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Choice Home Warranty vs American Home Shield: Pros, Cons, Pricing & More

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Row of mailboxes: Choice Home Warranty vs American Home ShieldYou want a home warranty you can count on, right? One that services your state, where the technicians do what they say they’ll do and the company covers what they say they will. Sounds easy, right? Believe it or not, home warranties can be much more complicated than that. So it’s important that you do thorough research and read every character of your contract or you may be signing up for something you don’t want.

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Let’s see how Choice Home Warranty (CHW) and American Home Shield (AHS) compare against one another in this showdown. Below are the points we compared for both companies.

Choice Home Warranty American Home Shield
Best Coverage Checkmark Checkmark
Best Plans Checkmark
Nationwide Availability Checkmark
Customer Service & Reputation Checkmark
Overall Winner Checkmark

Best Coverage

The table below shows what CHW and AHS both cover.

Choice Home Warranty American Home Shield
Choice Home Warranty American Home Shield
Refrigerator Checkmark Checkmark
Dishwasher Checkmark Checkmark
Air Conditioning Checkmark Checkmark
Heating Checkmark Checkmark
Ductwork Checkmark Checkmark
Clothes Washer & Dryer Checkmark Checkmark
Electrical Checkmark Checkmark
Plumbing Checkmark Checkmark
Range/Oven/Cooktop Checkmark Checkmark
Water Heater Checkmark Checkmark
Built-In Microwave Checkmark Checkmark
Garbage Disposal Checkmark Checkmark
Central Vacuum Checkmark Checkmark
Ceiling Fan Checkmark Checkmark
Well Pump Checkmark Checkmark
Pool/Spa Equipment Checkmark Checkmark
Free-Standing Ice Maker Checkmark
Instant Hot-Cold Water Dispenser Checkmark
Trash Compactor Checkmark
Garage Door Opener Checkmark
Smoke Detector Checkmark
Built-In Food Processor Checkmark
Doorbell Checkmark
Septic Plumbing Checkmark
Exhaust Fan Checkmark
Plumbing Stoppage Checkmark
Whirlpool Bathtub Checkmark
Sump Pump Checkmark
Second Refrigerator Checkmark
Stand Alone Freezer Checkmark
Septic System and Tank Pumping Checkmark
Limited Roof Leak Checkmark

As you can see, both companies cover the same amount of appliances and systems, so we have a tie for this category.

American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty

Winner (Tie): American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty


Best Plans

Below are the packages offered by Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield. Be sure to get a quote from both companies for accurate pricing. Choice Warranty requires a $60 trade service call fee per claim while AHS requires a service fee of $75, $100 or $125 (depending on what you choose).

Choice Home Warranty basically forces you to upgrade to their Total Plan because the “basic” appliances that most people have and wish to be insured against loss aren’t covered in the Basic Plan. For example, air conditioning systems, refrigerators and clothes washer and dryer aren’t covered in the Basic Plan. We consider those to be items most households have therefore you’d want them covered. Also, coverage does not begin until 30 days after enrollment.

American Home Shield covers a good variety of appliances and systems. They have specific plans if you wish to just insure just your appliances or systems. Also they offer a Combo plan which covers most major appliances and systems. You even have the option to build your own plan based on your specific needs and concerns.

Choice Home Warranty Plans

Below are the two packages offered by CHW.

Basic Plan Total Plan Optional Coverage
Air Conditioning System Checkmark
Heating System Checkmark Checkmark
Electrical System Checkmark Checkmark
Plumbing System Checkmark Checkmark
Plumbing Stoppage Checkmark Checkmark
Water Heater Checkmark Checkmark
Whirlpool Bathtub Checkmark Checkmark
Refrigerator Checkmark
Oven/Range/Stove/Cooktop Checkmark Checkmark
Dishwasher Checkmark Checkmark
Built-In Microwave Checkmark Checkmark
Garbage Disposal Checkmark Checkmark
Clothes Washer & Dryer Checkmark
Ductwork Checkmark Checkmark
Garage Door Opener Checkmark Checkmark
Ceiling & Exhaust Fans Checkmark Checkmark
Pool/Spa Checkmark
Central Vacuum Checkmark
Second Refrigerator Checkmark
Well Pump Checkmark
Limited Roof Leak Checkmark
Stand Alone Freezer Checkmark
Sump Pump Checkmark
Setptic System Checkmark
Septic Tank Pumping Checkmark

American Home Shield Plans

AHS offers four plans total: Appliances, Systems, Build Your Own and Combo. The Combo Plan includes everything in both the Appliances and Systems plans.

