About Safe Smart Living

Safe Smart Living teamHey there! We’re the Safe Smart Living team. Nice to (virtually) meet you. We’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves so you know who’s behind the scenes on this site and what we’re all about.

Safe Smart Living was founded in 2014 as a resource for lovers of the latest smart home and security trends. The website is full of resources, tips and ways to save money and protect yourself and your life.

Your identity, personal property and reputation should be treated as investments. But, that doesn’t mean that protecting them has to be expensive or difficult. There are easy, affordable upgrades you can make to your life to make things a little easier and improve your quality of life to keep you, your stuff and your identity safe and smart. For a small investment, you get long-term peace of mind.

Our writers are hard at work learning about and reviewing the latest and smartest products and services to make sure you are confident in your purchasing decisions. Whether it’s which company to buy from or what steps you can take towards a more rewarding future, we do extensive unbiased research, test whenever possible and practice what we preach.

Feel free to browse our site, engage in article discussions and our reader community so we can all live a safer, smarter life. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet 🙂