Robot Vacuums Reviewed: Neato vs Roomba vs Dyson vs iLife vs Ecovacs Deebot & More

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Do you think vacuuming sucks (literally and figuratively)? Then don’t do it yourself anymore! A robot vacuum can do all your floor cleaning with the press of a button. All you’ll have to do is empty the dust bin.

A robot vacuum cleaner can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000. We suggest reading each vacuum robot review, so you have an idea of what features you’ll get at each price point.

Robot vacuums had steady growth from 2015 to 2016. This is expected to continue into the coming years as smart homes gather greater mainstream acceptance. Are you ready to join the trend and let a robot take over the cleaning?

Best Robot Vacuum

Before we go into our best vacuum robot reviews, we want to mention a few things.

  1. Make sure to pre-clean your house before using one of these. By pre-clean we mean pick up your laundry and small toys, unplug your phone chargers and lamps, etc. so they don’t get damaged by the vacuum. Just like a regular vacuum, you don’t want to knock anything over or suck anything up that isn’t supposed to be vacuumed.
  2. Block off certain objects or rooms you don’t want to be touched. For example, if you have a pet inside and they have a water dish you won’t want the vacuum to bump into it and spill water all over the place. Consider closing the door to the room where the water dish is located, block it off somehow or making sure it’s sturdy enough not to spill.
  3. These vacuums have smaller dirt bins than typical vacuums, so you’ll have to empty it more frequently.
  4. If you have a smart home hub (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.), you can connect most of these smart vacuums to allow voice control activation.

Note: We considered 90 minutes or more an excellent amount of time for a vacbot to run on a single charge (pro). We also added in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant connectivity in this updated review so you can make the “smarter” choice.

iRobot Roomba Review

Roomba 960#1

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If you remember the first Roomba, you will be happy to know that the Roomba has come a long way. The latest and greatest model the Roomba i7+ is a far cry from the original model with self cleaning capabilities and improved navigation. However, the hefty price tag is why we still think the Roomba 960 model is a solid option and our top pick (and is still night and day difference from its former self).

The Roomba 960 is perfectly round and has an arm that swings out to sweep dirt into the Roomba’s path. This version can run for about 75 minutes, and when it needs a charge, it returns to the charging station then resumes cleaning. You can schedule cleanings from the iRobot HOME mobile app, or if you make plans at work for friends to come over, you can turn the vacuum on last minute.

Overall, we found relatively low customer feedback on this vacuum, but there were still a good number of positive reviews, which is why it is our #1 pick for best robot vacuum cleaner and best robot vacuum for pet hair.



  • Automatically returns to charging station to recharge and continue its work
  • Excellent for vacuuming pet hair
  • Use the app to turn the vacuum on or schedule cleaning times
  • View how full the dirt bin is through the app
  • Leaves nice carpet lines since it goes in a pattern
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Vacuums for about 75 minutes before the charge runs out (shorter than our #2 pick)
  • High price point
  • Only 1-pint dust bin

iRobot Roomba Price

Read our in-depth iRobot Roomba Review

Neato Botvac Review

Neato Botvac D80#2
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The Neato Botvac D80 has a d-shape design with CornerClever technology, which allows it to fit into corners and get close to walls to pick up all that dirt. It maps the room and detects objects in real-time to clean the room efficiently. It does not clean by bumping around into objects.

Neato claims to pick up more pet hair than other robot vacuum cleaners. When Neato needs more power, it returns to its charging station and then returns where it left off vacuuming your home.



  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • Bagless 0.7-liter dirt bin
  • Vacuums pet hair great
  • Ability to set a schedule
  • Leaves nice carpet lines since it goes in a pattern
  • Doesn’t run into objects
  • Vacuums for about 90 minutes (longer than others)
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 1-year warranty
  • No verbal warnings about issues (just beeps) so you have to “guess” what’s wrong with it
  • Removing the dirt bin can be messy
  • Sometimes it dies on its way back to the charging station
  • Boundary tape (included to keep the vacuum from dangerous objects) is not aesthetically pleasing

Neato Botvac Price

Shark ION ROBOT 750 Review

Shark ION Robot 750#3

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Customers seem very pleased with their Shark robot vac. It excels at picking up long and short hair, dust, crumbs and more. It connects to Alexa and Google Home, so you can integrate seamlessly into your smart home.

There are some complaints that it doesn’t go in a cleaning pattern like the Roomba does, so some spots go without cleaning. However, it does have high marks for the quality of cleaning it does for the spots it reaches.

It automatically returns to its charging station and is quieter than other robot vacuums. In fact, many customers compare it to the Roomba vacuum but it doesn’t quite warrant a place above Roomba (perhaps in the future!). For now, Shark takes the #3 spot in our reviews.



  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • Is extremely thorough in cleaning
  • Customer reviews say it’s quieter than the Roomba
  • Shark ION ROBOT app to schedule/start cleanings
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Cleaning time on single charge is only about one hour
  • Complaints from users that it cleans randomly and not in a pattern
  • Complaints of Wifi connectivity issues
  • App is not as intuitive as the Roomba’s app, according to user reviews
  • No full bin indicator

Shark Price

Other Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Below you’ll find other automatic vacuum cleaner reviews. Just because they didn’t make our top three doesn’t mean they aren’t worth considering, though. They may be perfect for your needs.

bObsweep | DysonEcovacs Deebot | iLife 

bObsweep Review

bObsweep Robotic Vacuum and MopView on Amazon

The bObsweep Robotic Vacuum and Mop is unique in this article because it can vacuum and mop your floors. It can also sterilize your floors with a UV lamp. Bob will automatically return to its charging station after it’s finished cleaning your floors. You can schedule cleanings ahead of time too.

