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Is your home smart enough? Can you have the lights dimmed, music on, and temperature set perfectly for when you arrive home? How handy would that be for a date night? Thanks to the best smart technologies you can!

There are some cool gadgets with amazing features available on the market today that allow you to control everything in your house from one system.

Most of these services and devices use Z-Wave technology, a wireless communication protocol that utilizes low power RF signals to allow for remote control of various household items (lights, TVs, locks, security camera, audio, etc.).

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Who Offers The Best Smart Home System?

Note: Our top 3 companies specialize in smart home automation, so they offer all the bells and whistles when it comes to smart home. But, there are several more basic options that are offered by home security companies and might meet your needs just as well, if you are not a tech buff.

Crestron Review


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Crestron has been a big name in home automation since 1971. They have an outstanding reputation, which is maybe why they think it’s okay to charge such high prices.

However, their equipment is elegantly designed, which is why our readers love the look of their home with this equipment. The equipment is robust and reliable and it supports different touchscreens, remotes, and more.



  • Strong reputation
  • Great customer service
  • Equipment performs well
  • Variety of equipment available
  • Built-in voice recognition software
  • Expensive relative to DIY offerings
  • Only sold through authorized dealers
  • Changing your setup is time-consuming since you need a professional


Contact Crestron for a quote for your home.

Control4 Review


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Control4 has the best smart home technology features. This company specializes in home automation, however, it is also one of the most expensive services.

Once it is installed (by professionals), the system is relatively simple to use and most of the things you’ll want to do simply require the push of a button. When you’re going to bed, push one button and the shades will go down in your room, the lighting will turn off, the thermostat will adjust to nighttime temperatures and all the TVs will power off.

This comprehensive and customizable system allows you to control lighting, audio/video, garage doors, heating/air conditioning, and talk to one another all with a remote or an app on your smartphone.



  • Receive alerts to your smartphone
  • Easy use (once it’s installed)
  • Whole-home integration allows you to control many components, from audio-video to home security and lighting, from a single interface
  • Fully customizable to meet your needs
  • Voice control available through a third-party
  • Professional installation takes weeks (on average), versus hours to days for comparative DIY offerings
  • Expensive relative to DIY offerings
  • Many troubleshooting issues we encountered required a professional, and days to weeks of time, to resolve
  • The app interface experiences significant lag and doesn’t always connect reliably (Control4 OS 3)
  • The rechargeable remote control does not experience these lag times, but is expensive ($300 was our quoted replacement cost)


Depending on which features you choose, pricing can be anywhere from $1,000 to more than $50,000. Control4 offers a la carte options, so each package varies based on the customer. You have to call Control4 directly to get pricing for your specific features.

Homeseer Review


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HomeSeer is our third place winner because not only do they specialize in smart home technology, they also have everything you could possibly dream of to automate a house.

In addition, HomeSeer has voice recognition, so you can tell the system what you would like done, which many companies don’t offer. Finally, they have a huge list of available devices ranging from security cameras to lighting and thermostat controls.



  • Voice recognition capabilities
  • Compatible with most media players as well as both Mac and Windows
  • Customizable
  • Has a savvy interface on touchscreen devices
  • Great customer service reputation
  • Hard to set up due to lots of hardwiring vs. wireless for some of the competitors
  • Not compatible with Windows Mobile App and Blackberry smartphones
  • Expensive if you add a lot of features


HomeSeer offers a la carte services so the prices vary based on the features you select. The software starts at $99.95 and can go up to $599.95, depending on the upgrade version.

HomeSeer does a great job of listing its prices online, so be sure to visit their website because the list is extensive.

Frontpoint Review


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For a company that primarily offers home security, we think Frontpoint offers basic smart technology at a reasonable price, which is why it’s our #4 pick. Frontpoint’s system is not nearly as expensive as our top two picks, and while they are not smart home-focused, the added benefit of home security alongside smart home functionality, all at a great price, may tip you over the edge.

Frontpoint offers light controls, door locks, and thermostats. You can also plug small appliances into the wireless light control so you can turn them on and off remotely. Their smart home offerings are limited to Z-Wave controlled technology.



  • Inexpensive and easy to install yourself
  • Great customer service reputation
  • Known for home security, you get the added bonus of an alarm system along with your automation features
  • Control from a computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • No voice recognition software
  • Monthly fees
  • Limited whole-home integration options compared to competitors (Z-Wave only)


Equipment Fee: $99.00

Monthly Fee:

  • Interactive: $44.99/month
  • Ultimate: $49.99/month

Read Our In-Depth Review Of Frontpoint

Other Smart Home Solutions

Below are the other companies that we considered in this review. Three of the four (ADT, Frontpoint, and Vivint) are home security companies that offer smart home options in addition to securing your home. Take a look to see if these might give you more bang for your buck, especially if you are also looking to add a home security system.

ADT | Savant | Vivint

ADT Pulse Review

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ADT is a home security company that offers lights, locks, and thermostat controls with their ADT Pulse customizable smart home package. You control everything with your smartphone app and there is a home control touchscreen as well. You also have access to your motion sensors, thermostat monitors, and video on your smartphone.



  • The mobile app allows remote access to your home
  • 24/7 intruder and fire monitoring with email and text alerts
  • Not transparent with pricing, so hard to know how much you will pay until the installer is in your home
  • Reputation varies by location since ADT is operated via local dealers. Poor reputations of many regional dealers have given the larger brand a less than stellar service rating, so be sure to check the Better Business Bureau and talk to your neighbors who have ADT about whether it is a good choice in your neighborhood vs. other options


ADT Pulse has four different packages available. Monitoring starts at $52.99/month. The equipment packages are free.

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Savant Review

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Savant is an easy-to-use home automation product similar to Apple products (not a security provider). But, its high price is pretty limiting. The Savant system syncs automatically with iOS and Android to bring automation to audio, security, climate, and lighting needs.

It includes an in-home communication system, so you can talk from your smartphone to the home’s intercom system. The energy output of your house is monitored and Savant suggests ways to cut costs, similar to Nest.



  • Enhances energy efficiency
  • With Savant’s Telephony technology you can access and control your smart home system from your mobile phone or with one of Savant’s desktop or cordless phones
  • User-friendly like an Apple product
  • Voice control
  • Expensive relative to DIY offerings
  • Requires professional installation


  • Remote + Host: $499
  • Remote: $399
  • Lamp Control: $99
  • Host: $199
  • Blaster: $169

Vivint Review

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Vivint offers the standard smart home technology features: lights, locks, and thermostats, in addition to its home security offering. Vivint focuses on being “green” to save you energy.

The downside is that it has to be professionally installed and is a little pricier than some of the other home security companies that also offer home automation.



  • Focus on being energy-efficient
  • Access to your system from a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to use and understand
  • No voice recognition software
  • Requires professional installation so higher upfront cost
  • Monthly fee


Vivint offers three basic packages. Installation costs vary depending on your location. Pricing info is available in our full Vivint Review.

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Video: What Is A Smart Home?

This video gives a great overview of smart home features in action and in all aspects of your day – from the moment you wake up to when you go to bed.

Smart Homes Are The Future

As you can see, you have plenty of options when shopping for smart home technology. Would you rather pay more money upfront with Crestron, Homeseer, or Control4? Or would you rather have a basic smart home system, paying very little out-of-pocket and instead have a monthly payment that will includes a security system? Either way, the trend of smart homes is here to stay (so get on board)!

Be sure to visit our article on in-depth smart home guide – you will be amazed at how many things you can do today.

(Note: home automation and smart home technology are often used synonymously today, but they may be differentiated in the future.)

How do you think a smart home system will enhance your life?

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