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9 Best Date Night Box Subscriptions To Spice Up Your Relationship

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Couple enjoying a date night game together.
Spice up date night with these ideas to heat up the romance (and competition).
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When you’ve been married or dating for a couple of years, finding creative ways to spend quality time together gets hard, especially at home. Netflix and popcorn can only go so far, after all. If you feel like you’ve “been there, done that” with your time spent together at home, subscribing to a monthly date night box could help mix things up. They’re cheaper than dinner and a movie out — and you don’t have to pay a sitter.

I’ll help you decide which at-home date night box is the best fit for you and your partner’s interests and budget. However, with total transparency, I recommend that you consider some other subscription boxes that aren’t “date-night” kits. And I’ll give you several other options here. In my opinion, many of the traditional date night kits aren’t worth your money.

WinnerRunner-UpThird Place
Date Night In BoxDateBox ClubCrated With Love
Date Night In BoxDateBox ClubCrated With Love
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead Review

Best Date Night Boxes

I based my reviews of the best date night subscription boxes on several factors, including the creativity and variety of activities, the quality of products included, pricing, and more.

Consider a date night box gift as a fun and meaningful wedding or bridal shower present. Monthly subscription boxes for couples can be far more unique and long-lasting than traditional presents.

Winner: Date Night In Box Review

Date Night In Box layflat.

Visit Website | View on Cratejoy

Date Night In Box gets our top spot for having the best variety of themes and quality products. Like other boxes, you get a new theme each month, but with Date Night In Box, you can tell they put a lot of thought behind creative, interactive activities. You can subscribe for monthly deliveries or make individual box purchases from dozens of different themes and activities.

All boxes have creative activities (games, puzzles, arts & crafts, etc.), accessories to set the mood, high-quality snacks, chef-inspired recipes, and more. Themes include everything from “That’s So 70s” and “Tahitian Traditions” to edible “Body Art” and “Adult Only Romance.” They even offer a Christian faith-based box. You can see detailed pictures of previous boxes to give you a good idea of what to expect.

Date Night In Box has been helping couples spice up their date nights for well over a decade, and they get excellent customer reviews for the quality of items you get. I also love that the company employs individuals with disabilities to help pack their subscription boxes every month.

Excellent quality itemsOn the pricey side
Lots of different themes
Comes with themed accessories to set the mood
Subscription and one-time purchases
Free shipping

Date Night In Box Pricing

The following pricing is their subscription service. Individual boxes range from $39.99 to $120 for premium boxes.

  • $45.98 month-to-month
  • $131 for 3 months
  • $262 for 6 months
  • $511 for 12 months

Runner-Up: DateBox Club Review

DateBox Club box.

Visit Website

DateBox Club’s date nights are “designed to maximize your time together and bring you closer together.” Each box contains a detailed itinerary, an activity, snacks, and signature “connection cards” with creative questions. Themes include paint night, truth or dare Jenga, string art, creating a journal, and much more. Their site has photos of what to expect in their boxes.

You also get a free digital date night with your first shipment. You can skip, pause or cancel your subscription any time. If you don’t want the monthly box, you can find some of their most popular activities and full boxes on Amazon for a one-time purchase. The site also many fantastic free date night ideas.

Fun games and activitiesThemes aren’t quite as varied as Date In Box (e.g., no cooking activities)
Can skip, pause, or cancel anytime on month-to-month plansSome customers say it’s not a great value for what you get
Can purchase individual items on Amazon
DIY digital date night option for $5/month
Free shipping

DateBox Club Pricing

  • $39.95 month-to-month
  • $110.85 for 3 months
  • $197.70 for 6 months
  • $383.40 for 12 months

Third Place: Crated With Love Review

Crated With Love.

Visit Website | View on Amazon

Crated With Love is a date night subscription box service that’s geared toward lighthearted fun at a more affordable price than many other date boxes. In every Crated With Love box, you’ll receive 4-5 games and activities (“focused on laughter”), recipes, movie lists, and Spotify playlists that all center on the month’s theme. Themes include 90s trivia and music, retro game show, jungle survival, under the sea adventures, and more.

Crated With Love also offers several of its past bestselling boxes for a one-time purchase on Amazon and its website. These activities and games can have you exploring space together, solving an escape room mystery, playing a unique version of spin the bottle, and more. Their boxes get overall good reviews from customers.

Affordably pricedSome customers say boxes can be hit or miss
Get 4-5 activities in each boxNo arts, crafts, or cooking activities
Positive customer service reviews
30-day return policy on any box you don’t like
Pause, skip, or cancel anytime on month-to-month plans

Crated With Love Pricing

If you don’t want to subscribe, you have the option of a one-time purchase for $35.

