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Screwdriver: The Home Service Club ReviewsDoes a home warranty seem like a scam to you? Many people associate a home warranty with paying a monthly premium, then when an appliance breaks, the technician comes and “fixes” it. Then, a week later it’s broken again and the cycle repeats.

Not all home warranty companies are like this, however. Some actually do what they say they’ll do. Find out if you can count on The Home Service Club (HSC) as your home warranty company.

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Article Overview

The Home Service Club

Customer Service & Reputation 4.5
Pricing 8.0
Appliances Covered 10.0
Technicians' Work 7.0
Available In All 50 States 9.7


  • Repairs and replacements occur quickly
  • Covers the appliance/system regardless of age, make or model
  • Offers service in 49 out of 50 states


  • Does not offer service in California and limited service in Alaska
  • BBB rating: C
  • Many customer service complaints

Key Features

  • No home inspection is needed prior to purchase
  • Work guarantee: 30 days for labor and 90 days for parts
  • Covers repairs and replacements of covered items regardless of age, make or model
  • 1 year service contracts that can be renewed annually

Plans & Pricing

The Home Service Club has three service call fee options available for you to choose from: $65, $95 and $125. Service call fees are similar to deductibles so it’s the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket for a service call. (Please know that fees may change or there may be additional fees, so be sure to read your contract carefully.)

A higher service call fee means a lower monthly premium. The monthly premium varies depending on where you live and other considerations. In summary, you have two choices to make:

  1. Choose a service call fee amount and
  2. Choose between the Standard and Comprehensive plans.
Standard Coverage Comprehensive Coverage
Refrigerators Checkmark Checkmark
Ovens, Ranges, Cooktops Checkmark Checkmark
Dishwasher Checkmark Checkmark
Clothes Washer Checkmark Checkmark
Clothes Dryer Checkmark Checkmark
Freestanding Icemakers Checkmark Checkmark
Microwave Oven Built-In Checkmark Checkmark
Trash Compactor Checkmark Checkmark
Food Centers Built-In Checkmark Checkmark
Air Conditioning Checkmark Checkmark
Heating Systems Checkmark Checkmark
Electrical Systems Checkmark Checkmark
Water Heater Checkmark Checkmark
Plumbing Systems Checkmark Checkmark
Garbage Disposal Checkmark Checkmark
Garage Door Opener Checkmark Checkmark
Ceiling Fans Checkmark Checkmark
Central Vacuum Checkmark Checkmark
Plumbing Stoppage Checkmark
Ductwork Checkmark
Pest Control Checkmark
Gas Leaks Checkmark
Whirlpool Coverage Checkmark
Alarm Wiring Checkmark
Telephone Wiring Checkmark
Smoke Detectors Checkmark
Exhaust/Attic Fans Checkmark
Sump Pump Checkmark
Doorbells Checkmark
Hot Water Pump Checkmark
Hot/Cold Water Dispenser Checkmark
Pool Coverage Optional Optional
Sprinkler System Optional Optional
Roof Coverage Optional Optional
Freestanding Freezer Optional Optional
Spa Optional Optional
Refrigerators Built-In Units with Dual Compressors Optional Optional
Sewage Ejector Pump Optional Optional
Water Softener Optional Optional
Well Pump Optional Optional
Jetted Bathtub Optional Optional
Utility Line Coverage Package* Optional Optional

*Utility Line Coverage includes:

  • Outside Water Line
  • Outside Gas Line
  • OutsideElectric Line
  • Outside Sewer Line
  • Grinder Pump
  • Sprinkler System

Customer Reviews

Finding customer reviews for HSC was fairly easy – both positive and negative. The abundance of negative reviews (including a very low BBB rating) is new.

Positive Reviews

Because of their amazing and unique service, I have decided to renew my plan with them. I definitely love Home Service Club. They saved my water heater during this pandemic. Sure, it took a while for the tech to come in, but I am impressed they still pulled through with their contract no matter what the global crisis there is! – Paul, BBB 4/30/2020

They have not failed me so far and odds are, they probably won’t no matter what! My washing machine was spewing water all over the place when I came back home from a 2-week trip. I just didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with that yet so I called up HSC and the repairman even helped me clean up the mess. All part of the job he said! – Alex, Consumer Affairs 3/24/2020


this company is absolutely horrible to deal with.. this is the second time I’ve had an issue with one of my home appliances, and they have not been there to help.. this last time I came home to a smoke filled house with water on the floor from the water heater.. I called them numerous times. Was on hold for hours, and the only thing I received was a promise of a call back.. it’s been 4 days now.. I just went out and purchased a new water heater and had my neighbor ( the plumber ) install it. This company is supposed to be a home warranty company! What they actually are is CROOKS! – William L., BBB 4/16/2020

Had outside electrical boxes crash. GFI was not the issue. Called The Home Service Club and was told that there’s a wait due to COVID-19. Did not have a problem with that and let them know. A week later they called and said they were still not able to fulfill. If I knew an electrician, have them call THSC. I understood. Today they call and tell me anything outside is not covered. Why not tell me to begin with? I’m annoyed and frustrated. – Carl, Consumer Affairs 5/6/2020

Home Warranty vs Home Insurance

A home warranty and homeowners insurance policy are not the same thing. Watch this short video below to learn the difference.

Appliances Aren’t Cheap

Purchasing a new central air conditioner from Lowe’s can cost more than $4,000 and that does not even include delivery or installation! Summers and winters are getting more intense putting added stress on your heating and cooling systems. By purchasing a home warranty plan you are protecting yourself from those huge purchases or repairs that come at the most inconvenient times.

Not Sold On HSC Warranty?

If you still have doubts about The Home Service Club, we suggest comparing it to its competitors in our home warranty comparison. We’ve chosen a top 3 and reviewed more than a dozen home warranty providers.

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