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Blink Security Camera Review: Outdoor, Indoor, XT Models, Doorbell, Mini, Wireless, System & More

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Blink camera on table with Alexa in background showing security footage
Blink cameras are all over Amazon, and are relatively affordable. But how reliable and secure are they? Let’s find out.

Blink began in 2016 with an inexpensive, battery-powered indoor camera, and since its acquisition by Amazon in 2017 has released an array of self-monitoring home cameras. Today, Blink offers affordable and low-maintenance camera options for those looking for basic security features. While these cameras may lack some of the services and equipment of competitors, they are a great entry point into the world of home security.

Do you really need all the bells and whistles for a quality security camera? Only you can decide, but we can help.

Product Name: Blink Security Cameras

Product Description: Blink offers various interior and exterior cameras for DIY home monitoring.


Blink cameras have easy, DIY installation and up to two years of battery life for wireless options. With simple equipment for the tech-averse and affordable video storage, Blink has continued to be a leader in the world of home security. Still, users have given recent app updates a thumbs-down, making us caution anyone considering these security cameras.

Overall Score

  • Technology
  • Ease Of Use
  • Customer Service
  • Overall Value


  • Budget-friendly
  • Wireless and wired camera options
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Local video storage
  • Low-cost cloud storage
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices


  • Glitches in app
  • Relies on a Wi-Fi connection
  • Requires a hub to connect
  • No continuous recording
  • Must purchase Blink Subscription for cloud storage
  • Some customers report that the motion detection is too sensitive

Consumer Review

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Alternatives to Blink Security

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15 Key Features

  1. Blink offers cameras for indoor and outdoor use
  2. Up to 1080p HD resolution
  3. Infrared night vision
  4. Field of view: 110°
  5. Operating temperature: -4° to 113°F (-20° to 45°C)
  6. Can connect up to 10 cameras on one account
  7. Two AA lithium batteries last up to 2 years, depending on device settings, usage, and environmental factors
  8. Use the Blink Home Monitor app to monitor your cameras while away
  9. 100-foot range
  10. Ability to adjust the sensitivity, so pets don’t trigger the camera(s)
  11. Two-way audio
  12. Weather-resistant models to withstand elements
  13. Wired and wireless cameras are available
  14. Store video clips and photos in the cloud (requires subscription) or save locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 via a USB drive (sold separately)
  15. Video clips have a default length of 5 seconds, but you can record up to 60 seconds
A house at sunset with the interior lights on.
Blink’s latest addition to its lineup is a wired floodlight camera offering up to 2,600 lumens of light whenever motion is detected.

Packages And Pricing

The basic Blink installation kit comes with one camera, a mount and mounting kit, a USB cable, and a power adapter. From there, you can buy configurations of multi-camera kits to suit your security needs.

How To Install Blink Cameras

Setting up Blink Cameras is a breeze, even for the most technology-illiterate folks:

  1. Plug the Sync Module into a wall outlet
  2. Download and launch the Blink Home Monitor app on your iOS or Android phone and scan the camera’s QR code. Follow the in-app instructions to name your cameras and connect them to your smartphone.
  3. Place your Blink camera(s) where you want them (keeping in mind the 100′ range)

Blink Camera Storage Options

Unfortunately, Blink has discontinued their free cloud storage. Now users are left with using local storage with limited features or purchasing one of Blink’s two subscription plans. The basic plan costs $3 per month ($30 per year) vs. the premium option for $10 a month ($100 per year).

Local StorageBasic PlanPlus Plan
Motion-activated notificationsGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Live streamingGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Video sharingGreen checkmarkGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Live view recordingGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Video history (60 days)Green checkmarkGreen checkmark
Quick video accessGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Photo captureGreen checkmarkGreen checkmark
Number of cameras101Unlimited
10% off Blink ProductsGreen checkmark
Extended warrantyGreen checkmark

Consumer Feedback

Blink cameras have mixed reviews. While some praise Blink for its simple and effective monitoring, others note that the app has glitches and the motion detection is either too sensitive or misses significant events.


I love the app and the cameras they are great! The system gets the job done and does it well. The only thing I would like as a customer and to give the app 5 stars would be to have timers for each camera. It’s a shame they all have to be on the same timer. I would like to individually set when certain ones arm and disarm individually. Please add this feature 🙂

Ian Outerbridge, Google Play 11/26/2022

I love blink, it gives me more supervision and check in opportunities with my kids while I work. The only bummer is the clip length. It will cut off in the middle of a recording instead of recording all activity. It’s very frustrating. Also we are unable to check live view of our doorbell. The button has to be pushed or motion activated and in action to have live feed. If these things were fixed it would be 5 stars all the way.

Heather B., Google Play 10/7/2022


It’s a disappointing app. The hardware for the camera is fine, but the software is underwhelming. I’ve had many quirks that required a reset through only one month of use. Now, I get motion notifications and clicking them takes me to a live view, even if the notification is an hour old and there is a recording of the motion. Sometimes notifications just stop coming for a couple days at a time. I’ve got tons of old video clips, but I don’t think I can batch delete them or mark them as viewed.

Joel Camins, Google Play 1/20/2023

Motion detection is awful! The camera rarely detects motion, like I literally can here packages being placed by my door and no motion is detected! If I adjust the sensitivity, I pickup every single bit of motion possible, especially street traffic! And if I do try to look at the camera, I get the camera is busy error or there is a delay in the connectivity. For the record, I do have a sync module.

Blush Peach, Google Play 1/14/2023

Blink vs Other Security Cameras

If you want a wireless camera (or cameras) that can record audio and video, Blink is a definite contender. However, Blink’s recent software issues are cause for concern. If you aren’t able to view the video footage, there’s really no point in having cameras.

If you’re considering your options, check out our comparison of Blink versus other security cameras in our comprehensive review. We bring you the pros and cons for each camera and have a comparison table so you can quickly see how the cameras’ features vary.

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