Holiday Safety

Kids playing with sparklers behind jack o lanterns

58 Halloween Safety Tips (2023): For Adults, For Pets, For Kids, Statistics & More

All Hallows Eve is usually associated with fun things like candy, trick or treating, and pumpkin carving. But it can also be scary for children and adults alike. Not just from spooky costumes but other potential dangers for families. When planning for your festivities, be sure to keep these Halloween safety tips in mind (so you or your loved ones don’t end up in the graveyard).

Family sitting at table enjoying Thanksgiving meal

27 Thanksgiving Safety Tips (2023): For Pets, Fire Safety, Food Safety & More

Turkey time is a time to relax, kick up your feet, stuff your face with food and be thankful for all the things. But the holiday weekend can have some hazards to be aware of. Before you put the turkey in the oven or start watching football, keep these tips in mind to make sure everyone has a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.

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