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AMP Smart Reviews: Plans, Customer Service, Claims, Coverage, & More

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AMP Smart, formerly AMP Security, offers home security, automation, and solar energy for home safety while reducing energy costs. This company uses top-of-the-line equipment and professional installation for every home system. But, a five-year contract length—yes, you read that right—is a significant time to commit to a home security company if you’re unsure of the quality.

How does AMP Smart stack up against other home systems? Is AMP the best bang for your buck?

AMP Smart Logo

Product Name: AMP Smart

Product Description: AMP Smart offers all-in-one home security, automation, and solar energy solutions for select locations across the United States.


AMP Smart offers high-quality, professionally-installed home security with mobile monitoring powered by Despite their responsive customer service team, the lack of transparency regarding costs and contract length makes us caution anyone considering this security system.

Overall Score

  • Customer Service
  • Technology
  • Ease Of Use
  • Overall Value


  • Expert Installation
  • 27/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Full Home Automation
  • Mobile Technology
  • Medical Wellness Monitoring 
  • Solar Energy Integration


  • No DIY Installation
  • Installation Fee
  • High Monthly Prices
  • Five-Year Contract
  • High Cancellation Costs
  • Only Available In 16 States
  • Lack Of Transparency

Consumer Reviews

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Reader Rating

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Alternatives To AMP Smart

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10 Key Features

  1. Qolsys IQ Panel 2 features a 7″ HD touchscreen, a built-in 5MP camera, and multiple wireless radios
  2. Dual path connectivity using WiFi and LTE to prevent the system from being disabled
  3. Uses Z-Wave connectivity for home automation, including control over thermostat, lighting, door locks, and security camera
  4. Mobile System Access via iOS or Android smartphone, iPad, or computer includes motion sensor notifications and doorbell camera feed
  5. Integrated Glass Break Sensor that detects the sound of breaking glass without installing a special glass break detector
  6. Can purchase Smart Doorlock with custom user codes, open notifications, and Bluetooth unlock
  7. Connected Car option for tracking vehicle location, engine status, and fuel efficiency
  8. Geofencing creates a virtual perimeter around your property, allowing you to trigger an automatic software response when entering or leaving your home
  9. Customer service options: live chat, phone, email, and troubleshooting guides
  10. Available solar panel installation that integrates into home automation
Amp home security system components lay flat overhead shot on a wood table
AMP Smart offers a variety of top-quality equipment for home security and automation.

Packages And Pricing

AMP Smart does not provide packaging or pricing information online; however, it does share various equipment for security, automation, and home protection. The company website advertises $1,500 worth of free equipment, but customers report unanticipated extra fees, putting this company over the industry average.

Security Equipment
IQ Panel 2Encrypted signals prevent hacks, and the built-in router provides a private network. The built-in camera allows you to see anyone disarming the system. Dual path connectivity so you always have a signal. Bluetooth disarming using WiFi and LTE. Glass break sensor detects the sound of breaking glass and alters homeowner of a potential break-in.
IQ Panel 4The updated panel features an 8MP wide-angle camera. Live Answer allows you to communicate with people at the front door (with a doorbell camera).
Door/Window SensorSensors trigger a text alert when doors or windows are opened.
Auxiliary PendantA medical alert bracelet that can be activated to send EMS to your home. Also functions as a panic button that can trigger the alarm and dispatch emergency services to your home.
Smart CameraIndoor camera records and live streams video footage.
Doorbell CameraSkyBell HD WiFi or Slim Line I camera to record, capture photos, and live stream. These cameras have night vision and record in virtually all temperatures.
Automation Equipment
Smart ThermostatControl the temperature of your home via the mobile app.
Smart DoorlockEnter your user code to unlock the door or use Bluetooth disarming to unlock the door and disarm the system without pushing a button.
Connected CarTrack your car’s location and view safety alerts via the app.
Fire, Flood, and Carbon
Smoke DetectorDetects the presence of smoke from a fire.
Flood SensorGet notified of water leaks or flooding.
Carbon SensorDetects the presence of deadly carbon monoxide.

Monitoring Plans

AMP Smart locks all users into a five-year contract, which is very long when considering other home security companies. This company likely charges $50 to $60 per month for professional monitoring, which is above the industry average. Based on customer feedback, we know it’s unlikely that you can negotiate a lower monthly fee.

