The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide (16 Items They’ll Love!)

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Why give a boring gift card or a pair of socks when you can give a buzz-worthy gift that will impress your friends, family and co-workers? We’ve found some of the coolest items for our Tech Gift Guide.

Exciting New Tech Gifts

These unique gadgets and gizmos are all hand-picked by our team. In many cases, we were able to test the product ourselves! Note: Several of these companies provided free samples for our team in exchange for an unbiased review. We’re sure they’ll spread joy to homes across the country this holiday season.

We’ve divided them into categories to make it easy to shop for everyone on your list.  We’ve also selected gifts in a variety of price ranges so you can find something that fits every budget.

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For The Chef

GoSun Go: Ultra-Portable Solar Cooker GoSun Go: Ultra-Portable Solar Cooker

Know someone who loves camping and cooking?  The GoSun portable solar cooker uses the power of the sun to make meals, no fuel or electricity required.

This lightweight (2 lb.) portable cooker zips up to take on the go. It can bake, roast, steam and even heats liquids to temps as high as 550 degrees. It’s perfect for boiling water to make hot cocoa while getting cozy around the campfire.

The GoSun is a little pricey but comes with everything you need to start cooking (including stainless steel cooking tray, silicone cooking pans, universal mount, cleaning brush, cookbook and more).

Price $128.82 (Note: For Cyber Monday week the GoSun is $40 off down to $99)

Grilltastic BBQ Steam Cleaner

Grilltastic BBQ Steam CleanerAnother fun tool for chefs (and those who love the outdoors) is the Grilltastic, the first steam-producing BBQ grill cleaner. This lightweight, powerful tool creates its own steam to easily remove the grease and grime from your grates. It also kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The stainless steel bristles work on both gas or coal grills. It has a 16-foot cord, a water window to gauge when it’s time to refill and a one-touch button for up to 1500 watts of cleaning power.

We tried the Grilltastic and it was powerful in removing grime with little elbow grease. If you don’t have an outdoor plug (we don’t), the cord stretches far without the need for an extension cord. The Grilltastic is a bit heavy, especially when filled with water. So you might need to stand on something to get a better angle to work the bristles into the grill area. There are also additional attachments available for steam cleaning other areas of your home.

Price Check Amazon for availability

For The Entertainment Lover

Caavo Universal Remote

Caavo Universal RemoteIs there someone in your family who loves home entertainment, but hates scrolling through various apps and services? Thanks to the Caavo Universal Remote, they can control everything from one device.

This voice-activated remote links up with live TV, DVR, streaming media players, audio video receiver (AVR), DVD/Blu-Ray players, game consoles, soundbars, and more. Caavo even suggests shows to watch from curated influencers and experts.

The Caavo launched in October 2018, so there are very few reviews.

We received a free sample to try out and review. Caavo comes in a well-designed box with most everything you need to get started including batteries for the remote. The one thing missing is an additional HDMI cords to hook it up to the TV. They offer helpful tutorial videos that guide you through the set up process. Sadly, we were unable to hook up to our entertainment center since we have a projector and Sonos. This was a little too complex for this easy set-up hub.

Price Check Amazon for availability

SOUNDOT AF1 FM Headphones

SOUNDOT AF1 FM HeadphonesKnow a public radio junkie or someone who likes to listen to sporting events on the radio? The SOUNDOT earbud headphones have a built-in radio receiver that works even when you don’t have an internet connection (a technology that most current smartphones aren’t capable of).

These earbuds are especially useful when you lose power (WiFi) in an emergency situation.

To set up SOUNDOT, simply plug them in and download the app. Then, you can use the FM dial to choose your favorite stations and change the sound quality, right from your smartphone.

We had the chance to try them out and the sound quality is superior to your typical earbuds. The cord is sturdy and thick to prevent tangling or breakage. They come with a handy carrying case.

Price Check Amazon for availability

For The Techie

Rabbit Charger

Rabbit ChargerWe all know someone who’s phone is always running low on battery power. Or perhaps you find yourself fighting with your spouse or roommate to use the power cord. Not anymore with the Rabbit charger.

This modern plug has a three-prong outlet plus a 28-inch retractable cord with two interchangeable tips to charge up to three devices at once.

In addition to charging phones, its 3.0 amps can give X-Box controllers, wireless headphones, tablets and other smart gadgets battery life without a tangled mess. Just pull the cord out to the desired length then retract it when finished.

We had the opportunity to try out the Rabbit Charger and were impressed with the shiny facade and how quickly it charged our iPhone. It also came in handy in the kitchen where you don’t want a long cord getting in the way but still need a little juice. When done, I retracted the charging cord and left the Rabbit plugged in. Later that day, I used the Rabbit plug for the vacuum since it is a normal plug that can be used for anything, anytime.

