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Amazon Key Reviews For Home & Business: What Is It, How Does It Work, Is It Safe, How Much Does It Cost & More

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May delivering an Amazon box via Amazon key to a garage with Amazon truck in the background
Get Prime deliveries set inside your garage door while you’re away with Amazon Key.

Amazon Key is a way to get Amazon packages delivered securely inside your home garage or gate. They also provide safe access to businesses, including apartment complexes for more than just Amazon goods, but also grocery and food delivery. What is Amazon Key, and how does it work?

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How Does Amazon Key Work? Key Features

Amazon Key Chamberlain myQ and Ring security camera
myQ garage adapter & Ring Camera

Launched in the fall of 2017, Amazon Key was originally a service that allows Amazon Prime customers to install an electronic door lock that delivery people can open to drop packages inside. They’ve since discontinued this service (and car deliveries) and now only allows you to use with compatible smart garage doors in homes and businesses or multiunit residences with existing electronic access systems. You must also live in an eligible zip code to qualify.

If you meet the criteria, you’ll set up Amazon Key through your garage door hub or smart opener adapter, and then when you checkout at Amazon, you’ll have the option to select Amazon Key as your delivery type.

On each delivery day, Amazon will notify you four hours prior to delivery that the package is en route. Amazon then alerts you when the carrier arrives, and you can either watch a live stream or view a recorded clip. You’re also notified when the delivery person exits your home. The delivery person scans the package to verify the correct address, and access is then locked once the driver confirms the delivery is complete.

You can also use an Amazon Cloud Cam or Ring security camera to watch a live stream of the delivery (with a subscription) or get a cloud recording to verify there were no issues.

Pros & Cons

Amazon Key logo

Here are some pros and cons of Amazon Key. Amazon continues to be diligent about correcting and improving any potential threats to its system.

Reliable package theft prevention and home security solutionRequires an in-home kit and security camera
You get an alert on your smartphone when the delivery driver arrivesYou’re required to leave your home alarm system disabled to allow the delivery driver home access
You can watch live video of your deliveryOnly available in select cities and surrounding areas (for now)
Amazon guarantees that drivers securely re-lock your home when exiting
Relatively inexpensive to set up
Garage adapter works with most openeres
Free installation or DIY


How To Set Up & Use Amazon Key Garage Delivery (Video)

Wondering how easy it is to use? Watch this quick video to see Amazon Key in action and how to set it up using the adapter and app:

Is Package Theft A Common Crime? 4 Stats You Won’t Believe!

If you’ve never had a package stolen from your front porch, you’re one of the lucky ones. Package theft statistics show that it’s a pervasive problem, especially over the pandemic, with more people ordering online and during the holidays when porch pirates are on the prowl. But just how common is it, and where does it happen most? Check out these alarming stats from a CNBC report.

  1. More than 75% of Americans have been a victim to package theft in their life.
  2. The top cities for porch pirates in 2021 were: San Fransisco, Seattle, and Austin.
  3. In 2022, there were an estimated 260 million delivered packages that were stolen (up from 210 million in 2021).
  4. The total lost of goods due to package theft is around $19.5 billion (with. the average valued package between $50-100).

So, given these statistics, maybe Amazon’s onto something with their new Key service.

Secure Package Delivery Alternatives

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Not sold on Amazon Key? If you’re intrigued by smart lock technology there are several excellent smart locks and cameras on the market to consider. Be sure to check out our smart lock reviews for top options.

You might also prefer to set up a secure package delivery box on your front porch. We recommend this one because it looks nice and also fits most standard packages. But, don’t forget to add a note to your orders to deposit your package into the box upon delivery!

Lastly, consider our indoor security camera reviews so you can keep an eye on your home and valuables while away.

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