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Medical Guardian Reviews: Alert System, Monitoring, Consumer Reviews & More

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Alert armband (Caption: Medical Guardian Reviews)As our parents and grandparents age, they often still want to maintain their independence. They may believe they’re still as agile and able to get around like they always have.

However, that’s not always the case. After years of wear and tear on the body, especially after surgeries or debilitating illnesses, it’s that much more risky to try to push the physical limits.

When accidents happen, whether it’s while doing simple things like going up and down stairs or more complex tasks like gardening or housework, medical alert devices give the entire family peace of mind in knowing that help is available at all times.

Article Overview

Mobile Guardian’s offerings have evolved over the years. They still offer the same classic system but have upgraded to more advanced devices that provide the same (and better) protection for the same monthly price. Lighter weight products, with extended coverage, all while keeping costs managable. Medical Guardian logo

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Medical Guardian Alert Systems

Medical Guardian offers 5 medical alarm systems:

  1. Classic
  2. Home 2.0 (Previously Home)
  3. Mobile 2.0 (Previously Mobile)
  4. Mini Guardian (New)
  5. MG Move Watch (New)

Medical Guardian gave us the opportunity to test their medical alert system so we’d have first-hand experience and a better understanding of how it works. Note: The classic system is the only first-hand experience, but the new and improved products work similarly to the previous devices, just with improved hardware.

Medical Guardian Home Equipment

First, here’s an overview of the types of basic equipment Medical Guardian offers (there are photos of the full set of products for each package below).

  1. Base Station: 2-way communication in the home used with the classic system only. Place the speaker box low to the ground so the user is close to the microphone and speaker in case they fall.
  2. Emergency Help Buttons: A mobile button that calls the helpline when assistance is needed. Your options are a pendant that’s worn around your neck or a wristband. You can customize both by adding a designer band or chain.
  3. Wall Buttons (optional): Wall-mounted buttons sync with the base unit. You can press it to call the helpline when you need assistance but aren’t wearing a mobile help button. The wall button doesn’t require wiring — it comes with mounting tape (or has screw holes on the back).
  4. Fall Detection Pendant (optional): A separate wearable device that recognizes movement (e.g. falling) and automatically triggers a call for help.

While it’s not necessary, we advise testing all equipment by pressing the emergency button once a month to make sure the batteries work and everything functions properly.

Lock Box (optional): Weatherproof box with a four-digit code that’s stored safely in your account. This allows the dispatchers to give the code to your contacts on file or paramedics to access the spare key and get into your home in case of an emergency.

The “On the Go” systems provide the same 2-way communications and fall detection wherever a user goes (using cellular 4G connectivity).

How Do Medical Alert Devices Work?

Each Medical Guardian system is ready to sue right out of the box. Simply connect to a power source and call the phone number on the box to activate (the process took us about 10 minutes total).

When you push the emergency button on one of your devices, it calls the Medical Guardian dispatch station within 30-45 seconds. They ask if it’s an emergency and you need help.

If it’s an emergency, dispatchers then get in touch with one of your four emergency contacts on file (family members, neighbors, etc.) or call an ambulance if needed (they find the closest one in your area). If you can’t speak or they can’t hear you, they’ll call your cell phone. If they still can’t get hold of you, they’ll call 911. Everyone we spoke to when testing was very caring and empathetic.

Key Features

  • No long-term contracts (choose your own plan: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually)
  • 24/7 support from anywhere in the world
  • Mobile devices are water resistant to rain, bathing and showers and while swimming
  • Easy to use and large buttons
  • Blinking lights to see buttons in the dark and noises once activated to indicate help is on the way
  • Foolproof (unless you accidentally push button)
  • Loud speaker in case someone is hard of hearing or far away from the device
  • MyGurdian App gives caregivers access to activities and the ability to communicate with a loved one (available for all products except classic)

Medical Guardian Cost

Medical Guardian’s costs vary depending on which device you select but all involve a monthly fee, ranging from around $30 to $40 per month. The company also offers annual, or quarterly plans, which lock you in at a slightly better rate and include perks like free shipping on equipment.

