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Guardian Security System Reviews: Customer Service, Car System, Camera System, GPS System, App & More

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Guardian installer putting up outdoor security camera (caption: Guardian Security Review)Guardian Protection has been around for 40+ years and is one of the old-guard security companies that require professional installation and long-term contracts. However, they have a sleek, modern system for today’s smart home and a good customer service reputation.

With so many different home security options, is Guardian the best company to watch over your home and loved ones?

Article Overview

Is Everyone’s Experience With Guardian The Same?

Guardian is sold through different authorized dealers around the country (similar to how ADT operates). Therefore, your costs, installation experience, and tech support will vary, even when the equipment, contracts, and monitoring tend to be similar. For this reason, we’ve taken a look at Guardian user feedback from across the U.S. to identify patterns and commonalities to share in our review.

Guardian Protection

Customer Service & Reputation 7.5
Equipment 8.5
Technology 6.5
Value 4.0
Ease Of Use 7.5


  • Has two monitoring stations
  • All equipment is wireless
  • All plans have cellular monitoring
  • Overall good customer service
  • Compatible with Z-Wave and Alexa


  • Three or five-year contract required
  • Requires a technician to visit your home and install
  • Among the most expensive compared to its competitors
  • Hefty early termination fees
  • Limited availability in the U.S.

Burglar breaking into home (Caption: Best Home Security Systems)Alternatives To Guardian

Don’t like the score you’re seeing? Our home security experts have reviewed over a dozen providers. Check out our best home security systems showdown for our top picks this year.

Key Features

Guardian Security Equipment

  • Two monitoring stations, so if one goes down (e.g., due to a natural disaster), the other acts as a backup.
  • Cellular monitoring for all plans
  • Customer service options: phone, email, and FAQs
  • BBB rating: A- (accredited)
  • Touch screen IQ2 panel with a glass-break detector and hands-free Bluetooth disarming
  • Pet-friendly motion sensors ignore the motion of pets under 40 pounds
  • Guardian app lets you monitor your system while you’re away
  • Z-Wave connectivity to home automation equipment
  • Only a one-year warranty (some competitors offer lifetime warranties)
  • Up to $500 theft protection guarantee goes towards your insurance deductible if your home is burglarized while your system is armed
  • Only available in select cities in eight states (Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas) and the Metro DC area

Battery Backup

If the power goes out in your home, the battery backup will keep your Guardian system active and your home protected. Guardian has a 24-hour battery backup, which is the standard in home security.

App Features

Android App | iOS App

Below are typical functions you should expect from a home security app. The included column lists those supported by the Guardian app. Please know that to use some of the features, you must have certain equipment. For example, you cannot lock/unlock doors unless you have smart locks in place that are compatible with your security system.

Function Included
Arm/Disarm System Checkmark
Smart Plug Control
Lock/Unlock Smart Doors Checkmark
View Camera Live Stream Checkmark
Camera Controls (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
View Recorded Video Checkmark
View Doorbell Camera Checkmark
Image Sensor Images Checkmark
Event History Checkmark
Weather Checkmark
Smart Thermostat Controls Checkmark
Control Lights Checkmark
Create Programs/Schedules Checkmark
Garage Door Control Checkmark
Geofencing Checkmark
Multi-Factor Authentication Checkmark

Pricing & Monitoring

Unfortunately, Guardian has no pricing on their website, but from what we’ve been able to find, their equipment pricing and monitoring fees are higher than average. You can expect to pay between $250 and $1,000+ for the equipment, depending on your needs. Monthly monitoring fees are $45.99 per month (for basic security and automation) and $55.99 per month (for security, automation, and video).

They also typically charge $99 for professional installation, which is required. You may have options to pay equipment costs upfront or finance them over time if your credit is good. We’ve also seen that Guardian offers occasional deals for new system purchases.

Below is a sampling of Guardian’s packages listed on their website. Visit Guardian’s website to see all available packages.

Bachelor(ette) Pad Essentials Burglar Buster Pet Parent Frequent Flyer The Works
IQ2 Panel 1 1 1 1 1 1
Door/Window Sensor 3 3 3 3 3 5
Motion Detector 1 1 1 1 1 1
110db Siren 1 1
Glass Break Sensor 1 1
Indoor Camera 1 1 1 1
Outdoor Camera 1 1
Video Doorbell 1 1 1
Streaming Video Recorder 1
CO Detector 1 1
Smoke/Heat Detector 1 1 2 1 1
Water/Flood Sensor 1
Room Temperature Sensors 1 1
Medical Pendant 1
Smart Thermostat 1 1 1
Smart Door Lock 1 1 1
Smart Light Module 1 1 1 1
Smart Garage Door Opener 1 1
Key Fob


Our link above applies discounts if available.

What Do People Think Of Guardian?

Positive Reviews

Guardian Protection is a great system. They were there immediately with a phone call to ensure that everything was ok. If there were any issues or concerns that I had, they walked me through it to solve the problem. I highly recommend Guardian Protection for any one who has security needs. – Keith, Trustpilot 8/4/2020

Guardian was very professional during installation and was so great with our 2 year old making sure the alarm didn’t scare him. We were also so grateful that they made sure to wear a mask during this time of uncertainty with the COVID19 pandemic. It really put us more at ease with allowing someone into our home. – Ashlyn M., BBB 5/2/2020

Negative Reviews

I have had Guardian Protection Services for over 10 years. I recently called to discuss my options, as my system is very outdated, and sending false alarms in the moddle.of the night! I was told that I could pay for someone to fix the faulty sensor (that the tech could see was bad) or I could pay another “installation fee” upgrade my system and save $1.00 per month. Really, Guardian? This is nothing more than an insult. I had no problem signing a new contract. Obviously I have been a loyal customer for 10 years. However, I do have a problem paying for another installation fee, and signing a new contract to save $1.00 a month. Horrible customer service!!

Guardian is a terrible company to do business with. Its contract management practices are setup strictly to lock you into a long term agreement and a mediocre alarm system. – When you call to confirm your contract end date, for some reason they cannot tell you on the phone it must be emailed. – When you attempt to cancel ahead of this date, they threaten you with a $700 cancellation notice – They tell you you must provide 30 days notice, but when you tell them to end your contract at the end of the current agreement date they tell you you must call back closer to the agreement date. For a company whose job is to help protect your home, they leave A LOT to be desired in the trust department! My real rating is ZERO stars! – Marcus S., BBB 4/29/2020

Guardian’s Competition

Home security app (caption: Home Security Systems Reviews)Guardian offers a good lineup of security and smart home equipment. Overall, they have impressive customer reviews for everything, from installation and tech support to reliable monitoring and customer service. However, we’re not fans of their long-term contracts and much higher than average pricing. Can you get a better system without being tied down by a long-term commitment? See how Guardian compares to other home security companies we have covered.

Do you think Guardian has what it takes to secure and automate your home?

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