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Fizzics Review: Turn Your 6-Pack Into Draft Beer

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Group of people toasting beer sitting at a table with food and Fizzics.
Improve your hosting and toasting game with Fizzics.

One of my favorite things about living in downtown Des Moines was my proximity to so many excellent breweries. All I had to do was hop on my bike, and I was minutes away from seven or so top-notch beer stops. And there was no need to buy beer from the store. I simply had to purchase a growler, and I could have as close to straight-from-the-tap beer as you can get from the comfort of my home. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and when I moved, I lost my easy access to fantastic draft brews.

That’s when I discovered Fizzics, a home beer dispenser that pours you a nitro-style beer draft, converting bottled beer into the “perfect draft.” First appearing on “Shark Tank” in 2016, the company’s presentation was so compelling that multiple Sharks were fighting over the opportunity to invest in this machine, ending with Sharks Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner joining together to make a $2 million investment for 16% of Fizzics. The company has since hit a few rough patches—in 2017, co-founder Phillip Petracca left the company to start his own brewery, and in 2019, Fizzics Group LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company has since recovered and now sells two different models of its draft pour machine.

But the real question is: How does Fizzics compare to your standard draft pour? Does it have the same taste and mouthfeel? With my curiosity peeked, I set out to find out.

Fizzics logo 250.

Product Name: Fizzics

Product Description: Fizzics is a home beer dispenser that converts canned or bottled beer into a nitro-style draft.


If you like the creamy, smooth mouthfeel of Nitro beer, you’ll enjoy Fizzics. It’s an excellent choice for folks who drink dark beers since this technology plays well with rich, chocolatey, malt-heavy brews. However, those who prefer hoppy, sharp ales might be disappointed. This technology lessons hop flavors and aromas, making Fizzics’s performance fall flat.

Overall Score

  • Quality
  • Ease Of Use
  • Cost
  • Overall Value


  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Attractive design in various finishes
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great for outdoor activities like camping and tailgating
  • Works with large cans and bottles


  • Changes texture of beer
  • Mutes bitter flavors

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5 Key Features

Fizzics in 3 colors.
Fizzics comes in a variety of color options.
  1. Compatible with cans and bottles
  2. Works with all beer styles, including Stouts, Porters, Lagers, IPAs, and Pilsners
  3. Pull the tap for beer, push the tap for foam
  4. Portable—powered by USB or two standard AA batteries
  5. Does not require any type of ongoing refill to operate (i.e., CO2 or Nitro cartridges)

How Does It Work?

Fizzics works through a “sonication process,” essentially applying soundwaves to the beer to convert its natural carbonation into foam. The Micro-Foam sound technology eliminates the need for CO2 or nitrogen gases, resulting in a smooth beer with a thick, creamy head.

Setup And Results

Fizzics in use and action shot.
Fizzics set up with the can and how to pour.

Fizzics’s latest release is the DraftPour. It’s super easy to use and can make an excellent gift for yourself or a fellow beer lover. To use the Fizzics beer dispenser, place your can or bottle into the machine and snap the canaster into place. The DraftPour accommodates up to 24-ounce cans and 25.4-ounce bottles.

Once you add the beer, grab a glass and place it beneath the tap at an angle. Pull the handle forward to pour your beer. When your glass is three-quarters full, push the handle backward to top it off with a foamy head.

The Fizzics beer dispenser works well at turning beer into a draft, but it’s important to note that it produces a Nitro-style beer. While any beer can be made into a Nitro beer, malt-heavy brews like porters and stouts typically make the best Nitro beers. Nitro-style beers have smoother, creamier textures, but some might find they taste a bit flat since they have less carbonation.

How Much Does Fizzics DraftPour Cost?

Fizzics DraftPour is available for $124.99 .

See Fizzics In Action

The Fizzics DraftPour dispenser accommodates various cans and bottle sizes, including 24-ounce cans and 25.4-ounce bottles. The video below shows how to use the Fizzics machine.

Fizzics vs the Competition

View Fizzics On Amazon

Is there another product for sale like Fizzics? Not really. The most comparable is a Kegerator, a keg and refrigerator combo. What’s the downside of a Kegerator? Depending on the model you purchase, they can cost more than $4,000. Kegerators also occupy more space and have recurring costs, like CO2 and cleaning kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions potential customers frequently ask about Fizzics. Don’t see yours? Ask us in the comments.

How Is Fizzics Doing After Shark Tank?

Fizzics Group LLC filed for bankruptcy reorganization in 2019. It has since recovered and released DraftPour, its new portable home beer dispenser.

Does Fizzics Keep Beer Cold?

Fizzics claims it can keep beer in the can or bottle cold for 48 hours when locked in the unit.

Why Is My Fizzics Making Too Much Foam?

If your beer has a high level of carbonation, the Fizzics machine can create more foam than desired. Fizzics recommends opening the can or bottle and letting it settle for 30 seconds before placing it in the machine to remedy this issue.

What Happened To The Original Model?

It appears the Fizzics Original model has been discontinued/replaced by its DraftPour model $124.99 .

Pairing Beer And Cigars

Do you like your beer paired with the occasional cigar? You’re in luck—our top pick for cigar subscription boxes, The Premium Cigar Of The Month Club, includes recommendations for beverage pairings. Learn more via our Cigar Of The Month Club review.

What do you think of Fizzics? Is it gimmicky or life-changing? Let us know in the comments.

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