Cartoon of home robots doing various chores

Ready to live like a Jetson?

Best Home Robot In 2024

Are you a smart-home tech junkie just waiting for your next fix? Can’t wait to kick up your Alexa-enabled home a notch? Read our take on the best home robots.

Drawing of analysts in red shirts gazing at giant stock charts and graphs.

Which stock research service provides the best value?

Best Stock Research Websites In 2024

Investing your money wisely takes a great deal of ongoing research. And with hundreds of financial websites at your fingertips, where do you start? If you’re a serious investor, free advice only goes so far. We’ve chosen some of the best investment advice websites that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so you can instead focus on investing your hard-earned dollars.

laptop with travel booking on bench beach in background jpg

Where will your next adventure be?

Best Travel Booking Websites In 2024

Thanks to booking aggregators, you can find a travel deal in seconds. Punch in your approximate dates and desired destination, and let the websites spit out results that help you find the best fit for your needs, destination, and preferences. Our experts pick the best travel sites for your next adventure.

  • 9 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Of 2024: iROCKER vs Bluefin vs Atoll & More

    Millions of Americans are paddle board wannabes or enthusiasts. Why not invest in a quality board so you can glide whenever you want? I’ve rented solid boards several times on vacation and would love to own one, but solid paddle boards aren’t practical for many of us. Fortunately for regular use, those of us who… Read more…

  • How To Get Wimbledon Tickets: A Step By Step Guide

    So you are a tennis fan and have always dreamed of going to Wimbledon but are not sure where to start? Well, rightly so! It is the hardest Grand Slam tennis tournament to gain access to. But, who better to learn from than someone who has successfully attended the Grand Slam in the English countryside.… Read more…

  • Best Camping Gear: For Cooking, Car Camping, Couples, Winter, Dogs, & More

    Camping is one of the most relaxing vacations you can take. After you’ve purchased your camping equipment, camping can be a pretty inexpensive vacation. We’ve selected the best camping supplies and reviewed them below. To our surprise, we found some pretty reasonably priced camping accessories. As you daydream about your next adventure, picture exploring a… Read more…

Pile of packages and envelopes on front porch

And one of the most common home security issues of the year is…

My Amazon Package Arrived Empty! What To Do?

You’re back from vacation and are pleased to see that your eagerly awaited Amazon deliveries are all here. But one of the boxes is empty! What should you do next? Find out in our comprehensive guide.

  • How To Stop Porch Pirates In Their Tracks

    A growing number of criminals are taking advantage of packages sitting in front of our homes after delivery. These “porch pirates” target unsuspecting victims and steal our packages without even knowing what’s inside. Read more…

  • Best Home Security Systems That Work With Alexa In 2024

    Is Alexa Amazon’s answer to a virtual assistant? You can use Alexa through any of Amazon’s Echo speakers, and it can help you automate your home. It’s also possible to integrate some home security systems with Alexa, so you use voice commands to control your system. Amazon Alexa is an excellent tool to help you… Read more…

  • List Of Home Security Companies: 2024 Update

    The home security market is inundated with providers ranging from old school names like ADT and Brinks that professionally install systems via authorized resellers, to new DIY outfits like Ring and SimpliSafe. Finding out which company best suits your needs can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve put together list of all of… Read more…

unrecognizable woman doing checklist of emergency backpack in the living room

Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?

12 Bug Out Bag Must-Have’s For 2024

Natural disasters like fires, tornadoes, and wildfires often happen suddenly and without warning. Quickly gathering up your family and getting to a safe place should be your number one priority, not searching for emergency preparedness supplies. Get your bug out bag ready today.

Cartoon of thieves stealing with laptop in background

Who provides the best ID theft protection?

Best Identity Theft Protection In 2024

With each online profile we create, every service we sign up for, and all the smart gadgets we buy, we put our identities at risk. Technology is evolving, and with it, our personal information becomes more vulnerable. Protecting your identity isn’t an option — it’s a must. We bring you our expert reviews of the top ID theft protection services.

Drawing of patient speaking to doctor on giant smartphone

Can you trust online doctors?

Best Online Doctor Portals In 2024

During Covid-19 telemedicine surged. But wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to jump on a video call with a doctor to get an instant diagnosis at any time? Thanks to online doctor portals now you can. Our experts compare the top telemedicine providers.

  • Endocannabinoid System & CBD: What Is It & How Does It Work?

    The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has gained exposure over the past few years as CBD and other prominent cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant have hit the market with a storm. What is this mysterious system? And what role does it play in health and human wellness? It turns out, a lot more than you may… Read more…

  • What Are The Best Communication Apps For Nonverbal Autism?

    Autism is a disability that affects many individuals across the world. It is often diagnosed in childhood. Many autistic children have communication difficulties, with some remaining largely nonverbal. I looked at some of the best apps for autistic children, including speech, communication, visual schedules, and free apps. Read more…

  • Best DNA Testing For Health And Diet: Genetic Health Risks, Nutrition, Fitness & More

    Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing is a booming business, but are all of these tests legitimate? Yes, in some cases. Some at-home DNA tests to determine hereditary health risks, paternity, and ancestry are legit. But what about DNA testing brands that claim to analyze your DNA for your nutrition, fitness, and even your biological age? As… Read more…

  • Is There Life On Other Planets?

    The human race is fascinated with space and what lies in the far outreaches of our universe. Generations of dedicated scientific researchers have developed equipment and methods of exploring, seeking an understanding of our universe’s vast expanse. Beyond understanding the different chemical compounds and phenomena of planets, solar systems, and galaxies, humans have long sought… Read more…

  • Best Telescopes For Viewing Planets And Galaxies: Celestron vs Sky-Watcher

    If, like me, you are always looking up at the night sky to catch a glimpse of stars, planets, comets, or other celestial marvels, consider using a telescope to increase the depth and clarity of your celestial views. Telescopes are made with the sole purpose of enhancing what we can see in the universe. Space… Read more…

  • Best Beginners Telescope: Celestron vs SVBONY vs Explore Scientific

    Skywatching is a fun hobby. For some, it starts in childhood; for others, the interest is sparked by a school assignment, a friend with impressive space knowledge, or simply a curiosity for the unknown. The interest in seeing beyond our world fascinates people of all ages, and to truly explore, you need tools like a… Read more…

  • 15 Inspiring Famous People With Disabilities & How They Persevered

    Many people live with disabilities. Some disabilities are those we can see, others we cannot. Disabilities can vary in severity and how they affect people, even among individuals with the same one. The term disability refers to a wide range of mental and physical conditions that can impact a person’s ability to engage in certain… Read more…

  • Why Am I Here? And How Do I Find My Purpose In Life?

    A purpose is the reason we exist. Only humans seek to have a purpose. Animals don’t wonder why they are walking the earth. We need to involve ourselves in life, not simply live it. We need a reason for being. Read more…

  • Complete Guide To Engagement Rings For Gay Men

    Traditionally, when people hear the phrase “engagement ring,” they automatically presume it’s for a woman. But for queer couples, these expectations are thrown out the window. And, as gender roles continue to evolve, more women are proposing, more same-sex couples are getting married, and more gay men are choosing engagement rings to symbolize their commitment… Read more…

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