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Can I store rewards cards in Lastpass?

Is it possible to save rewards/loyalty cards within Lastpass? I ask because I had been saving them in my Apple iPhone wallet, but when I reset my iPhone that got emptied and I lost them all. When I use LastPass it backs up to the cloud so nothing gets lost when I …

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Ting promo code?

I was spending Thanksgiving with my aunts in Northern California and we started talking about cell phone bills for some reason. They immediately chimed up and mentioned Ting, which I had never heard of before. Ting is a reseller t-Mobile and Sprint. Long story short, I went through a horrendous customer …

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Home Technology Integration Review

I have Home Technology Integration, an Edinburgh based company which was partially installed in the flat I bought. I paid a couple of hundred quid to get my sky installed via them, but the component has broken after only 2 years. They are saying that the warranty is only 1 …

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Any Hughes Net Discount Codes?

We recently purchased a house in the mountains and lo and behold to our surprise, despite being off a main road, there’s no broadband internet available! After researching our options, we decided on satellite internet from Hughes net. I thought I’d check with the community here and see if anyone …

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Peer to Peer Loans for Bad Credit?

I don’t have the world’s best credit and I feel like the only option for me is one of those sleazy payday loan places. I need access to some cash and I really don’t want to go that route. Do any of the peer to peer lending companies specialize in …

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Has anyone heard of Hisco home warranty?

I would love to hear more about Hisco home warranty – my neighbors here in California swear by them, but darn if I can find any information on them! I’m guessing maybe they’re old school and haven’t wisened to the digital age yet 😉 Do you guys have a Hisco …

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