Price Check Amazon for availability

Portable Universal Laptop Battery With USB-C

Portable Universal Laptop Battery with USB-CThe new V88 External Battery Pack is ideal for frequent travelers or on-the-go people who rely heavily on their battery. It’s rugged yet lightweight design gives safe, high-voltage power backup for laptops, USB-C and more.

It has a built-in LED Display to check your power status. It is also FAA approved to take in carry-on bags for air travel and has a solar charging option (which is handy when camping or without power for an extended period).

The gift of power keeps giving, and giving, and giving…

Price Check Amazon for availability

For The Health-Conscious

TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment

Did you know Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper per year, resulting in the loss of 15 million trees? Plus, it takes 37 gallons of water to wash just one roll of toilet paper down the sewer pipes.

With bidets, you can free fannies from flushing wasteful money and paper down the drain. In Japan bidets are used by most because of their refreshing and cleansing environmental features.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, using a bidet reduces irritation caused by toilet paper and eliminates the need for potential contamination from wiping. The TUSHY easily attaches to your existing toilet and will make potty time more pleasurable.

Price Check Amazon for availability

For The Homebody

Tile ProTile Pro

The Tile Pro is a small chip that attaches to any item like keys, bag, wallet or purse for tracking via Bluetooth technology up to 400 feet. So if a person’s prized possessions go missing, they can track them down easily and quickly. Tile is the world’s bestselling Bluetooth key tracker and is our top pick for best key finder.

Compatible with both iPhone and Android, Tile Pro tracks the last location the item synced via the map app. It also has a built-in alarm to help find items via audio cue from a distance (i.e., keys in a pile of laundry). You can also push the button on the Tile to locate the phone with which it is associated.

Tile Pro is a lifesaver, especially when traveling, to hunt down misplaced luggage within the airport. We tried out the Tile Pro and found that the size is slimmer and sound is louder than the Tile Mate. It installs via the app in seconds, so you can start tracking your precious cargo.

Price: $59.90  (2 Pack)

Aura Frames

Aura FramesAura Frame is a high-tech way to relive memories in real-time with the assistance of an app. The smart frame sorts and filters photos to display digitally. So if Aunt Suzie is coming over for an unexpected visit, quickly select a few pictures of her and Aura will display them in an instant.

Aura Frames come in two colors (stardust and slate). Both have a 9.7″ high-resolution display, a motion sensor that allows you to wave photos left to right, and an auto light dimmer shuts off when no one is in the room.

We tested out the Aura Frame and must say it’s hands down our favorite item on this year’s list. From the impressive packaging to beautiful, high-quality display, your recipient won’t be disappointed with an Aura. It plugs in via cable and comes with a stand to display in landscape or portrait format. The app is easy to use and anyone can share and stream photos with each other via the app.

Price Check Amazon for availability

Tried And True Tech Gifts

If you are not too sure about these new, innovative gifts, check out our tried and true favorite tech items that are sure to delight anyone on your list!

Tech gift Guide with text

For The Security Intrigued

Nest CamNest Cam

Nest Cam is the perfect plug-and-play video camera to keep an eye on your home and pets while you’re away. It can also let you know if your kids belong on the “naughty list.” The Nest Cam (one of our top picks for best WiFi security camera) features a wide range, 130-degree view, connects in minutes and can live stream to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Price: Check Amazon for availability

For The Bookworm Or Entertainment Addict

Kindle Fire

Amazon’s latest tablets offer a little something for everyone. Perfect for cozying up next to the fire to read your favorite eBook, surf the web or play video games, the newest HD Amazon Fire version will help you relax over the winter break.

You can also download apps, check the news, watch movies, and more.

Price: $49.99

For The Athlete

Fitbit Charge 2Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit can track your activity level, count calories and even monitor your sleep quality. The Fitbit app helps you view your real-time stats by syncing wirelessly to your computer and smartphone to view trends and progress. Check out products similar to Fitbit in our activity tracker comparison.

Price: $209.96

For The Music Lover

Sonos Play 3Sonos

Stream HiFi music or watch the latest blockbuster movie in surround sound while controlling it easily from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can get one speaker or add on to build an entire custom sound system in your home. No wires or drilling required!

Price: Check Amazon for availability

For The “Always Connected” Person

Pebble WatchPebble Smartwatch

This smartwatch not only syncs to your phone to keep you connected, but it also tracks your fitness and more. It’s available in different styles and colors so you can find one to match your style.

Price: Check Amazon for availability

For The Snap Happy

Nikon D3300Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 won our award as the best DSLR camera because it takes amazing pictures and has great video options, as well. It’s an easy-to-use, entry-level camera with an 11 point autofocus that will make you look like a pro.

Price: Check Amazon for availability

For The Rocker On The Go

JBL ChargeJBL Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re having a get-together or cleaning the house, this speaker is great at taking your music up a notch. It has a 12-hour battery life to get you through the majority of the day with a skip in your step.

Price: Check Amazon for availability

What’s on your wish list this year?

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