Mysteries Of The World

There are limitless mysteries in the world. We try to uncover the truths to some of these mysteries that have haunted experts for centuries. Go behind the scenes with us at Area 51 and help us unravel the Denver Airport Conspiracy (featured on the Travel Channel!). Then explore your ghostly senses by learning about the most haunted places in America. Follow it all up with some unsolved murders and you’re bound to satisfy your curiosity cravings.

But don’t stop there – Exploring Life’s Mysteries is about just that – the mystery of life. What do you think our purpose is here? Are we destined to do something? Or are we just taking up space?

We go back in time to dinosaurs and ancient civilizations to uncover secrets that lie dormant. We travel into the future with tarot card interpretations, meditations and music, and explore other worldly phenomena as we do so. Join us on this journey, if you dare.

Freemasonry compasses, and bible.

What Do Freemasons Do At Meetings? Masonic Secrets Revealed

Secret societies are fascinating, and there may be none more interesting than the Freemasons. The mystery and myth run deep with tales of secrecy, ceremonial rites, sacrifice, and power. Popular movies, books, and shows that portray cultist and sinister secret societies only add to the allure of the Freemasons. Conspiracy theorists and mystery lovers worldwide revel in stories of international government control, murder, worshipping of the dark arts, and connections to the Knights Templar. But what is the reality of this super-secret group? Who are they, and what do Freemasons do at meetings? Famous names like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mark Twain, John Wayne, Buzz Aldrin, the Revered Jesse Jackson, Arnold Palmer, and Henry Ford all make the membership list for Freemasons. Jump in and learn more about the mystery and reality of the Freemasons.

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