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7 Tips For Keeping Your Vacation Home Secure

Inside log cabin (caption: Tips For Keeping Your Vacation Home Secure)

Owning a vacation home is something many people dream about. But they don’t dream about showing up for a relaxing stay and seeing that their vacation home has been ransacked by burglars. There are things you can do to secure your vacation home and decrease the risk of it being broken into while you’re away…

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Wire Fraud: How It Works & Ways To Prevent It

Man on computer with fraud alert illustration (caption: Wire Fraud: How It Works & Ways To Prevent Being A Victim)

I’ve been hired as an investigator to dig into  cases involving wire fraud. The term “wire fraud” might conjure up images of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes being indicted by the federal government or lawyer Michael Avenatti receiving a ‘superseding’ indictment from a federal grand jury in the SDNY Nike extortion case. But day-to-day, garden-variety wire fraud affects the greater public to a much larger extent…

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10 Home Safety Tips For Caregivers And Their Aging Loved Ones

Woman walking older person in hospital

Since more than 90 percent of seniors wish to age in place, many caregivers are now faced with the task of making the home a safe place for aging loved ones. But between mobility limitations, chronic conditions and even the risk of elderly falls, ensuring a loved one’s safety in the home can become much more difficult. Although there are many obstacles that threaten a senior’s ability to age in place, these tips for caring for the elderly at home will help keep your loved one both healthy and safe for many years to come…

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