All devices and plans include the equipment at no charge. Medical Guardian offers a protection plan for $6.99/month which covers the cost of damaged, lost or stolen equipment including unlimited battery replacement (does not apply to MG move).

Medical Guardian Alert Systems

Classic Guardian

Medical Guardian ClassicThe Classic is the lowest-priced option and great for someone who has a phone line and wants basic protection at a reasonable price. It offers a long-range (up to three football fields) and the lowest monthly monitoring fee. However, you must have a landline to use the Classic Guardian.

For many, this isn’t an issue, but we want to point out that the Classic is the only system that you need a phone line to plug into. Still, the equipment is the sleekest and most modern looking of their collection so you can look hip in addition to not breaking your hip.


  • Base station with 2-way speaker and 32-hour battery backup
  • Portable emergency help button (range up to 1,300 feet) either neck pendant or wristband


  • Annual Plan: $329.45 (billed monthly at $27.45/month) includes free lock box, free month of service, and free shipping
  • Quarterly Plan: $89.85 (billed every 3 months at $29.95/month) includes free shipping
  • Monthly Plan: $29.95/month
  • Add Ons: Medical alert necklace or wristband
  • View all plans

Home 2.0 Guardian

Home 2.0 GuardianHome’s new 2.0 system is an upgrade to their original Home plan. The coverage area is now double the area (up to four football fields instead of 2) and the wireless Home base station has some additional features powered by 4G LTE smart voice assistant technology. The new and improved system also integrates with a smartphone App that a caregiver can access for alerts and activity.


  • Base station with voice assistant 2-way speaker and 32-hour battery backup (no landline needed)
  • Portable emergency help button (range up to 1,400 feet) either neck pendant or wristband (choose from black or white)
  • Access to the MyGuardian portal and App


  • Annual Plan: $384.45 (billed monthly at $32.04/month) includes free lock box, free month of service, and free shipping
  • Quarterly Plan: $104.85 (billed every 3 months at $34.95/month) includes free shipping
  • Monthly Plan: $34.95/month
  • Add Ons: Medical alert necklace, wall button, wristband, lockbox, protection plan, or fall detection pendant
  • View all plans

Mobile 2.0 Guardian

Mobile 2.0 GuardianMedical Guardian has also upgraded its Mobile product with a newer, lighter-weight device. The pendant has advanced location monitoring using 4G LTE, WiFi, and GPS to stay connected. It syncs with the necklace or wristband and has a 5-day battery life. You can clip it to your purse, or pants, or wear it as a necklace.

You can take the 2-way speaker with you anywhere you go, so there’s not as much need for high range. It stays connected anywhere you have cellular coverage. It’s water-resistant so you can use it while in the shower. And it has LED indicator lights to indicate low battery, connectivity status, and more.


  • Base station and charging cradle and cord
  • Belt clip, necklace, wristband & interchangeable help button
  • Integrates with MyGuardian app


  • Annual Plan: $439.45 (billed annually at $36.62/month) includes free lock box, free month of service, and free shipping
  • Quarterly Plan: $119.85 (billed every 3 months at $39.95/month) includes free shipping
  • Monthly Plan: $39.95/month
  • Add Ons: Medical alert necklace, wristband, fall detection pendant, wireless wall button, voice-activated wall button
  • View all plans

Mini Guardian

Mini GuardianThe mini Guardian is another new addition to their “On the go” series of products. The features are identical to the Mobile 2.0 but the device has a 2-way speaker for clear communication on the go. It also uses a wireless 4G cellular coverage and advanced location tracking.

You can pick from 3 colors and wear it on a clip or as a necklace. A number of optional add-on features are available for an additional monthly cost.


