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11 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes In 2024

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Want to receive the finest gourmet chocolates delivered to your door each month? We’re talking chocolate that’s hand-crafted by artisans who genuinely consider chocolate-making an art form.

If you or a loved one is a chocoholic, you’ll appreciate a chocolate subscription box. They’re a fun way to discover new chocolates regularly.

WinnerRunner-UpThird Place
Vosges haut chocolate subscription box.Kekao chocolate subscription box.Coco Couriers chocolate subscription box.
Vosges Haut-ChocolatKekaoCoco Couriers
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Choosing The Best Chocolate Subscription: 5 Considerations

A box of chocolates with gift wrapping.
Whether buying a subscription box for yourself or another, consider the following factors.

1. Cost Per Subscription

Subscription chocolate boxes vary dramatically in price. Ingredient quality and processing techniques affect the final cost. Single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate costs more than large-scale, mass-produced chocolate because you pay for quality, transparency, and sustainability. Artisan confectionery chocolate made by chocolatiers costs even more due to the skill needed to create unique flavors, textures, and presentation.

2. Chocolate Selection

Some chocolate subscriptions offer bars; others provide confections. A subscription box might feature dark, milk, white chocolate—or a mix of all three. You’ll notice that each company uses a unique blend of fruit, nuts, and other fun inclusions. Consider what type of chocolate you desire when choosing a club subscription.

3. Flexibility

Do you want chocolate monthly, or would you prefer a shipment every other month? Would you like the option to pause, reschedule, or cancel your order without penalty? Do you want to choose the chocolate in your subscription, or would you like to be surprised with what you receive? Consider these factors when choosing your subscription box.

4. Social & Environmental Practices

Chocolate is notoriously one of the least environmentally friendly foods we eat. According to Our World In Data calculations, chocolate ranks just below red meat regarding greenhouse gas emissions and land useMany chocolate bars purchased in the United States are a product of child labor, with well-known brands like Hershey, Mars, and Nestlé accused of facilitating the illegal enslavement of thousands of children. Some chocolate producers adhere to strict labor, environmental, and ethical standards to safeguard people and the planet..

5. Dietary Restrictions

At its most basic, chocolate is the dried and fermented seeds of the cacao tree. Cocoa beans are harvested, removed from the pod, fermented to develop a rich flavor, dried, roasted, pulverized, and mixed with other raw materials (cocoa butter, sugar, etc.) before being molded and shipped to the market.

To add flavor and fine-tune texture, producers may add dairy, nuts, soy lecithin, fruit, spices, and other ingredients during processing. If you have food allergies, sensitivities, or other dietary restrictions, select a chocolate brand that caters to your needs.

Best Chocolate Subscription Box

We’ve chosen our best chocolate subscription box winners based on several factors, including the variety of products, artisan sourcing, subscription terms, pricing, and more.

Winner: Vosges Haut-Chocolat Review

Vosges haut chocolate subscription box open showing 16 chocolates.

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Vosges founder and master chocolatier Katrina Markoff chooses premium ingredients from all over the world to create a pleasantly unexpected chocolate experience. When browsing the many truffles and chocolate bars, you’ll notice meticulously-sourced ingredients like Sri Lankan Ceylon cinnamon, Tahitian vanilla bean, and wild Tuscan fennel pollen.

Vosges also uses functional ingredients for added health benefits, including high-phenolic olive oil, adaptogenic ceremonial-grade matcha green tea, and mineral-rich sea salt. Combine this top-notch sourcing with an impressive selection of tasty chocolates and a high-end artistic presentation, and it’s easy to see why Vosges takes our top spot.

