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Alfred Home Security Camera App Review: Windows, PC, iPhone, Setup, Alternatives, And More

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Mom and kid being monitored on smart phone camera app (Caption: Alfred Home Security Camera App)Can’t afford a home security camera? The Alfred app can take care of that. This wildly popular app can transform your old smartphones or tablets into home security cameras with live-streaming video that you can view remotely — all for free. Sound too good to be true? Find out what we’ve uncovered in our Alfred home security camera review.

How Does Alfred Work?

All you have to do is have at least two Android or iOS mobile devices — your existing smartphone and an old mobile device. You download the Alfred security app and sync the devices together, setting one to be the camera and the other the video monitor. You can then monitor your old smartphone, turned into an Alfred security camera, remotely via either WiFi or a cellular connection.


Ease Of Use 9.5
Performance 9.0
Features 9.0
Price 10.0


  • 24/7 live streaming
  • Motion detection alerts and automatic recording
  • Two-way talk
  • Low-light filter helps see in the dark
  • Can set a siren on your camera
  • Free cloud storage for 7 days (30 days with Premium)
  • 360 camera; can use both lenses
  • Can view from your smartphone or computer
  • Grant access to others


  • Must purchase Premium for zoom capabilities
  • No sound detection
  • No local storage

Alfred home security camera iOS app screenshots

Key Features

  • Most app features are free
  • More than 10 million users
  • Works with both WiFi and cellular network connections
  • Compatible with Android 2.3 and up and iOS 8 and up (iPhone 4s) (Google Play App | iOS App)
  • WebViewer lets you monitor your camera using Chrome, Firefox or Safari on your PC or Mac
  • Can set up multiple smartphones as cameras around your house (but you can only view one camera at a time via the app)
  • Good FAQs and tech support help via online forums
  • Two-way talk makes it a great option for a baby or pet cam


  • Free app
  • Alfred Premium: $3.99/month
    • HD viewing
    • 30-day storage
    • Longer recording time with motion detection
    • Zoom capability
    • Ad removal

Consumer Reviews

Here are some recent reviews we found online from Alfred app users.

Positive Reviews

I travel in my RV with a Great Dane. We have always wanted something to watch her while we are out to places she can’t go. We had basically given up hope, but I found this app and it has been a blessing! We can make sure not only our dog is safe but our RV as well. – Tyiese M., iOS App Store 5/12/2019

love it, this app is really awesome, now I don’t have to worry about my dogs in my house when I’m away because I can see inside or outside my house on my cell phone wherever I’m at, really good great app, excellent awesome security surveillance for your home and for your families safety, thank you so much for creating this really really awesome app, thank Alfred! love love it. – Ray L., Google Play 4/28/2019


I have to say this app is complete garbage. Camera loses connection after a few minutes or more than 5 feet away from it. This app seems more concerned with blasting you with ads than anything else. Just spend a few dollars and get a real security system. update: I got the cheapest camera walmart had in stock and it works 100% better that this dumpster fire app. – Donald S., Google Play 5/17/2019

This has happened twice already within a month where I don’t get a notification when motion is detected even if my notifications are on. How does my baby roll from one side of the bed to the other cyring and the camera is not able to detect that? This is a potentially dangerous problem! – Kvnlpz, iOS App Store 3/21/2019

Need Some Accessories?

You may want to purchase some accessories depending on where you want to place your “new” Alfred camera(s). Even with some of these costs, the Alfred security app is still a much cheaper option than buying a quality security camera.

You might want to consider getting this Jelly Grip Phone Mount or the UBeesize Phone Tripod to keep your Alfred camera stable and easier to angle. Both of these mounts work with almost all iPhones and Androids.

A long USB cable, like the iXCC Lightning USB cable for iPhones or the DEEGO 10-ft. USB cable for Androids, will help free up the restrictions on where you can place your camera in a room while keeping it charged at all times. And for less than $15 you can also broaden your field of view with this universal LEKNES Wide-Angle Lens for your phone’s camera.

Is Alfred Easy To Set Up?

Check out this brief video guide that runs you through how easy it is to use the Alfred camera app.

Is The Alfred App Right For You?

It’s hard to beat technology that’s free and packed with features. Sure, Alfred-enabled smartphones and tablets can’t quite rival high-tech home security cameras, but they’re an excellent alternative if you’re on a tight budget. And we love that you can repurpose your old devices to cut down on electronics waste. See how Alfred compares to similar home security apps.

If you’re still on the fence about going the app route or investing in a stand-alone security camera, be sure to check out our indoor home security camera reviews. And if you’re looking for an affordable whole-house security system, see our reviews of the best DIY, self-monitored security systems.

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