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Select Home Warranty Reviews: Do They Have Fake Online Reviews?

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Tools: Select Home Warranty ReviewsWe think you’ll be interested to read our Select Home Warranty Review. We’ve discovered some information that we believe you’ll want to know before signing up for their service. We’ve read through their Terms & Conditions and found limitations that gave us pause. We also uncovered a number of negative customer reviews. Although at the end of this article you may or may not choose to go with Select Home Warranty, it may help you determine what things to look for when buying a new home warranty policy.

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Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty Review
Customer Service & Reputation 0.5
Pricing 4.0
Appliances Covered 2.0
Technicians' Work 4.0
Available In All 50 States 5.0


  • Make a claim 24/7
  • Takes care of your appliance/system in a timely fashion


  • Getting reimbursements and refunds can be a daunting task
  • Not the best customer service reviews
  • Not BBB accredited

Key Features: Terms & Conditions

We glanced over the Terms & Conditions for Select Warranty and came across a few things we liked and a few items we didn’t care for too much. We’ve posted them below in addition to our thoughts.

5.4. Non-Emergency Claims. To make a claim for repair you must contact Select within 3 days following discovery of the malfunctioning and/or inoperability of the system or appliance. The Independent Service Technician will be instructed to provide repair of the appliance or system within two (2) days during normal business hours and four(4) days on weekends and holidays following submission of the claim…

Even though 2-4 days may seem like a long time to go without a stove (or other appliance), we think it’s a reasonable amount of time for a repair to be scheduled and take place. However, during our research, we saw that they don’t always abide by this time limit. Check out these Select Home Warranty complaints below.

8. Select’s Option. Select shall have the sole and exclusive option to:
(iii) In lieu of replacing a system or appliance that is deemed irreparable or it is not cost effective to repair, said determination being made by Select, Select may choose to pay a cash settlement for the irreparable component of the system or appliance. Select is not responsible for installation. The cash settlement shall be in an amount not to exceed the depreciated value of the component/appliance being replaced;
(v) Obtain a second opinion with regard to the cost of replacement without any additional cost to You.

We like that they may give a cash settlement. That way you can choose the appliance you want specifically. However, they are not going to install it for you. We also like that they can get a second opinion without it costing you.

10.1 Dimensions, Brand and Color, Limits. Select will not be responsible for matching a system or appliance’s color, brand, or dimensions and only is responsible for repairing and/or replacing systems or appliances of similar capacity and efficiency…

It sounds like they may not get the right size of appliance you need to replace the old one. So if you have a spot on the wall between cabinets for your microwave, you could end up with one much smaller or larger than the hole allows. We recommend that you measure your appliance that requires replacement before you call, so you can provide this info as well as the make and model for completing your claim.

11.1. Change to Terms of Service. Select Home Warranty reserves the right to revise Terms of Service at any time and users are deemed to be apprised of and bound by any changes to these Terms of Service.

It sounds like they can change their contract at any time, even in the middle of a contract, and you’re still locked into their terms.

14.1. Automatic Renewal. In the event You select the monthly payment option and Select elects to renew your contract, Select will notify You of the rate and term for the renewal period during the tenth month of Your contract and You will be automatically renewed for an annual coverage period unless you notify Select in writing thirty (30) days prior to the Termination Date. Your first payment for the renewed term will be deemed as authorization for another twelve (12) month term.

We think this is a bit out of the ordinary for a company to move you from a month-to-month contract to a 12-month contract with no warning.

Plans & Pricing

There are three different packages from which to choose. Select Home Warranty has a base service fee of $60, but it can vary based on your location.