Not only is Vosges a treat for your taste buds, but it’s also an excellent choice for the conscious shopper. Vosges’s Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certifications ensure that protections are in place to protect human rights, build economic opportunities, and maintain biodiversity. Additional green initiatives include:

  • Manufacturing locations operate on 100% renewable energy
  •  Packaging made from recycled and biodegradable material
  •  Shipping materials made from 100% post-consumer waste and are biodegradable

As a subscriber, you can choose between individual bars, caramel marshmallows, boxes of truffles, or baking chips, which range from $6 to $98 per month. To subscribe, check the box labeled “subscribe and auto-ship” for a discount and recurring shipment (every one, two, or three months). You can also join or give the gift of Vosges’s signature chocolate club, starting at $200 for three months. Monthly club subscriptions include a selection of truffles, bonbons, caramel marshmallows, and limited-edition chocolate bars.

Fully customizable subscription boxesExpensive club subscriptions
Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certifiedLimited vegan options
Organic, sustainably grown, and non-GMO ingredients with few exceptions
Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan options


Build-your-own subscriptions start at $6 (plus shipping); subscriptions over $99 ship for free. Chocolate club subscription boxes start at $200 per three months. Subscription boxes are entirely customizable; however, we included pricing below for customer favorites.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection (16 pieces)$50.00
Exotic Truffle Collection (16 pieces)$50.00
Vegan Truffle Collection (9 pieces)$36.00

Runner-Up: Kekao Review

Kekao chocolate box open showing contents.

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Kekao is a subscription service that curates chocolate from some of the most renowned producers worldwide. How does it work? The team at Kekao handpicks a selection of artisanal chocolates made by small-scale chocolatiers. Subscribers receive four to five bars each, with flavors changing every month. Brands featured in Kekao’s boxes include Akesson’s, Dick Taylor, Ritual, and Taza.

While Kekao doesn’t produce its chocolate, it vets its craft chocolate producers to ensure that only the best products are delivered to your door. The impressive list of bean-to-bar brands gives Kekao our runner-up spot.

For added fun, view Kekao’s Chocolate Purveyors blog, where you can geek out on all things chocolate and discover more gourmet chocolate brands.

Features notable chocolate producersOnly one type of subscription box
New chocolates curated each monthNot suitable for many food allergies
USDA organic, Fair Trade, and bean-to-bar selectionsOnly bar chocolate
Subscribers can pause subscription at any time


Kekao’s subscription boxes include four to five full-sized gourmet chocolate bars delivered monthly. Personal subscriptions auto-renew each month but can be paused or canceled anytime. Gift subscription boxes can also be paused but don’t auto-renew.

Monthly Subscription$45.00
3 Month Subscription (delivery every month, charge every 3 months)$129.00
6 Month Subscription (delivery every month, charge every 6 months)$250.00
12 Month Subscription (delivery every month, charge every 12 months)$488.00

Third Place: Coco Couriers Review

Coco Couriers chocolate box contents including notecard.

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Cocoa Couriers is similar to our number two pick in that it curates chocolates from small artisans who use fair-trade cocoa beans to create masterful chocolate bars. The most significant difference is that Cocoa Couriers claims every product is certified organic and fair trade. Plus, it offers a vegan chocolate box.

Each subscription ships monthly and can be modified or canceled at any time. Boxes include a selection of chocolate bars—three to five—and a note with pairing suggestions.

One issue we noticed is that Cocoa Couriers says it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but the terms and conditions state the company won’t refund melted chocolates. We’re a bit puzzled by its policy. Still, this could be a great option if you want all-organic bars or a vegan subscription box. Recent artisans include Akesson, Brasstown, Letterpress, and Ritual.

New chocolates curated each month with pairing suggestionsNot suitable for many food allergies
USDA organic, Fair Trade, and Bean-To-Bar chocolate Only bar chocolate
Vegan chocolate box availableNo online store to purchase your favorites separately
100% satisfaction guarantee


Cocoa Couriers offers auto-renew, month-to-month subscriptions, with cancellation by email anytime.

