So you’ve lived a safe and smart life, invested your hard earned dollars wisely, and now you can reward yourself with something nice. But with so many options out there, what should you get? We can’t make that decision for you, but we can tell you that you should shop smartly by getting the best deal you can. That’s where we come in – we bring you everything from an analysis on whether Amazon’s Prime program is really worth it, to our annual Tech Gift Guide, and clothing subscriptions to keep your closet decked out with the hippest attire.

Alex realized it was time for a home security system when his neighbor’s house got broken into. Since then, he has tried to stay ahead of the curve by proactively applying security technologies and software that protect not only his home and family, but his personal identity, sensitive information, and finances. In his spare time, Alex’s tennis opponents are less concerned with security given the number of times his forehand finds the middle of the net. In the ocean, on the other hand, Alex could use protection as he frequently gets clobbered by the next big wave.

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