Danielle DeGroot

Danielle has been a professional writer for many years, working with companies and brands all over the world. She holds a BS in Communication and Marketing from CSU Global and uses her skills to help others share their voices. She has researched and covered a wide range of subjects, from eco-friendly living and burial to healthy living, technology, education, science, small business, and more. Her passion is connecting people with useful information and helping others find their voice. Prior to starting her writing career, Danielle worked in public education, where she worked to support and educate children with disabilities. She works hard to stay on top of the latest changes in safety, technology, and living, which allows her to continue researching and sharing pertinent information to better others’ lives.

A young girl looking through telescope with an adult behind her pointing.

4 Best Telescopes: SVBONY vs Celestron vs Gskyer

I, like many people, have a fascination with our celestial skies. If you’ve never used a telescope to magnify our mysterious galaxy, you don’t know what you’re missing. From seeing twinkling stars and planets to identifying constellations and watching celestial events, a telescope is an amazing window into the unknown. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover something unknown to man. However, not all telescopes are the same, so I’ll help you choose the best telescope for your needs and skill level.

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