Security Systems

Home security has changed quite a bit since the old days of landline systems where burglars could cut the wire to sever communications between your home and a monitoring station. We’ve entered the era of smart technology, and home security is catching up to the times.

Along with a plethora of DIY offerings (think easy self-install at your own convenience vs having a professional hardwire equipment on a scheduled installation day and time), home security has expanded from the typical motion and door/window sensors to smart home technology that integrates everything from your door locks and light switches to your thermostats. The technology and terminology can be overwhelming, so we put together a guide on home security systems to help.

AT&T Digital Life Reviews: App, Sensors, Water And Carbon Monoxide Detection, Contract Length, Discounts, And More

AT&T Digital Life security sign in yard (caption: AT&T Digital Life Review)

AT&T Digital Life offers security and smart home equipment to help secure your residence. While you have access to more equipment options than most competitors offer in their lineup, their system doesn’t integrate with as many devices. If you’re starting from scratch, this may be a good option for you. But if you’re looking to integrate existing equipment with the AT&T Digital Life system, you may be out of luck. Our experts help you find out if this is the system for you.

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Blue By ADT Review: App, Camera, Light, Doorbell, Promo Code, vs SimpliSafe, And More

Blue by ADT equipment (Caption: Blue By ADT Review)

ADT has finally embraced a DIY home security system. After being in business for almost 150 years, ADT acquired LifeShield in 2019 to offer a DIY system for those who don’t want to hassle with professional installation. Now you don’t have to worry about installation fees, missing work to be home for the installer to arrive, or given that there’s a pandemic, welcoming a stranger into your home. That’s because it’s easy to setup your Blue by ADT system yourself, and we’ll show you just how easy. But is Blue as good as other DIY home security systems? And with the fairly new acquisition, are you getting more ADT or more LifeShield, and is either of those a good thing? Our experts find out in our Blue By ADT review.

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ADT App Review: Pulse, Control, And Blue By ADT – For iOS, Android, PC, Windows, And Smart TV’s – Installation And Troubleshooting

ADT App in living room (caption: ADT App Review)

ADT Pulse combines the well-known company’s alarm system with home automation and monitored video surveillance. But what equipment and features does ADT Pulse have to offer? And is it worth the higher-than-average price tag? We answer these questions and more to help you determine if ADT Pulse is the best fit for your home security and automation needs.

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Abode Security Review: Iota All-In-One Home Security System, Camera, DIY, Compatible Devices, Coupon, And More

Abode security system on counter (Caption: Abode Security Review)

Abode (not to be confused with the Adobe line of creative software) is a solid home security system for those of you who want no contracts and a low professional monitoring fee. Their all-in-one Iota system is easy to install, and there’s a wide range of equipment to choose from. So why isn’t Abode as widely talked about as its competitors? Our experts dive in to find out.

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Abode vs SimpliSafe: Home Security Systems Compared

Abode vs SimpliSafe side by side (caption: Abode vs SimpliSafe)

SimpliSafe and Abode offer security systems with no long-term contracts. You purchase the equipment, pay for your monitoring plan and stop service whenever you want. SimpliSafe is a household name with its multi-platform advertisements and Abode is still a rather small company. But could Abode protect your home just as well as SimpliSafe for less money?

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