  • Portable 2-way speaker with built-in GPS tracking and unlimited range (in black, silver or white)
  • Belt clip and pendant lanyard with magnetic clasp
  • Charging cradle
  • Integrates with MyGuardian app


  • Annual Plan: $439.45 (billed annually at $36.62/month) includes free lock box, free month of service, and free shipping
  • Quarterly Plan: $119.85 (billed every 3 months at $39.95/month) includes free shipping
  • Monthly Plan: $39.95/month
  • Add Ons: Lockbox, fall detection pendant, wireless OnGuard alerts, alert 911, fall detection
  • View all plans

MG Move

MG MoveThe MG Move is Medical Guardian’s take on a smartwatch with activity tracking, step counting, goal setting, time and weather, and emergency connectivity in one. The watch stays connected via cellular connection and has an SOS button on the side or on the touchscreen for quick help on the go. The technology also allows you to communicate with loved ones via messenger or 2-way audio and get reminders and alerts. Get all the features from the mobile products in a stylish watch and for the same monthly price.

The only downside is this watch might be too smart for some older users who have a technology learning curve. However, it’s a good alternative for those who don’t have a smartphone but want some of the basic features with the added value of mobile security on the go.


  • Touchscreen, adjustable watch with auto lighting (available in regular or extra large)
  • Magnetic charging station and USB cable
  • Integrates with MyGuardian app


  • Annual Plan: $439.45 (billed annually at $36.62/month) includes free lock box, free month of service, and free shipping
  • Quarterly Plan: $119.85 (billed every 3 months at $39.95/month) includes free shipping
  • Monthly Plan: $39.95/month
  • Add Ons: Lockbox, wireless OnGuard alerts, alert 911, fall detection, Support Circle Apps (for messenger and reminders)
  • View all plans

Price & Feature Comparison

Here’s an overview of all the plans and features for each.

Classic Guardian Home 2.0 Guardian Mobile 2.0 Guardian  Mini Guardian MG Move Watch
Monthly Price $29.95 $34.95 $39.95 $39.95 $39.95
Quarterly Price*
(per month)
$29.95 $34.95 $39.95 $39.95 $39.95
Annual Price*
(per month)
$27.45 $32.04 $36.62 $36.62 $36.62
Equipment Cost None None None None None
Communication Landline 4G Cellular or WiFi Network 4G Cellular  Network 4G Cellular Network 4G Cellular Network
Range 1,300 feet 1,400 feet Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Waterproof Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Color Black band with white button White or Black Wristband White or Black Wristband White, Silver or Black Pendant Black Watch

*Quarterly and annual plans include free shipping and other perks.

Consumer Reviews

Even though we tried out Medical Guardian, don’t just take our word for how their systems and customer service perform. Here’s what some users have to say about their experiences.

Positive Reviews

The individuals I dealt with were very kind and answered questions so that I understood. I received the Medical Guardian equipment in a short period of time. I dropped it (in Indiana). One always wonders if there will be an immediate response if needed. I had one. While in Florida, I dropped it (arthritic hands). I received another immediate response. It is a great travel companion. I consider this purchase a success. – Karen, March 2022 (Consumer Affairs)

Love the service. Quick response time and helpful friendly people. I feel more confident that my mom will have the help if she needs it. – Pani, September 2020 (Trust Pilot)


My husband fell and the device did not recognize that he fell. Luckily he wasn’t hurt and neighbors saw him and did help him up. This is the second time that this happened. First time I excused as he was sitting in a chair and slipped to the ground. Thought maybe he was too low recognize that he fell. – Laura, May 2022 (Consumer Affairs)

I would not recommend this company.. charged us months for a device that was returned and did not give money back. – Terri, June 2022 (Trust Pilot)

Is Medical Guardian Right For You?

View Medical Guardian’s Devices & Plans

Medical Guardian isn’t the only medical alert system on the market, so if you’d like to compare Medical Guardian to its competition check out our medical alert system comparison. You can also read our interview with the company’s founder and president, Geoff Gross to learn why he started the company and why he believes his product is a great solution for your family.

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