Consumer Feedback

We found a number of AMP Smart complaints, largely on the Better Business Bureau’s website (a whopping 358!). Not all feedback was negative however. Here’s a sampling of what real consumers have to say.


Fast prompt service. What few times we’ve needed them in the five years since installation they have been responsive and able to deal with any technical issue we had.

Scott H., BBB 1/5/2023

Outstanding customer service! I called while frustrated with camera issue and the agent was professional and extremely patient with me. He did not give up on resolving the issue to my satisfaction. All issues were resolved! Thanks so much!

Susan L., BBB 11/11/2022


This company is little more than a scam. High pressure sales tactics, outright lies during the sales process. I was literally told by the sales person that I could cancel any time, though they hoped I would stay in the program for at least 6 months. My six months is up, and when I called to cancel the service, I was told that I could not cancel until a total of 5 years was up (I HAVE NO INFORMATION THAT STATES THAT TERM). If I want to get out of it now, I have to pay $1800. Which I may decide to do, since at least that is half of what I will wind up spending over 5 years. The service itself is shoddy, giving false alarms often or not giving alarms at all. Many of the “features” do not work well or ever. If you are considering a home security system, don’t choose these people!!

Linda W., BBB 12/7/2022

This company is extremely deceptive and dishonest.  You are forced into a 5-year contract, which auto-enrolls you for an additional 5-year contract term unless you follow their convoluted service termination process, which can easily be manipulated in their favor.

According to the very fine print on the contract, you must initiate a termination of service request by mail (no options for email or call-in to customer service), 30 days prior to the end of the contract term.  They can very easily say they never received the mailed notification and you can easily be duped into another 5-year contract term.

We initially got their service and were told that we could cancel at the end of the contract term.  We moved homes, and to a different state; within two years.  However, we continued to pay the remainder of the contract in order to fulfill the contractual obligations.

We then attempted to cancel service recently, as our contract had ended, we were told we didn’t follow their steps for termination.  They are now stating we’ve been entered into an additional 5-year contact and the only way to opt out is to pay an exorbitant $1850 termination fee, which is just ridiculous and straight up theft – considering we honored the initial contract despite not gaining any benefit of their service.  We went by what the initial sales rep had stated, only to later find out that this was not true.  This company has intentionally lied and made the service termination process unnecessary difficult in hopes of trapping customers.  I would avoid this company like the plague.  When we explained to customer service of our circumstances, they adamantly refused any options and stated that the new contract has started and we would have to pay the early-termination fee.  If it were possible to leave 0/5 stars, it would be a better assessment of our experience with this crooked company.

The fact that they are unwilling to work with customers exemplifies their deceptive tactics.

Faisel M., Yelp 8/29/2022

AMP Smart History

Brothers Allen and Dave Bolen founded AMP Smart in Utah in 2009 under AMP Security. Originally an authorized dealer for Guardian Protection Services, AMP Security grew quickly thanks to its door-to-door sales team.

In May 2010, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson filed allegations of unethical sales tactics. Swanson alleged that AMP targeted elderly residents in high-pressure, bait-and-switch tactics. The lawsuits stated that the AMP sales team showed up late at night, entered homes without invitation, refused to leave until contracts were signed, and failed to inform consumers of cancellation policies.

In 2016, AMP Security announced they would rebrand under AMP Smart. This rebranding also announced the release of the AMP Smart Panel, which uses technology from Qolsys and Under the rebrand, AMP Smart shifted focus from home security to full home automation. While still offering security products, the company vows to make people’s lives easier through smart, connected homes. 

AMP Smart was in hot water again in 2019, this time with the Tennessee Attorney General. The State alleged that AMP used deceptive and unfair sales tactics. In an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance, AMP Smart agreed to create a new sales training manual and investigate any consumer complaints of misleading statements made by AMP representatives.

Today, AMP Smart offers solar along with home security and automation. Solar panels are professionally installed and integrated with AMP Smart automation, giving you complete control at your fingertips.

How Does AMP Smart Compare?

Based on our research, we’re reluctant to recommend AMP Smart for home security and automation. The company uses cutting-edge technology, but the negative consumer feedback shows that this company has work to do if it wants to be considered a worthy home security company. Find out who our experts chose as the best home security providers this year.

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