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Best First Alert Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector Reviews

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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Caption: First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm Review)Did you know that every year, according to the CDC, at least 430 people die in the U.S. and an estimated 50,000 people visit the emergency department due to accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning? If you don’t have CO alarms, you should. In fact, most states now require them in every residential home. First Alert, a national leader in home safety products, manufactures several different models that are rigorously tested, affordable and easy to install. See why we recommend their dual power plug-in CO615 carbon monoxide alarm.

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Article Overview

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Ease Of Use 9.5
Performance 10.0
Equipment Life 8.5
Price 9.0


  • UL2034 compliant
  • Low battery signal
  • Digital display is easy to read in low-light
  • Battery backup
  • End of life notification


  • Warranty not as long as Kiddie detectors (7 vs 10 years)
  • If you fail to install batteries as a backup, this alarm won't work during a power outage

Key Features

CO615 Dual Power Plug-In Alarm Features

  • Can use with any standard outlet.
  • Has a battery backup in case of a power outage.
  • Comes with a 6-foot power cord, so you can mount it on a wall.
  • Uses an advanced electrochemical sensor to detect elevated CO levels. This sensor offers increased sensitivity to CO even at low levels.
  • Digital display shows the level of CO in the room.
  • Display backlight isn’t bright so you can put it in a bedroom.
  • Low-battery indicator light and alarm will sound when the batteries need to be replaced.
  • End-of-life indicator tells you when it’s time to replace the detector.
  • 7 year warranty

Company Key Features

  • A 60-year history of developing high-quality home safety products.
  • Created the first-ever residential smoke alarm and the first battery-operated CO detector.
  • Residential safety products have won numerous awards over the years.
  • Supports the National Volunteer Fire Council, the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation and many other nonprofit organizations.


First Alert User Reviews

Positive Reviews

Our previous First Alert alarm died after many years and needed to be replaced. I checked reviews and found it still came out on top as a stand-alone CO monitor/alarm, so bought two more to cover areas in the house. Very easy to install, whether using direct plug-in or attaching to a wall. – Maryct, The Home Depot 3/19/2019

I like the dual function – power with battery backup. Cord is long so can be placed far from the outlet. I have these all over my house and always replace with the same model. Only thing is their supposed to last 7 years and my last two reached the end of their lives after 6.5 years. – catdancer, Walmart 3/31/2018


The display does not light up when the unit is in use and plugged into an AC outlet. In order to see the display the button has to be depressed. Other thoughts: No means of calibrating the unit in order to confirm that it is operating as designed. – Ubrales, Walmart 1/22/2014

I find it strange that it does not give a reading of the current CO level at all. The only CO measurement it has is the 24 hour peak level. I really dont know how to rate this, as it has yet to ever indicate any CO and I installed it in my propane fireplace room. – Mike M., First Alert Store 1/9/2014

Where Should You Place Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

This brief video has a lot of useful information about where you should place them in your home and how to install them. First Alert’s website also has a handy interactive map that tells you each state’s legislative requirements for both CO and smoke alarms.

How Does First Alert Compare To Other Alarms?

View First Alert CO615 Carbon Monoxide Alarm on Amazon

First Alert is a clear leader in the industry, and its home safety products are reliable to keep your family safe. One of the biggest plusses of this CO alarm is that it needs no installation — you simply plug it in, and you’re protected. However, it is pricier than some wall-mounted alarms. See some other top picks in our reviews of the best carbon monoxide detectors.

And don’t forget smoke detectors. Did you know you should replace your home’s smoke detectors every 10 years? See our reviews of the best smoke detectors if you need new ones or need to add more to your home. In that article, we recommend a couple of high-tech combo First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

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