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Are You Allowed To Bring A Taser On An Airplane?

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Passengers boarding an airplane on the tarmac
Everyone board! Question is – can you bring your taser on this plane?

Traveling is an exciting experience for new and seasoned passengers alike. However, navigating the airport and following all regulations is stressful for many, especially when you aren’t sure what you can and can’t bring on a plane.

Many people travel with self-defense devices, especially when exploring an unfamiliar place. Self-defense devices like tasers are helpful for anyone that wants an extra layer of security during their adventures. But can you bring a taser on a plane, or will you have to get rid of it before you board?

What Does The TSA Say?

When you pack your bags for your upcoming trip, you might ask: are you allowed to bring a taser on a plane? The first place to refer to before making this decision is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

According to TSA regulations, passengers can carry a taser on airplanes – under certain conditions. Before packing your taser, ensure that you meet TSA requirements to avoid an unwelcome surprise at the airport.

Carry-On Bags Versus Checked Luggage: Where Should You Keep Your Taser?

TSA regulations allow you to pack and ship your taser provided that you place the device in your checked baggage, not your carry-on luggage. Though you can bring your taser in your checked baggage, ensure that your baggage adheres to the following requirements:

  • Tasers and other conducted electrical weapons must be transported in a way that will render the device safe from accidental, damaging discharge.
  • Your baggage meets TSA’s no lithium battery restrictions.

If you are considering packing your taser in your carry-on luggage, switch to your checked baggage as soon as possible. You could face severe problems if you attempt to bring your taser in your carry-on, from having your taser confiscated by security to incurring criminal charges.

Don’t Forget Airline Regulations

While TSA states guidelines for packing your taser, your airline might have additional regulations that could cause trouble if you don’t follow the proper guidelines. So, can you bring a taser on a plane with any airline? Before you head to the airport, check the specifications for your airline to ensure that your taser is good to come with you.

Airlines That Follow TSA Regulations

While all airlines prohibit tasers in your carry-on luggage, some slightly deviate from traditional TSA regulations. However, anyone flying Delta or Southwest Airlines will follow standard TSA guidelines. You can carry a taser in your checked baggage without issues as long as you adhere to TSA standards.

Airlines That Deviate From TSA Standards

Some airlines have additional requirements and regulations for carrying tasers in your checked luggage. For instance, United Airlines allows tasers in checked baggage but holds the additional requirement of removing the power source of any taser.

What Happens If TSA Confiscates Your Taser?

Sometimes, little things slip your mind, and you forget to remove or pack something in your carry-on. While you know not to keep your taser in a carry-on bag, you might wonder what will happen if TSA confiscates your taser if you forget to remove the device.

There are a few potential outcomes of leaving your taser in a carry-on bag. If TSA finds a taser in your carry-on bag, you will be stopped by security and pulled aside. The ultimate decision falls into the hands of your TSA agent.

For instance, the TSA agent might decide to confiscate your taser and prohibit you from bringing it on your travels. If you are with people you know who aren’t traveling, you might be allowed to give it to them to take back. After removing the batteries, you may be allowed to move your taser to your checked baggage. Depending on your state and airline regulations, attempting to carry tasers through TSA could incur criminal charges against you.

State-By-State Guidelines

Whether you can bring a taser to the airport depends on the legality of tasers in your state. Many states require a taser permit, while some require a background check or outright ban taser ownership.

States That Require A Permit To Own A Taser

First, the states that require a permit to own a taser are as follows:

  • Delaware
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • New Mexico
  • Illinois

States That Require A Background Check To Own A Taser

Some states will require a thorough background check to guarantee that you can handle a taser. These states include the following.

  • Minnesota
  • Maryland
  • Illinois

States That Have Banned Tasers

Finally, there are some areas in the United States where tasers are banned entirely. The two notable states with a ban on tasers are as follows.

  • Rhode Island
  • Hawaii

Domestic and International Guidelines

Guidelines for carrying a taser on a plane might differ depending on if you are taking a domestic or international flight. Following state-by-state regulations and laws when traveling with a taser is essential. However, it’s crucial to leave your taser at home if you are traveling internationally. Many countries ban civilian taser ownership entirely, meaning traveling with a taser can cause serious legal issues no matter how it is stored.

Can You Bring Other Self-Defense Devices With You?

Nunchucks on a karate uniform
These nunchucks may provide great defense on the street, but will the TSA and airlines allow you to carry them on board?

Even if you don’t have a taser to travel with or want to leave your taser behind, you might want to bring other self-defense devices on your journey. So, can you bring other self-defense devices with you on a plane?

Devices like self-defense sprays are not permitted in carry-on luggage but are allowed by the TSA in checked baggage. However, some airlines will not allow you to carry self-defense sprays, and any spray with more than two percent by mass of tear gas is prohibited.

You can also bring pocket knives and sharp objects in your checked baggage. Still, you are not permitted to carry these items in your checked baggage. Ultimately, it’s best to check with specific airlines and TSA regulations before bringing a self-defense device along with you.

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