Private Internet Access Review: The Affordable Way To Stay Safe Online?

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Back of laptop screen with stickers on itSearching for the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the market that fits your budget? VPNs like Private Internet Access (PIA) help keep your data and identity secure and protected from prying eyes when logging into unprotected Wi-Fi networks (such as those at airports or coffee shops).

VPNs can be applied to any connection, whether you’re on your laptop, home PC or smartphone — and all at a remarkably low monthly price. Private Internet Access also has one of the best reputations in the industry. Our Private Internet Access review gives you the lowdown on this top-ranking service.

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Private Internet Access Review

4.55 / 5
Private Internet Access Review
Security 4.8
Performance 4.5
Features 4.8
Cost 5.0
Customer Service 3.8


  • Very affordable price
  • No traffic logs (they don’t store any of your online behavior)
  • High 256-bit encryption level
  • Almost anonymous sign-up (all they require is an email address)
  • Simple, easy interface and easy to install and get working
  • Use up to 5 devices simultaneously on one account
  • Has a VPN kill switch in settings to immediately disconnect you
  • DNS and IPV6 leak protection
  • Supports Torrent/P2P
  • 24/7 customer support with live chat, email & ticket


  • In fewer countries than other top services
  • Can’t select server location (but you can select geolocation)
  • No NAT firewall
  • Hit or miss with unblocking Netflix
  • No statistics in app (data sent/received, etc.)
  • Long wait times for live chat support

Key Features

  • 3,100 Private Internet Access servers in 28 countries
  • One-click installers connect you immediately
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Supports OpenVPN, P2P, PPTP, and IPSEC/L2TP VPN tunnels
  • Blocks ads, trackers, and malware
  • DNS, IPV6 and EmailIP leak protection
  • Private Internet Access proxy included: SOCKS5
  • Mobile app and website icons show your security status
  • Top reviews from experts at Forbes, Kiplinger’s, PC World, Lifehacker and more

Private Internet Access Price

PIA offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 7 days of service.

  • $6.95/month paying monthly
  • $3.33/month for 1 year
  • $2.91/month for 2 years

Coupon Code

Save up to 52% on PIA plans when you pay for a full year via this link. You can also see and discuss other options on our dedicated PIA coupon page.

Don’t Get All the VPN Lingo?

VPN industry terminology can certainly be techie at times. If you need some layman’s explanations about the lingo we’ve used in our Private Internet Access review, be sure to read our terminology page.

What Do PIA Users Have to Say?

Are current or former VPN Private Internet Access customers happy with their service? We’ve researched online feedback to gauge user experiences. Below you’ll find a balanced sampling of both positive and negative reviews.

Positive PIA VPN Reviews

I have used PIA in the past and although I could not imagine it working more easily, they have improved it. It is extremely simple to install, implement and use as well as transparent during use. There has not been a single period during which it occurred to me to wonder if PIA was somehow involved in the daily workings of my system. It’s invisible – just the way I like it. – Gordon G., Trustpilot 2/11/2017

Outstanding app, very few quirks This is one of the easiest VPN apps and service to use. And it works almost perfectly. The battery usage is a tad high, but definitely not a deal breaker. You also have to pause/unpause or restart the VPN when switching from WiFi to mobile data to continue browsing. This effect is leased by the inclusion of a pause button in the pinned push notification from the app. Going from WiFi to data to WiFi seems to work fine. Overall, a great app and a great service. Privacy has never been easier. – Jacob G., Google Play 12/2/2016

Negative PIA VPN Reviews

Rarely worked during my time in China, or back here in Canada. Often stalled out when trying to connect, or when it actually did connect, didn’t work. Other VPN services are cheaper, faster, and are bulletproof in their utilization. Look elsewhere than PIA VPN if you want a product that actually works. – Chris S., Google Play 2/7/2017

The service slowed down my internet to a point where I couldn’t use it. When contacting the customer service they gave me no solution. The VPN service doesn’t function properly, the customer service is horrible and don’t think it is a one time thing they will keep taking your money and trying to end the subscription is hell. – Melissa, Trustpilot 1/6/2017

How Can You Be Sure You’re Safe?

We know you’re worried about your online security and anonymity — we all are these days.  Watch the video below to see how PIA addresses these unfortunate but common concerns.

Why Do We Recommend PIA?

Visit the Private Internet Access Website

PIA is a major player in the VPN space with robust security features, an unbelievably easy interface, solid and speedy performance and much more. And PIA gets outstanding customer reviews, with the exception of long wait times for live chat and phone customer support. If the wait times are a concern for you or you’d like to see VPN alternatives, be sure to check out our Best VPN Service reviews to learn more about PIA’s competitors.

What VPN have you used, and why are you thinking of switching?

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I am a new PIA user and so far I’m liking it, I haven’t noticed a major loss of internet speed. But in the settings “IPv6 Leak Protection” is automatically checked, does anyone know what that is?
Jeff Butler (Admin)
It is a pretty complicated process, but my understanding is that this makes sure that when you are able to connect to an IPv6 that the VPN will connect to it. PIA claims that many VPN providers don’t provide this additional layer of security that they do.
I use PIA for work when I’m at a coffee shop and our team uses Slack. However, when I have PIA connected, Slack doesn’t work. It’s super annoying. Any ideas how I can fix it? I love PIA and would prefer not to change.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Cynthia, I experienced the same thing as you a while back. I ended up needing an update for my PIA and it helped fix the issue. I recommend checking if yours needs an update and hopefully that does the trick!
That terminology page was super useful, wish I had seen it before reading the review though, ha! I’m going to sign up for this tonight probably.