from Vivint shows you what the app looks like and some of the features too.

Final Verdict

Visit Vivint’s Website

Vivint’s Smart Home app is an excellent way to monitor your home remotely and control your smart devices. Since it is easy to use and allows multiple users, you and your family can all play a part in keeping up with the safety and security of your home. Be sure to read our Vivint review to learn more about what this security system and home automation company has to offer.

Which feature do you use the most on your Vivint Smart Home app?

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