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Vivint Car Guard Review: Compatibility, Cost, Customer Reviews, And More

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Woman holding phone and car guard (Caption: Vivint Car Guard Review)Vivint is a home security company that has some of the best home automation features on the market. In early 2019, Vivint launched its unique Car Guard product that can not only monitor your car’s security but also track its location and alert you to your car’s mechanical needs. Is Car Guard reliable? And is it worth the high price tag?

Vivint Car Guard | Vivint Home Security | 833-277-6361

Article Overview

Vivint Car Guard

Device Reliability 9.0
App Performance 9.5
Ease Of Installation & Use 9.5
Pricing 7.5
Customer Service & Reputation 2.0


  • Excellent security and safety features
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Works with all engine types (gas, diesel, electric, hybrid)
  • Reliable iPhone and Android apps
  • Can switch device to other vehicles (but can only monitor one at a time)
  • Lifetime warranty for hardware failures
  • No contract requirement for service plan


  • Pricey equipment
  • Monthly service fee
  • Company not BBB accredited and has a D rating with 4,000+ complaints over the past 3 years
  • Numerous complaints about poor customer service

How Does Vivint Car Guard Work?

Car Guard’s hardware is a small device that you plug into your car’s diagnostics OBD-II port. This port is usually located under the driver’s side dashboard, but your vehicle’s user manual can tell you where to find it.

The Car Guard has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer that detects motion from break-ins, tows and bumps. It also contains a GPS radio to track your car’s location and a cellular radio for data communication with the Vivint Smart Home app.

And if you have Vivint’s smart home security equipment and home automation devices, you can monitor your home and car all in one app. You can find other key features below.

Vivint Car GuardKey Features

  • Customer service options: phone, live chat, email and FAQs
  • Tamper alerts: get real-time alerts if your car is being stolen, towed or even bumped
  • Location tracking: in-app map lets you know the location of family members or a stolen or towed car
  • Diagnostics: get maintenance reminders and notifications about mechanical issues (it even tells you your fuel level and battery voltage)
  • Ability to configure home security settings to turn on lights or video recording if your vehicle is disturbed while parked at home
  • Create geographic boundaries and get notified when your vehicle crosses them (i.e., keep track of your teen driver)
  • Get trip statistics: distance, duration, max speed, average speed, engine speed and fuel efficiency


  • $199 for device
  • $9.99/month service plan ($4.99/month/device for additional devices)


Our link above applies discounts if available.

See Car Guard In Action

This brief video gives you a good idea of how having Car Guard can help you keep tabs on your car.

Other Devices To Keep Your Car Safe & Secure

Vivint Car Guard | Vivint Home Security | 833-277-6361

Car Guard isn’t cheap, but if you can swing it, we think it’s worth the cost for the wide variety of security, diagnostic and location tracking features. It’s worth noting that Vivint’s apps get overall excellent customer reviews (many smart home apps don’t).

If you don’t already have Vivint smart home equipment, be sure to check out our in-depth Vivint review. And if you’re looking for other ways to keep your car safe and secure, check out our reviews of the best dash cams and the best carbon monoxide detectors for cars.

Why are you thinking of monitoring your vehicle?

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