Systems Plan Appliance Plan
Air Conditioning w/ Ductwork Refrigerators
Heating w/ Ductwork Ranges/Ovens/Cooktops
Electrical Clothes Washers
Doorbells Clothes Dryers
Smoke Detectors Dishwashers
Ceiling Fans Built-In Microwave Ovens
Plumbing (Including Stoppages) Trash Compactors
Water Heaters Free-Standing Ice Makers
Garbage Disposals Garage Door Openers
Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers Built-In Food Centers
Central Vacuums

Optional Add-Ons

All of these add-ons cost extra and are available for any plan.

  • Pool/spa
  • Well pump
  • Septic plumbingAmerican Home Shield logo

Winner: American Home Shield

Nationwide Availability

  • American Home Shield is available in all states except Alaska.
  • Choice Home Warranty is available in all states except Washington.

On a population basis, this means Choice Home Warranty is available to nearly 7 million more customers than AHS.

American Home Shield logoWinner: American Home Shield

Customer Service & Reputation

Choice Home Warranty has one of the worst reputations we have seen during our research of this category. On the BBB there is a write-up about government action that took place.  Choice Home Warranty had a complaint filed that they were getting customers to buy their home warranty, which was actually a service contract. In the end CHW paid the State $779,913.93 and had to revise its business practices and monitor its compliance for at least one year. Even though all of this was settled in July 2015, we are still hesitant to recommend them to anyone. We need more time to pass before we give Choice Home Warranty the Safe Smart Living approval. If you decide to work with them, please let us know your feedback as we’d love to hear from some real customers!

American Home Shield has a B rating on the BBB and over 25,000 filed complaints. This shows us that they have some areas to improve as well. Not too long ago they had an A+ rating and much fewer complaints. So their service has definitely gone down in recent years. Customers says they have excellent customer service or terrible customer service, so your experience may vary based on your location and technicians assigned to your project.

We’ve received reports that phone support times are fairly long when it comes to getting a claim approved as well. However, many home warranty companies have poor reputations so it’s not hard to be one of the best. We still consider AHS to be one of the “better choices” when it comes to choosing a home warranty. They have more than 40 years of experience and cover more than 1 million homeowners.American Home Shield logo

Winner: American Home Shield

Quality Of Technicians

Like all home warranty companies, the technicians vary based on your geographic location.

Local Companies Contract With Warranty Companies

Every warranty company has contracts with local experts in your area to perform the repair work when you initiate a claim. Sometimes there is more than one company contracted to work with them for your need so be sure to ask for the name of the company to do your own research of their reputation before you waste everyone’s time. If there is only one company, then let’s hope they do a great job because you are stuck with them during the life of your/their contract with the respective home warranty company.

Let’s face it: the technicians used most commonly for repairs in your town are what make or break a company. So we suggest talking with neighbors, checking online reviews and local home warranty users to see what coverage is like in your area.

For example, Alex and Michelle (members of the Safe Smart Living team) had AHS for a few years. At first it was very helpful because there were options for which local company could come when the garbage disposal broke or the heat stopped working. But, in the past year or so, the number of technician options dropped from two to three companies to one and that company proved to be less than awesome on several occasions. Technicians would continually fix an appliance instead of replacing it and these band-aids were becoming costly and time-consuming. This caused more hassle and wasted money than help which is why they chose to do away with their AHS warranty.

Do Your Homework BEFORE You Sign Up

This story is exactly why you need to do your homework to find out which local technicians the home warranty companies you are considering use before you sign on the dotted line. Find out who, research their reputation around town and then combine that with the other factors (coverage, price, etc.) to make your decision on which company to go with.

Appliance Hacks

Did you know that sometimes your appliances can do many more things than you know of? For example, your microwave can cook bacon, make you potato chips, clean your sponge and many more cool things. Check out these 10 microwave hacks below.

The Final Verdict

Overall Winner: American Home Shield

American Home Shield logo

American Home Shield is the clear winner here in this showdown. In our opinion, they have better packages, are available to a greater portion of the population, and have better customer service than Choice Home Warranty. How does AHS fare vs the rest of the field? Find out in our best home warranty company showdown.

Kimberly Alt

Kimberly is our home security expert and has been writing about security and safety since 2013, covering everything from security systems and home automation to identity theft protection, home warranties, medical alert systems, and more. She has personally tested hundreds of system components and interfaced with dozens of home security companies to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. Her work has appeared in many notable brands, including The New York Times' Wirecutter, Reader's Digest, Forbes, People, Woman's World, and Huffington Post. In 2018, she had her first child, which opened up a whole new avenue of security experience with baby gear. She wanted to purchase the safest items for her family. Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. Her natural curiosity helps her research as she seeks the truth when learning about, comparing, and personally testing products and services.

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