Original Chocolate Box (3 bars)$29.00
3 Month Pre-Pay Original Chocolate (3 bars)$85.00
Chocoholic Chocolate Box (5 bars)$47.00
3 Month Pre-Pay Chocoholic Chocolate Box (5 bars)$129.00
Vegan Chocolate Box (5 bars)$49.00

Best Variety: Compartés Review

Compartes chocolate subscription box open showing rainbow flavors.

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For nearly 75 years, this iconic brand has been hand-crafting edible works of art. The company’s clientele includes big names like American Express, Netflix, The Oscars, and even Oprah, who’s repeatedly selected Compartés for her “favorite things” gift guide.

The chocolate connoisseur in your life will appreciate Compartés Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club, which features various chocolates in uniquely themed boxes. Past themes include “New Year, Best You,” “Mystery Flavors,” “Spooky Selections” (hello, October), and “Holiday Truffles.”

Keep in mind that the subscription is a three-month minimum. If you’re not ready to dive into a subscription, Compartés offers many other boxes and bars that can be purchased individually.

Handmade gourmet chocolatesHigh price point
Monthly themed boxes 3-month subscription minimum
Bars, truffles, and confections includedNot recommended for people with food sensitivities/allergies
No-melt guarantee


Compartés offers just one subscription: the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club. Subscribers receive a monthly chocolate shipment, and shipping is included with the purchase.

3 Months$175.00
6 Months$325.00
12 Months$595.00

Best For Gifting: Jackie’s Chocolate Review

Three types of Jackies chocolate subscription box.

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Jackie’s Chocolate is our pick for gifting thanks to its beautifully crafted chocolates and reasonable subscription price. Every month, Jackie’s Chocolate sends an assortment of 15 confections, including crunchy nuts, chewy caramels, and fluffy marshmallows—all covered in chocolate.

This subscription is prepaid, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges. It’s an excellent choice for friends, family, and co-workers.

Your subscription will also include limited edition and seasonal treats that aren’t otherwise available in the online store.

Pros Cons
An assortment of 15 artisan chocolates Not suitable for many food allergies
Truffles, caramels, and crunchy nuts in milk, dark, and white chocolate3-month subscription minimum
Subscription does not renew for easy gifting
Choice to select desired start date


All subscriptions include free shipping. Your shipments can be paused or canceled at any time.

3 Month$149.95
6 Month$249.00
12 Month$495.00
3 Year$995.00

Most Affordable: Raaka Review

Raaka chocolate box with three bars inside.

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There’s a lot to love about Raaka chocolate. This bean-to-bar producer makes its chocolate from scratch with high-quality, traceable ingredients and single-origin cacao. All of Raaka’s chocolate is certified organic, non-GMO, and kosher. The company’s chocolate is vegan and free of dairy, gluten, peanuts, and soy—making it a better choice for people with food preferences, allergies, or sensitivities.

Raaka chocolate is not fair-trade certified; instead, the producer created a model called “Transparent Trade.” According to Raaka, this model focuses on price stability and pays more than fair trade prices.

Raaka offers three subscription options. Sign up for the First Nibs subscription and get two or three limited edition micro-batch bars monthly. You can also select a three-bar gift subscription or choose specific chocolate bars to be shipped every one, two, or three months. You can skip, pause, or cancel subscriptions at any time.

Past limited edition batches include flavors like Mango Mochi, Dragon Fruit Swirl, and Momokuku Chili Chocolate Crunch. You can also shop the permanent collection, which includes bestsellers like Oat Milk, Pink Sea Salt, and Bourbon Cask Aged.

USDA Organic and Non-GMO certifiedOnly bars in subscription
“Transparent Trade” paying more than Fair Trade prices
3rd party test for heavy metals
100% vegan, kosher, and free of dairy, gluten, peanuts, and soy


Raaka’s subscription boxes start at $19.95, making it the most affordable subscription from all companies reviewed. First Nibs and gift subscriptions include shipping. 

Individual bars run $6 to $8. If you build your own box, you’ll have to pay for shipping unless your total exceeds $35.

