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Here are some of our highlights and most buzz-worthy, recent press mentions:

Home Security Offers That Are Actually Scams

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Kimberly Alt of Safe Smart Living notes that if a company truly wants your business, it won’t pressure you to sign a contract immediately. Waiting 24 hours for you to make the right decision regarding the best home security system for your specific needs shouldn’t be a problem. “Tell them you want to think on it and ask for their contact info, so you can research and follow up later,” says Alt. “If they are still continuing to pressure you, it’s best to walk away—literally, if it’s door-to-door salespeople.” –

Reader’s Digest 02/11/2020

How to Find a Safe Place to Live Off-Campus: Tips for College Students

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According to Sadie Cornelius with Safe Smart Living® – in Washington, DC some building types are safer than others. She says you should look for apartment buildings with interior hallways and, if possible, a front desk.”Ideally, a unit on the second floor or higher is better, as they are less prone to break-ins,” she says. “But also near a stairwell, for an easy escape in case of fire.

Realtor.com 10/18/2018

The Best Emergency Kits You Can Buy to Be Prepared for Anything

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With hundreds of reviews posted, this affordable emergency kit enjoys an admirable 4.3-star rating on Amazon. A YouTube video reviewer appreciated the long shelf life of the food and water included, while a SafeSmartLiving.com write up said this low-cost kit includes the “basic items needed in an emergency.”

Business Insider 4/18/2019

10 Major U.S. Cities with the Best and Worst Police Response Times

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Security trends website Safe Smart Living has released a report that reveals which major U.S. metro cities have the best and worst average police response time.

Campus Safety Magazine 12/1/2018

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