 Bronze CareGold CarePlatinum CareOptional Add-Ons
Plumbing StoppageCheckmarkPool
Clothes WasherCheckmarkCheckmarkCentral Vacuum
Heating SystemCheckmarkCheckmarkSecond Refrigerator
Water HeaterCheckmarkCheckmarkSump Pump
Garbage DisposalCheckmarkCheckmarkWell Pump
Plumbing systemCheckmarkCheckmarkLimited Roof Leak
RefrigeratorCheckmarkCheckmarkStand Alone Freezer
Stove/OvenCheckmarkCheckmarkLawn Sprinkler System
Microwave Oven (Built In)CheckmarkCheckmarkSeptic System
CooktopCheckmarkCheckmarkIce Maker (In Refrigerator)
DishwasherCheckmarkCheckmarkPlumbing Fixtures/Lighting Fixtures
Clothes DryerCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional AC Unit
DuctworkCheckmarkCheckmarkAdditional Heat/Furnace
Garage Door OpenerCheckmarkAdditional Water Heater
A/C, CoolingCheckmarkCheckmarkSpa
Electrical SystemCheckmarkCheckmark
Ceiling FanCheckmarkCheckmark


There are not any Select Home Warranty Discount Codes available at this time.

Select Home Warranty Video

Here’s an overview of what Select Home Warranty can give you.

Customer Reviews

Overall, we found more negative reviews than positive for Select Home Warranty. The exception was on Consumer Affairs. Select has nearly a five star rating out of more than 800 reviews. We can’t help but question the authenticity of these reviews since we’ve looked at other review sites that are filled with negative reviews. Also, a large amount of the negative reviews on the Consumer Affairs page are reported as “Factual basis uncertain.” So, while we do not know the foundation of this discrepancy, we simply can’t trust the information we found on Consumer Affairs at this time.

Positive Reviews

I had originally called to file a claim. I did get a bit of a run-around to begin with but I am persistent. After 10 phone calls, in 27 hours, to Select Home, I finally reached a manager named Aaron. Aaron read over the notes from my previous calls and politely told me that my claim would be honored and that I should be able to set an appointment with a technician today. He assured me that the information would be forwarded to me by email in the next few hours. – T.T., BBB 7/6/2016

Negative Reviews

The positive? They have responded promptly to my 2 service requests. The negative? In each case, I had to pay in advance and get reimbursed. This is not standard procedure with any home warranty company. When my garbage disposal broke, they said they don’t send technicians, just reimburse for a new one. When the heating element went out in my oven they tried to send a repair person, but the company they had me contact said that they no longer do business with SHW because they have trouble getting paid. Join the club. It took 3 phone calls and several weeks to get the $75 for my garbage disposal. I had my oven repaired in October, and as of today (Feb23) I am STILL WAITING for reimbursement! The first time I called they said they had not received my documentation. I re-sent it, and now have been told 4 separate times over the course of 3 months that “the check will be going out next week”. When I ask to speak to a supervisor I am told that they are all busy, but one will call me back. Of course, that never happens. The really unfortunate thing is that the salesman talked me into a discount for buying a 2 year plan. I would love to cancel, but if I can’t get $120 back, what are the chances I’ll get the rest of my $700? – Diane R., Yelp 2/23/2016

I was sold a 3 year policy for $950. With a promise of a full refund minus already covered months if I decide to cancel. I filed a claim for a clothes dryer. It took 2 weeks for a repair person to show up. He had to order a part. But had to wait for approval form Select. That took another 2 weeks. Select only allowed $100 toward the repair which was $240. The appliance repair person told that Select is a horrible company to deal with. After the repair it took 2 more months before I got a reimbursement check. I decided to cancel my policy. They only refunded me $500. They basically stole $300 form me. They get away with it with all the stipulations in the contract. – E.M., BBB 2/5/2016

Our Thoughts

Visit Select Home Warranty’s Website

We still think having a home warranty is important, especially if you’re trying to sell a house. Even Angie’s List agrees that sellers should offer home warranties with the home. But in the end, we recommend that you consider at least 1-2 other companies in addition to this one. There are too many red flags and we would hate to see you spend your money on a service that may or may not payoff in the long run. We suggest that you also check out one of our top three picks for Best Home Warranty Companies.