First Nibs Two Bar Subscription$19.95
First Nibs Three Bar Subscription$24.95
Gift Subscription (3 Months)$75.00
Gift Subscription (6 Months)$150.00
Gift Subscription (12 Months)$280.00

Best Sugar-Free: The Good Chocolate Review

The Good Chocolate  box slightly opened.

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For the health-conscious chocolate lover, our pick is The Good Chocolate. This company features bean-to-bar chocolate sweetened with zero-calorie plant-based sweeteners (erythritol and stevia). It is low carb and certified low-FODMAP and Keto so it won’t disrupt your diet.

Subscriptions include a build-your-own box, as well as a six and 12-bar box. Flavors include Coconut Turmeric, Himalayan & Sea Salt, Mint, Salted Almond, Signature Dark, and Vegan Mylk. We recommend choosing the build-your-own box so you can select various flavors.

Choose between chocolate bars or individually wrapped squares—the latter is perfect for on-the-go snacking or portion control. Raaka’s subscription boxes start at $19.95, making it the most affordable subscription from all companies reviewed. First Nibs and gift subscriptions include shipping. 

Individual bars run $6 to $8. If you build your own box, you’ll have to pay for shipping unless your total exceeds $35. 

Build-your-own subscription boxes featuring Bean-To-Bar chocolateSubscription only includes chocolate bars and squares
Zero-sugar, certified FODMAP Friendly, and Keto friendly
Featuring organic ingredients
Dairy-free and vegan options


All subscription boxes ship monthly. Shipping is free on orders over $50.

6 Bar Chocolate Pack$40.00
12 Bar Chocolate Pack$70.00
18 Square Family Pack$35.00
36 Square Family Pack$60.00
Build Your Box (6 bars)$40.00
Build Your Box (18 squares)$35.00

Best-Dairy Free: Endorfin Foods Review

Person holding five types of Endorfin chocolate from subscription box.

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Founder and maker Brian Wallace created Endorfin with a focus on blending the ancient art of chocolate making with modern technology and nutritional research. The result? A chocolate bar featuring ceremonial grade, single-origin cacao that is certified USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified. All Endorfin chocolate is also free of dairy, soy, gluten, agave, refined sugar, and GMOs.

Endorin compares itself to a CSA box for fresh produce—it delivers a new selection of freshly made chocolate bars directly to subscribers each month. Subscribers get first dibs on limited edition bars and customer favorites, like Ginger Rose and Golden Mylk (turmeric, cardamon, and black pepper).

Each subscription box comes with chocolate bars (three to 15), farm-to-table sourcing notes, explanations of rare or uncommon ingredients, and pairing recommendations wrapped in 100% compostable packaging.

New limited edition bars every monthLimited edition flavors only available to subscribers
USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified, and EathKosher certifiedOnly bars in subscription
All chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy free
100% compostable packaging


All subscriptions bill month-to-month, and you can skip a month or cancel any time. Shipping is free on orders over $75.

Joy Subscription (3 bars)$22.50
Euphoria Subscription (7 bars) $45.00
Transcendence Subscription (15 bars)$90.00

What About Cococlectic, Mystery Chocolate, & Chocolate Of The Month Club?

The following monthly chocolate subscription clubs didn’t make our top picks, but each has something unique to offer the discerning chocolate lover.

 Cococlectic | Mystery Chocolate Box | The Gourmet Chocolate Of The Month Club

Cococlectic Review

Cococlectic chocolate box contents including postcard with notes.

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Cococlectic is a dark chocolate lover’s dream. This small-batch bean-to-bar monthly chocolate subscription connects U.S.-based chocolate artisans with chocolate aficionados.

Every month, you get four curated full-sized bars and a newsletter telling you all about the chocolate makers and products. Cococlectic stands out for its chocolate philosophy—every product you receive is all-natural, non-GMO, fair trade, and vegan.