  • $25 month-to-month
  • $135 for 6 months
  • View all options

Honorable Mention: Happily Review

Happily craft box.

Visit Website

When you sign up for Happily’s subscription, you fill out a questionnaire about your interests, personalities, likes and dislikes, etc., to help them choose the best date boxes each month for you and your partner. Some of their previous themes include an evening of art, cheese and wine tasting, gourmet cooking, and dance lessons. I like the personalized approach; unfortunately, I couldn’t find any detailed photos of what’s included in their boxes on their site, which is a big drawback.

Personalized based on your online quizNo details or photos of what’s included in typical boxes
Good variety of themesSome complaints that it’s difficult to cancel subscriptions
Also offers affordable one-click digital activities
Free shipping

Happily Pricing

  • $39.99 month-to-month
  • $110.97 for 3 months
  • $197.94 for 6 months

More Date Night Ideas & Kits For Specific Interests

You don’t necessarily need a traditional “date night box” to find your perfect at-home time together. If you’re into true crime murders, mysteries, adventures, arts & crafts, or simply sharing unique cocktails, I’ve got you covered with some other date night kits you can find.

Best For Crafters: The Adults & Crafts Crate Review

The Adults & Crafts Crate layflat.

View on Cratejoy

I and many others find crafting a perfect activity to relax and reduce stress. If you and your significant other love creative, hands-on projects, this monthly subscription box is certainly one you’ll want to consider. Every month, you’ll receive a different craft with all the tools, materials, and instructions you’ll need. 

Project examples include building a wooden wine caddy, designing a mosaic tray, creating resin agate coasters, and much more. The Adults & Crafts Crate is also a fantastic way to learn new crafting skills, such as wood burning or engraving. The quality of materials and projects is impressive. Each box is designed to make one item, so you can either share your crafting or purchase two subscriptions for double the fun.

High-quality craftsCan get pricey if you’re purchasing two subscriptions
All tools and materials includedDoesn’t offer free shipping
Can create beautiful items for your home
Ability to request specific kits each month requests
Cancel month-to-month subscription anytime
Gets excellent customer reviews


You can save up to 8.5% by subscribing for multiple months.

  • $35 month-to-month
  • $102 for 3 months
  • $198 for 6 months
  • $384 for 12 months

Best Games To Solve The Killer: Mysterious Package Company Review

Mysterious Package Company murder mystery box.

Visit Website

If you and your partner are hard-core true crime fans, I wholeheartedly recommend the Mysterious Package Company’s Murder Mysteries line of unique and highly immersive games. The wanna-be detective in you will pour through case files, autopsy reports, evidence bags (with real physical items), scribbled detective notes — and, of course, many suspects.

Each game has a well-thought-out theme and story. For example, “Lights, Camera, Murder!” involves the murder of a Hollywood film star and her estranged ex-husband, found in a movie studio’s backlot. The case takes you through some not-so-savory areas of Los Angeles. while you put all the pieces together. The games are super challenging and a fun way to work hand-in-hand with your fellow sleuth.

Includes thorough narratives, props, clues, and moreSome games sell out quickly
Hours-long funHigh shipping fees
No subscription required
Also offers escape room, paranormal, sci-fi, and other types of mystery games

Mysterious Package Company Pricing

Best For Global Adventures: Finders Seekers Review

Finders Seekers  box layflat.

Visit Website | View on Cratejoy

Are you and your significant other interested in exploring the globe while solving mysteries from the comfort of your home? Finders Seekers is a fun and challenging mystery game subscription box that doesn’t involve dead bodies (if that’s not your thing). All boxes also include theme-related authentic recipes and music playlists to accompany your game night.

Every month, you’ll receive a new game focused on a different city in the world (e.g., Prague, Barcelona, Timbuktu, Machu Picchu, San Francisco, etc.). Not only do you get to solve a mystery full of fun clues, but you also get interesting, detailed facts about each location. Sure, it’s not the same as adventuring to different parts of the world in person, but it may spark your interest in future travel ideas as a couple.

Affordable subscription pricingA few customers say that games aren’t as mentally challenging as some similar ones
A fun way to learn about cities around the worldShipping is an extra $6 each month
Can cancel month-to-month subscription anytime
Includes regional recipes and music playlists
Excellent customer reviews for a relaxing but fun game night

Finders Seekers Pricing

You can save up to 20% by subscribing for multiple months.