Have you had a good or bad experience with a home warranty?

Kimberly researches everything before she buys. She wants to make sure she is getting the best bang for her buck by purchasing the best product/service, which is why she loves her work. She has a degree in Multimedia Journalism and has been researching and writing professionally since 2013 to help consumers make more educated decisions.

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ed s.
HORRIBLE SERVICE–I purchased two policies from them this year, one for my house and one for my daughter’s house in Missouri. In May of this year, my daughter’s AC stopped working. She called the company and did not receive a call back for 5 days. At that time, she was told that they did not have any service agents that could see the unit for weeks, and that she should find a repairman herself which she did. The repair estimate was about $900. The company has done everything to get out of fixing the unit, asking for three years of maintenance records, even though they had only been in the house for about 2 1/2 years, and using every bit of fine print in the contract to say that they would only pay $150 toward the repair. My daughter provided maintenance records for the year before the unit quit working and the home inspection report from when they moved in. One of the family members is a disabled child and they have had to borrow window air conditioners to keep the children cool. The unit is STILL NOT FIXED. If you still think you might want to buy this policy, read EVERYTHING in the policy before you but it to find out all the ways the company will use to try to get out of honoring their commitment.
Buyers beware! This home warranty was a huge waste of money! Our dishwasher stopped cleaning our dishes and they have been a nightmare to work with. I have had to continually follow up on my claim. They have failed to respond to my emails and return my calls even when they have promised to do so. (They apparently only seem to return calls if they are denying your claim). They are denying to cover items that needed to be replace and have cited a contract that differs from the one that was sent to me to sign when I first signed up for the home warranty to justify it. They also do not cover labor cost to repair the broken parts even though their contract only mentions not covering installation in regards to new appliances. After tens of hours trying to resolve the matter, I still have nothing to show for it.
We bought a warranty late last year. Our dishwasher stopped working in March. We made a service request. It took 1 month (and multiple calls to Select Home and the service company before someone stopped by. We paid the service fee. The person left and said control panel had to be replaced. He left. We got an email from Select Home asking for pictures of the dishwasher and model. We submitted pictures. We got an mail from Select Home saying they would send us $125 for us to get dishwasher repaired on our own.

After subtracting the service fee, not much is left of the $125! We had previously used Fidelity — which handled the repairs without us being involved / doing anything (iwth our rentals).

DO NOT USE SELECT HOME! Read reviews!!

Lori Hansen
I was having a/c problems, I called SHW for a tech to come out, got a service number. The a/c company said it was a condenser & coil that went out and I see that that is covered. SHW said that is was not covered because it went out because of a freon leak and Freon and anything it touches is not covered. I called SHW and told them I got a second opinion to look at the second opinion’s bill, there was no freon leak it was a condenser that went out not any freon leak. He said the condenser leaked out the freon, so no payment. Then I was told I needed to have 3 years of service records on the unit, we have only had the house for 2 years. If we did have the records they would only send us $150.00 since that was all they were obligated to do. We have never had a claim or even used the SHW since we purchased a 3 1/2 year plan. I asked for a refund of my purchase price of the warranty, it would be pro rated I was told, minus $75 cancellation fee. I bought the warranty for large item problems with the house. If it’s not 1 loop hole it’s 3 others. After complaining to the BBB, SHW called and offered me $500 to go away.
Nan Kearney
How can I possibly cancel my policy with SHW? I have tried numerous times and I keep getting a run around. I have recently submitted a letter to NJ Attorney General/Consumer Affairs. They stole $2,199.99 from me, I never signed a contract. I need any help to settle this. I’m still paying for home repairs out of pocket.
Can you help?
Thank you, Nancy
Steve R
I appreciate the honesty as most reviews I came about seemed fake, but this confirms they are in fact a bit scammy! Will definitely go with one of the other home warranty companies you recommend, thanks again!

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