The chocolate makers they feature source from small farms and use five ingredients or less to make their bars. Some of their past artisans include Cleveland Chocolate Co., Crow & Moss, Moka Origins, and Ritual.

All products are vegan, non-GMO, and fair tradeThey don’t ship in July or August
Soy free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and tree-nut free optionsOnly offers dark chocolate bars, so variety isn’t as wide as others
Committed to U.S. small mom-and-pop shops who source ingredients from small farmers around the world
Online chocolate shop to buy your favorites


All subscription levels include four full-sized bars that ship monthly. Shipping is included with all orders.

Sweet Devotee (monthly subscription)$45.99
Bon (Bon) Vivant (3-month subscription)$137.97
Coco-nnoisseur (6-month subscription)$262.14

Mystery Chocolate Box Review

Mystery Chocolate Box showing three bars with tasting notes.

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We love Mystery Chocolate Box’s concept and charitable giving so much that we had to include it in our list.

Here’s how it works: Every month, you receive three blankly wrapped gourmet chocolate bars, and you’re to guess what ingredients are in each bar (bar makers and ingredients are revealed later in the month via the company’s website).

It’s a great way to refine your chocolate-tasting abilities while enjoying fine bean-to-bar chocolates from small-batch makers around the U.S. What’s more, this club donates two meals to charity for every box they deliver. You can also order past favorites from the online store.

Of course, if you’re not into blind taste testing or have allergies to milk, nuts, or other common items in chocolate, this is not the club for you.

Sourced from small-batch artisansNot an allergy safe company
Good variety of chocolate types (dark, milk, and white)Shipping fees every month (extra $2.50 for warm months and climates)
Online shop to buy your favoritesNo satisfaction guarantee or clear return policy
Company donates two meals to charity for every box ordered


Mystery Chocolate Box charges for shipping, but it differs for location and season. The average shipping cost is $9 per delivery.

1 Month$19.95
3 Months$63.95
6 Months$118.95
12 Months$224.95

The Gourmet Chocolate Of The Month Club Review

The Gourmet Chocolate Of The Month Club chocolate subscription box with flyer and gift box.

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The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club is a subscription service from This company specializes in a few items: chocolate, beer, wine, cheese, and cigars. And it consistently delivers carefully chosen, high-quality products at competitive prices.

What’s its secret? Each club has a panel of experts who choose only the finest, hand-crafted products from around the world that stand out among their peers. The chocolate club is no exception. Each month, you’re delivered award-winning, boutique artisan chocolates that feature innovative ingredients and tastes.

Unlike many smaller craft chocolate clubs, this club offers a more diverse assortment of chocolates than just bars. Some of their past artisans include Mayana, Tumbador, and Lake Champlain.

Pros Cons
Wide variety, including bars, truffles, bark and more (milk, dark, white chocolates)Hefty $14 shipping fee per delivery
Newsletter with tasting notes, chocolatier profiles, and serving suggestionsCan’t customize boxes
100% satisfaction guaranteeNo online store to purchase your favorites separately
Can combine with their other clubs


The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club costs $49.95 per month plus shipping. Customize your club membership by choosing the number of shipments, membership start date, and frequency of shipments. You can also choose to pay per shipment or in one installment.

Are There Health Benefits To Eating Chocolate?

Yes! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, does give you some health benefits. This video from creator Darshana Top 10 explores 10 health benefits of eating dark chocolate.

Why Go With A Monthly Club?

The clubs we review here take chocolate to a higher level. Most of the products you’ll receive in these monthly chocolate club boxes are extremely difficult to find in your local stores. Yes, some of your local stores may stock gourmet chocolate, but they likely don’t offer the bean-to-bar specialties that these clubs can deliver.

If you’re looking for another fun monthly subscription, check out our review of best cigar subscriptions.

Which monthly chocolate club would you recommend and why? Let us know in our comments.

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