  • $33 month-to-month
  • $89.10 for 3 months
  • $168 for 6 months
  • $316.80 for 12 months

Best For Happy Hours: Cocktail Courier Review

Unboxing Cocktail Courier box.

View on Cratejoy

If you and your partner love sharing drinks and conversation, why not spend a few evenings concocting and exploring some new creations every month? With Cocktail Courier’s Premium Alcohol Cocktail Kit Subscription, you get fresh and unique ingredients, a recipe card, and tips to hone your bartending skills. Each kit serves 6 to 8 cocktails, and some contain snacks that pair perfectly with your drinks.

Cocktail Couriers’ recipes include premium alcohol brands, fresh citrus, top-shelf mixers, and seasonal ingredients. Once you sign up for a subscription, you can choose your spirit preferences, and you can swap out your upcoming delivery for another kit you’d rather have.

Due to state laws, Cocktail Couriers is unable to ship kits with alcohol to AK, AL, AR, HI, ID, MA, MI, NC, OH, TN, UT, and VA. However, the company offers a non-alcohol subscription with all the ingredients you’ll need to add your own spirits.

Some yummy examples include the following:

  • Nutcracker Mule (Grey Goose vodka, spiced pecan syrup, lemons, and ginger beer)
  • Spiced Old Fashioned (Wild Turkey, chai tea, sweet café de olla syrup, chocolate bitters)
  • Au Cheval (apple liquor, lemon, and honey)
  • M&M (Amaro Montenegro, Mezcal, and orange slices).
Excellent quality ingredientsOn the pricey side
Can personalize your cocktail preferencesMust have some cocktail accessories on hand for some recipes
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic subscriptions
Fantastic customer reviews
Free shipping

Cocktail Couriers Pricing

You can save up to 12.5% by subscribing for multiple months.

Month-to-Month3 Months6 Months12 Months

Best For Intimacy: Mystery Pleasure Box Review

Mystery Pleasure Box and contents.

View on Cratejoy

Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Mystery Pleasure Box is a highly-rated monthly adult subscription box filled with products (sex toys, body oils, lingerie, etc.) to add intimacy and exploration to your relationship. Each pleasure box contains 6-7 items and an insert explaining every product. All are high-quality, full-size items (no small samples). Although it’s a bit pricey, the adult products are long-lasting and can help keep the magic alive.

High-quality, full-size productsOn the pricey side
Good variety of items each monthDoesn’t offer free shipping
Subscription options for same-sex couples
Discreet shipping
Excellent customer reviews

Mystery Pleasure Box Pricing

You can save over 3% by subscribing for multiple months.

  • $59.99 for 1 month
  • $177 for 3 months
  • $351 for 6 months
  • $696 for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other questions about date night kits? See the following questions people ask most about monthly subscription boxes for couples. If you don’t see yours here, ask me in our comments below.

What Is A Date In A Box?

Simply put, a date in a box is a service that carefully curates date nights for you and delivers it straight to your door. Traditional date boxes include activities, recipes, music ideas, and more centered around a fun theme each month. But if you and your partner aren’t into a large variety of activities or themes, you have more options, which I reviewed above.

What Comes In A Date Box?

With traditional date night kits, you’ll typically receive carefully curated themes for each date night. This means your box will include games/activities, snacks, and other items that follow an itinerary for how your date should go. Some companies include recipe and playlist ideas to help you with the ambiance of your evening.

Do All Date Night Kits Require A Subscription?

No. Most of the monthly subscription boxes for couples that I review here give you an alternative option for one-time purchases. That’s an excellent option if you want to know exactly what you’re paying for. However, if you enjoy being surprised about what’s coming each month, a subscription could be your better option.

Is There A Long Distance Date Night Box?

As you might imagine, a physical date night box doesn’t work for long-distance relationships. However, you may want to consider Virtual Date Night, which is available on Etsy. This $8 package includes six online games and activities geared toward couples that you and your remote partner can play together. You an get instant download when you purchase this package. It gets great reviews from customers who are in long-distance relationships. Escape the Crate also offers some virtual games ($19.99 each) you can play together.

Want Date Ideas For A Rainy Day?

Check out this brief video that gives you some ideas of how you can turn a rainy day into a romantic and fun time with your significant other.

Getting Away From It All

As fun as date night can be, traveling is also important for couples to bond and enjoy new sights and experiences together. See our reviews of the best travel websites to book your next couples’ vacation. And if you’re into more adventurous outings, you can find some fantastic excursion opportunities through the best travel adventure companies.

Have any unique date night ideas? Share in our comments.

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