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August Smart Lock Review: How Does It Work? Installation, Pricing, Discounts, And More

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August Smart Lock on door (Caption: August Smart Lock Review)Home smart locks help eliminate security woes about multiple house keys falling into the wrong hands. August Home carries some of the most popular smart locks on the market, but do they work as promised? And what added security and home automation features do they offer?

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Article Overview

August Smart Lock

Hardware 8.5
Ease Of Installation 10.0
Remote Access 9.0
Home Automation Compatibility 9.5
Value 8.0
Customer Service 8.5


  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Remote access with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant via Connect WiFi Bridge
  • Easy DIY retrofit installation (you only replace the interior of your deadbolt)
  • Easy-to-use app tells you who enters and when
  • Send unlimited free e-keys to family, sitters, guests and control their access
  • Keypad add-on (additional fee)
  • 1-year electronics warranty


  • Not compatible with some deadbolt types
  • No built-in siren
  • Doesn’t monitor when someone unlocks your door with a key or tampers with your lock or door

How Do August Smart Locks Work?

August Smart Lock ProAugust Smart Locks differ from many other smart locks in that you don’t have to replace your entire deadbolt. You only have to make minor modifications to the interior of your existing deadbolt (but the caveat is that August smart locks only work with certain deadbolts).

Once you install an August Smart Lock, you don’t have to use your house keys to lock or unlock your door — the smart system uses Bluetooth technology via your smartphone to operate your door lock when you’re in close proximity to your house.

But if you want to be able to remotely lock or unlock your door from anywhere, you can sync the August Smart Lock with their Connect WiFi Bridge, which is included in some of their packages (or you can purchase it separately).

The August Home app lets you control your smart lock settings and assign digital keys for other people who need access to your home. You can see who comes in your home (and when). But if you don’t want to hand over WiFi keys to others, you have the option of installing the add-on keypad that allows you to assign temporary PINs to house keepers, pet sitters or anyone else who needs access to your home on an as-needed basis.

Deadbolt Compatibility

August Smart Locks are only compatible with single cylinder deadbolts. The image below can help you determine whether your existing lock is compatible. You can also find a list of compatible deadbolts on August’s website.

August Smart Locks Installation Illustration

Key Features

  • Customer support available 24/7 via live chat, phone and email
  • Door Sense Technology checks to make sure that your door is closed securely before it locks
  • Two-factor authentication and Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption for ultimate security
  • Auto-Unlock sensor knows when you arrive and unlocks the door when you’re within 20-30 feet
  • Lost phone feature: you can easily disable your August app and all virtual keys on any associated devices on their website
  • All smart locks compatible with August Doorbell Cam Pro

Compare All August Smart Locks

All models connect locally via Bluetooth and come with a 1-year warranty.

August Smart Locks Side by Side

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect August Smart Lock Pro August Smart Lock 3rd Gen. + Connect August Smart Lock 3rd Gen. August Smart Lock 2nd Gen.
Price $250.00 $279.99 $164.00 $102.00
Remote Access via Connect WiFi Bridge* Checkmark Must Purchase Connect Checkmark Must Purchase Connect Must Purchase Connect
Unlimited Virtual Keys Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Auto-Lock/Unlock Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Door Sense Technology Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With Apple HomeKit & Siri Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With Z-Wave & Z-Wave Plus** Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With Frontpoint Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With ADT Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With IFTTT Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With Nest Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With Honeywell Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With SimpliSafe Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With Wink Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With XFINITY Home App Checkmark Checkmark
Compatible With SmartThings Checkmark
Compatible With Apple Watch Checkmark

*Connect WiFi Bridge is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

**Z-Wave Plus vs Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus is the latest generation (Gen 5) of Z-Wave. This new generation enhances the user experience with an easier installation, a longer range (up to 200 feet), 50% more battery life, more bandwidth and other enhanced features.

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What Do People Think Of August Smart Lock?

Here’s a sampling of some customer reviews we found online about the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect model.

Positive Reviews

It’s cool that I can unlock my door from anywhere In the world with WiFi. Works well with Alexa and getting alerts when my wife and kid get home is awesome. Locks automatically when you leave and unlocks on its own when you arrive. Go Keyless! – Luis, Best Buy 10/2019

The new 3rd Gen lock is a nice leap forward. It allows for Zigbee control, giving access to a Smartthings Hub. I really the fact, that you cannot see that I have a smart lock from the outside. The door sense, at first, I didnt think it added much to the Smart Lock, but I have since changed my mind. I have a door that can be a bit stubborn in the winter to stay closed, and this allow me to know when it is fully closed, or the screen door pushed it open, when I closed it. – theduck71, The Home Depot 2/26/2019

Negative Reviews

It serves it purpose for unlocking the door when I arrive but doesn’t auto lock unless you set the timer instead of locking when you leave, also the bridge keeps disconnecting so you can’t check to see if it’s locked from anywhere and you can’t let people in when your not around. – Xavire, The Home Depot 10/8/2019

A smart lock that out of the box only really works with 4 different (obscure) lock manufacturers. All of the national (US) brands will require adapters (ordered separately) and technical support as the diagrams that come with the unit leave a lot to be desired. All in all, I had it for one day. After realizing it wasn’t ready for prime time, and dealing with their tech (Language barriers the size of Montana, & that’s when you’re not cycled through the call queue several times requiring multiple call backs) the entire experience left me more than comfortable with a regular “old” lock and key. – PerseveringParent, Best Buy 9/2019

August Smart Lock Installation

Check out this 3-minute video for a brief tutorial on how to install the August Smart Lock and keypad.

Alternatives To The August Smart Lock

View August Smart Lock on Amazon

August smart locks are well-constructed, durable, secure and easy to install (if your deadbolt is compatible). The Bluetooth connectivity makes it a breeze to lock and unlock your door via your smartphone. And while a majority of customer reviews say remote access via the Connect WiFi bridge works well, there are some reports about connectivity issues.

See how August smart locks compare to other top brands in our reviews of the best smart locks. Competition is fierce with this technology, so you may find a smart lock that works better, especially if you want the utmost security and compatibility with your door.

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