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6 Must-Follow Home Security Tips For Apartments

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Inside apartment bedroom (Caption: Apartment Safety Tips) Whether you are an apartment landlord or a renter, you have the same goal, and that is to ensure the ultimate safety of anyone that inhabits the apartment space.

With the advent of smart technology, there are some great ways to achieve high-quality apartment security, and the following are six of our favorite apartment safety tips to do it.

Tips To Keep Your Apartment Safe

These home security tips for apartment living come from our apartment expert Sam Radbil at ABODO Apartments, an apartment marketplace website that makes apartment hunting easier for people all across the country.

1. Create A Smart Entry System

Smart LockFor many years deadbolt locks were the first line of home security. A good deadbolt was very difficult to pick, and other than kicking in the front door, intruders would have problems with deadbolts.

An inside chain or hotel-type lock added additional security as one could open the door partway without having to automatically let a would-be intruder in while attempting to identify them.

Finally, for ultimate security, some bad-neighborhood apartment dwellers would use a two-by-four bracing system that would require someone to literally break down the door to gain entry.

Now smart door entryway systems are available that can remotely and automatically lock a strong deadbolt while allowing access with a code.

Learn More About Smart Locks 

2. Lighting Is Key

Smart lighting systems can help with security, and it’s as simple as that. First, get rid of all the incandescent and fluorescent bulbs you can and replace them with efficient LEDs. Them, get a smart app that allows you to control hues and brightness remotely. When lighting changes randomly in an apartment, would-be intruders will think someone is home.

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3. Keep An Eye On Activity With Cameras

Indoor CameraVideo camera systems used to be big and bulky, but they are not anymore. As you have undoubtedly seen, camera systems can now be unobtrusive, and you and/or your tenants might not even be aware that they are there. Best of all, with a smart system, you can see what’s going on in your residence from your mobile device.

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4. Consider Motion Sensors

Motion SensorsA little old-school, but smart motion sensors can let you know if something unwanted is moving in your apartment. Again, you can view everything from your phone!

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5. Use Window And Door Sensors

Door & Window SensorsWindow and door sensors can be critical if you leave in a hurry to catch a plane and are paranoid that you left a door or some windows open. If you did make that mistake, these sensors would let you know, and you could call friends to remedy the situation.

Remember, if you have a smart entryway system, you could remotely unlock the front door as soon as your friends arrive.

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6. Get A Video Doorbell

ADT Pulse Doorbell CameraAn upgrade to the smart doorbell is a video-equipped doorbell system. With one of these, you’ll be able to actually see who is trying to gain entrance to your apartment.

Add an audio system to this configuration for even another step up, and you’ll be able to communicate in real-time with anyone that you see at your front door.

Learn More About Video Doorbells

Bonus Apartment Security Tips

Whether you live in a cheap apartment in Columbus, Ohio, or a huge penthouse in New York City, these home security tips for apartments can benefit renters everywhere. But if you want to be extra secure, get a smart carbon monoxide detector to protect you from this lethal colorless and odorless combustion by-product.

Smart tech is quickly evolving, and it’s also important to home buyers, along with renters. So, be sure to check with us often for updates and new product availability.

Learn more about home security for renters and find the best system to keep your flat safe.

What safety tips do you have for renters? 

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