Intelius IdentityProtect Review: How Does Intelius Match Up?

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Man with magnifying glass in faceData breaches are happening left and right and companies are offering preventative solutions. Is Intelius IdentityProtect the service you need to keep your privacy under lock and key, or are they just hype?

Article Overview

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Intelius IdentityProtect

2.8 / 5
Intelius IdentityProtect
Customer Service & Reputation 3.0
Pricing 3.0
Family/Child Protection 1.0
Items Monitored & Coverage 3.0
Mobile Access 4.0


  • $1 million insurance
  • 7-day free trial
  • Three credit bureau monitoring
  • Monitors your SSN, bank accounts and credit cards
  • Phone support and FAQs
  • BBB rating: A


  • Website is very bare
  • No family or child plan
  • Does not monitor your driver’s license or email
  • Doesn’t freeze your credit for you
  • No lost wallet assistance
  • Complaints about billing

Intelius IdentityProtect Key Features

  • BBB accredited since 2014
  • Get your credit score from all three credit bureaus once a year
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • Monitor changes to your credit report & public records
  • Get alerts on your smartphone for signs of potential identity theft
  • View and track your credit score
  • You can see who has looked at your credit report

Intelius Pricing

Intelius free trial for 7 days for its Intelius’ IdentityProtect product.

What Else Does Intelius Offer?

In addition to its IdentityProtect product, Intelius offers a people search and background check service. In this space, is Intelius legit or a scam? The company was founded in 2003, became publicly traded in 2008, and was later acquired by HIG Capital in 2015.

It has become one of the top people search and background check companies. The company also offers an Intelius premier plan, which includes both of its services, ID protection and background checks.

Are Intelius Customers Satisfied?

Most of the customer reviews we found online are about their people search and background check services. A majority of these reviews involved complaints about billing issues and poor customer service. Below is a sampling of what we’ve found.

Positive Intelius Customer Reviews

They keep constant on credit activity. All new and derogatory information is presented through US Mail with a format that you can reply within the paperwork provided you. It is very easy to stay on top of credit activity giving you a chance to reply at the time the activity happens instead of years later when you are trying to get a loan or something like that. – Paula, Consumer Affairs 3/22/2107

Intelius Complaints

This business is a joke! They do not cancel the billing on time and continue to charge the credit card even after you go online and cancel the account. They owe me many months of billing and refuse to honor it. They have clearly set this system up to defraud their account holders or at the very least do not care about their clients. Run. – DB, BBB 10/6/2017

How to Protect My Identity

Visit Intelius IdentityProtect Website

Even the best identity theft protection service can’t save you from every threat. It’s important for you to take some measures to safeguard your good name. Check out the video below for some easy steps you can take to protect yourself.

What About Intelius IdentityProtect Alternatives?

Not sold on Intelius Identity Protect? It’s not the best ID theft protection on the market. You can find better alternatives that give you more thorough monitoring coverage and better recovery services for similar, and even lower pricing.

Be sure to read our reviews of the major identity theft protection companies to find the best identity protection for you and your family.

What worries you the most about identity theft? Could Intelius handle your concerns?

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