If you have pets, bObsweep is an option you’ll want to seriously consider. It is designed to collect pet hair and clean up paw prints.

It has a microfiber cloth that is used to seep and polish your floors. The HEPA filter cleans the air by removing mold, dust mites and viruses.

bObsweep is also included in our Best Floor Mopping Robot. Read the article to see if it ranked in our top three.



  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • 1 liter dustbin, largest in this article
  • Can vacuum and mop
  • Microfiber cloths are reusable and machine washable
  • Removes 99.99% of airborne particles
  • Different cleaning modes: 30-minute quick clean, 15-minute touch up, etc. (can be handy if you’re expecting company and need to clean the floors fast
  • Ability to schedule cleanings
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • 75-minute run time (shorter than some)
  • Website is not very detailed and unable to read some text because images cover it up
  • A bit bulky, so it may not reach harder to get areas (e.g. behind the bathroom sink or under cabinets)
  • More well-known as a sweeper than a mopper
  • Robot loses traction when it goes over a wet area on the floor
  • Gets stuck on carpet if the microfiber cloth is on it
  • Complaints of the cloth not staying wet for long
  • Does not currently integrate directly with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

BobSweep Price

Dyson Eye Robot Review

Dyson Eye 360View on Amazon

The round Dyson 360 Eye Robot vacuum has a big name behind the product. Dyson is known for its excellent vacuums, but how does the robot vacuum perform?

The vacuum maps out a route to vacuum your home thanks to its actual camera. It has a Dyson app so you can control the robot while away and schedule when you want the vacuum to clean.

Dyson also claims to have twice the suction of any other robot vacuum. Dyson was previously our #3 pick in this article, but its high price point and number of negative reviews kicked it out of the top 3 this year.



  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • Easy to clean the bin
  • Responsive customer service
  • Quiet and MAX modes
  • Vacuums pet hair great
  • Ability to set a schedule
  • Leaves nice carpet lines since it goes in a pattern
  • Doesn’t run into objects
  • 2-year warranty
  • Vacuums up to 45 minutes on MAX mode which is nearly half of most competitors
  • Doesn’t always find its charging station
  • Reviews state an inconsistent performance
  • High price point
  • Small dust bin, only 0.4 liter
  • Requires light to work, so you can’t run it at night unless you leave the lights on
  • Does not currently integrate directly with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Dyson Eye Robot Price

Ecovacs Deebot Review

Ecovacs DeebotView on Amazon

The Ecovacs Deebot is unique in that it includes a mopping system as well as a vacuum. None of the other robot vacuums offer this feature. If you dread mopping, this is the vacuum for you. Be sure to remember to add on the mopping accessories before leaving the house so the cleaning can be done while you’re away (if you want).

However, the vacuuming feature isn’t as good as competitors. This bot struggles with running into objects, and it can’t find its charging station at times.



  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • Vacuums 90+ minutes
  • Ability to set a schedule
  • 1-year warranty
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Doesn’t always find its charging station
  • Only 1-pint dust bin
  • Run into objects
  • Mop must be added onto the vacuum, so you have to plan ahead if you want to mop while you’re away
  • Random cleaning path
  • No app

Ecovacs Deebot Price

iLife Robot Vacuum Review

iLifeView on Amazon

We are surprisingly impressed with the performance of iLife for the price you pay for it; however, it wasn’t enough to make it into our top three. The iLife vacuum includes a remote for you to program a schedule.

We wish it had an app so you could turn it on when you were away from your house, but we like that you can at least schedule a cleaning ahead of time. If you want to see what all the hype is with these robot vacuums, this is a good entry level vacuum.



  • Automatically returns to charging station
  • Vacuums up to 150 minutes (longest in the category)
  • Affordable compared to its competition
  • Ability to set a schedule
  • Larger dust bin
  • 1-year warranty
  • No alerts of any issues, just find the vacuum stopped and kow that something is wrong
  • Emptying the dust bin can be messy
  • Bumps into things pretty hard
  • Wheels squeak when it turns
  • If you lose the remote, you can’t take full advantage of the vacuum
  • Random cleaning path
  • No app
  • Does not currently integrate directly with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

iLife Robot Vacuum Price

Robot Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum

Not sold on getting a robotic vacuum? This video does a good job of showing both sides of the argument regarding robot vacuums.

What Else Can Robots Do?

Why stop at just cleaning the carpet? Home robots are all the rage these days and some robots can even mow your lawn too!

What do you think of robot vacuums? Would you ever use one?

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I am tired of seeing robot vacuum reviews that does not consider the robot’s ability to navigate multiple rooms with obstacles. It is an extremely important point and I feel like lacking this makes this review useless for 90% of customers.
I am tired of constantly sweeping up hair and dirt around the house so seriously considering investing in these to save me time (and help my back). I love any gadgets with apps that you can control wirelessly, I see that you point out the ones that do and that iLife doesn’t have an app but do Neato or Ecovacs have apps?
My deebot does.